[Music] great morning had the delicious banana bread for breakfast and then went for a swim in Lake Malawi what can be better this can be better the cookie made entirely out of flies or Kungu as locals call it a rare delicacy that can be found in the coastal villages of northern Malawi we were staying in chitimba so we had a good chance of finding this tree our hunt wasn’t successful yesterday but we were invited for lunch by a local guy called winner he promised to get us the my team cool a lot of stuff going on today we were invited for a lunch by a local priest here you may have seen it in the last vlog and we will also try to search for the fly cake that’s a cookie from the lake flies but I guess we will not be successful as the weather is really hot and nice today and that’s not a good weather for catching flies well I really really hope we could find at least one of the fly cakes because that would be so interesting so we are going to winner’s house for the lunch he promised to cook gondola that is a one of the national meals of Malawi and it’s basically a cassava flour mixed with boiling water into a wide big thing that looks like dough and it has no taste yeah mmmm yummy let’s go very excited it’s really really hot today and I didn’t take any sunscreen I’m really suffering and this means only one thing there are no fly cakes oh no I’m gonna go right they don’t have a single room yeah nothing quarter oh no we got a little bit lost oh yeah this is where he lives oh I can see the entrance yeah yeah yeah this is the nice entrance I’m bad hi thank you thank oh thank you so much so we came nice thank you ladies and gentlemen there’s no hunger today but winner weird knows one family in chitimba in this town that kept Kongos up we have in Congo we have the fly cake this is amazing okay I’m gonna try it to be honest I don’t really like the smell so let’s try it oh I think it would be good if I didn’t know its flies yes but I know it’s flies uh-huh oh wow but I know it’s flies that’s in my head like I’m eating flies you know wow I’m eating flies now I need to swallow it Oh I really don’t want to swallow it but I will try to get me some some Kota it’s okay I I got a bunch oh he just go to I UK oh it’s there all right yeah yeah – that’s very good repite going to a big yeah I got a big piece oh you can yeah yeah so little bit you what do you think you know so these small pieces as you can see are kind of thick so that means the they didn’t spend that much time on fire and the center is is actually raw its raw flies that means it can get bad after like three days yeah and these these ones these are thin so it can last like I don’t know seven eight days that’s a great thing yeah so I can actually bring this to my family and my mom my friends my dad they will all try the Malawian specialty and Congo it’s a bit salty and it tastes this I don’t know a little bit like fish I think a little bit like fish I guess it’s because the Flies are flying near the lake yeah it’s it’s the lake flies maybe that’s why but it doesn’t taste that bad the thing is I know I’m eating flies that’s the problem that’s the problem it’s always in my head like hundreds of flies this Congo [Music] so this is the cassava flour yes joy so the water is boiling we are putting the cassava flour into the boiling water this is enough now can and now we just stir okay all that the rock asawa yes oh so this is what condole is wrong this is cassava also known as yuca it is dried and then crushed to a powder from which we make kundali so we’re gonna have the Khandala with fish yes Wow the words incredible Wow look at this Teresa is cutting vegetables and cut the cassava and we’re going to roast it this is how it looks it smells amazing and it’s a really really soft we cut the vegetables the fish are being fried Wow everything is just so good at this moment fish is ready look at this fried fish it smells looks crispy and it smells amazing I would have to touch it for you tomato sauce is ready the Khandala is ready the fish is ready we have a dessert here look at this eating local foods with winner a local man from Malawi Oh unbelievable I’m really speechless right now Bon Appetit this is the best thing I’ve eaten since I came to Africa the tomato sauce is incredible the fish is a little bit small and the Khandala much better than Tanzanian googily made out of maize flour as a dessert we have roasted cassava roasted cassava let’s try this no hmm a bit sour but I like the taste it’s really good mmm the Pops our leftovers into the microwave and shut off the phone it’s time again for MTV Cribs welcome back [Music] this is our big what yeah it is sitting Rosie this is my friend’s room I’m reading with someone problems in by my flow okay my friend this is his room okay sure this is his room a simple one yeah here’s everything does he sleep are on the ground no no you use this use this this this much oh yeah okay alright if it is mine alright so he’s doing a school is doing secretary okay yes it’s also he’s young he’s study from for this busy okay sure and this is Yuri is my room oh the loss ah like oh and you have a computer ah that’s just wow nice funny function it’s not functioning oh oh you read a lot I studied guy stuff oh that’s good that’s good I like it I like that time I many books I like studying oh this is my room yeah simple so the bathroom yeah site Wow a sponge you got everything you need let’s see the toilet okay oh don’t fall down don’t fall down have a look at this that’s a big big spider I know that you like football yes so this is the Jersey for Slovak football teams from my country true this is the logo of my country this is Slovakia true and this is what we wear when we play football true yeah this is for you so you will remember I should remember I remember us yet it’s a gift from both of us yeah yeah right I brought it here to Tanzania sure and just like to have it on me as a slower guy I didn’t plan to give it to someone but you’re the guy that I need to give it to thank you everybody I’m the guy thank you very much I enjoy it yeah I enjoyed the kitchen thank you so much so much well we really enjoyed your gizmo business through baklava okay hahahaha thank you so much you ate our station it’s so good thanks I think no explanation is needed words cannot explain that was the highlight of our whole trip that was the highlight of the last two months in Africa you’ve seen it no words needed oh and by the way the fly cake was extremely disgusting there was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten and I ate surstromming one night but I think it was done for you haha and also Moruga hottest pepper in the world oops no good I’m having a chewing-gum right now because the horrible flavor is still in my mouth it was really bad it tasted like fish like a bad fish but after that the lunch was amazing I had to delete everything all the videos of getting to the pickup point I was taken away by a police officer was making a video in his presence he was standing like 50 meters from it was really really small almost invisible in the video but they took me to office they were questioning me some really absurd questions like what is my church they let me out without any fine so I’m here going to cut on that so fortunately we found Hilton in Karanga and we were greeted by a really beautiful shower anyways today was definitely the best day of our African trip we experienced Malawi at its best first lunch with the local guy winner was an unbelievable person he was a Jehovah Witness and he didn’t want anything for the whole lunch he paid a lot for that we know because we know the local prices and that was just amazing then I was taken to a provisional police station by a police officer for making a video fifty meters away from him and then we experience the local minibus with 30 people and a chicken so what a day tomorrow we are leaving Malawi I’m gonna have some final words in tomorrow’s blog this is an amazing country that really deserves more than it has but I will tell you more tomorrow there’s a really big hole in our mosquito net we had to fill it with a sock and we’re going to sleep what a day see you tomorrow

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  3. I'am happy to hear you offerd him money for the lunch, because you se him is a por guy but he is a very altruist person and be sure he worked a lot for that food.

  4. If you want to go on an adventure in third world shithole countries, fine it makes entertaining viewing, but why take your girlfriend? I'm sure she wanted to go, but it's extremely dangerous for her as a woman to go to places like this. I never understood white guys that bring their significant others to these places. Unless she is possessive and worried about you cheating with the native hoes, you're good looking so I can understand that!

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