Eating Finnish Cuisine including Reindeer Meat, Salmiakki, Karelian pastry, Salmon & Rye Bread

We’re going to be eating Rudolph the Reindeer
today. I’m a little sad about it but I’m in Finland so I have to try Reindeer. Reindeer, is it tasty or what? It really is.
It has a very rich taste. It is must different from the meatballs we had before the other
day. This definitely has a real much stronger taste to it. If I had to compare it to something it tastes
like a really strong seasoned roast beef. I’m going to think of it as salami. Okay,
it tastes like salami. There we go. It’s kind of like a roast beef. It’s kind of sour, right?
Sour and salty. Okay. Do you like it? Yeah. Is it growing on you? Not growing on me. We’re going to give you a little tour of a
Finnish supermarket and we’ll see what strange food items we can find. So smoked salmon is a very popular food over
here. You eat it with rye bread. That is something we had almost everyday. We’re also buying some Salmiakki, which is
black salted licorice. I detested the taste of it but Sam really liked it and apparently
so does his Dad, so this is for him. This is a present for my Dad. For George. So in Finland there are many different kinds
of alcoholic beers and beverages to choose from. They even have licorice flavored Salmiakki
beer. So chocolate is extremely popular in Finland
and there is no brand more Karl Fazer. So black rye bread is also really popular.
We’ve been eating this daily with butter, cheese and smoked salmon on top. Canada represent. We’ve got some Maple Syrup
and of course the lumberjack. Alright, tonight we’ve got a special Finnish
treat to show you. This here is called Salmiakki and it is black extremely salty licorice. So my sister Ashley has been to Finland before
and she specifically told me to stay away from this nasty candy. She says it is the
worst tasting thing ever out there and that I will spit it out within seconds. So I’m
not really looking forward to eating a piece of it but Sam here is quite adamant about
it. So this Salmiakki here, this black licorice
has sometimes been referred to by foreigners as a kind of a fear factor food that television
show the Fear Factor where people are dared to eat something that seems disgusting and
really strange. What gives this the salty taste is ammonium
chloride and this is very popular in Nordic countries – especially in Finland. That doesn’t
sound edible. Alright, so here is a piece of the Salmiakki
– the black licorice. And I have to say that I’ve grown up eating licorice in Canada. It
is probably quite a bit sweeter than this and I’m a big licorice fan, so I’m hopeful
that I am going to like this even though it is apparently exceptionally salty. So here
we go. Yeah, it is an explosion of flavors going
on. That’s just wow. That is very salty but I like it. Here is another piece. I have a bar of milk chocolate handy over
here because I know I’m probably going to need to wash away the flavor of this nasty
looking thing. I’m just taking a small bite okay. Yummy? Arrggghhh. Did you just spit
it out? Did you spit it out? I don’t like licorice. I’ve never liked licorice and that
is just foul. Okay, where is your chocolate piece now? Better? Good, because that means
I get more. I’m going to put some more pieces in my mouth
here. I’m glad you don’t like it because that means I get to eat the whole bag. We are just about to have a simple picnic
lunch. We got some smoked salmon. Ooh la lah. That looks tasty. We’ve got ourselves a nice
baguette sandwich to enjoy in the park, a lovely pasta salad with feta cheese and some
fizzy drinks to go along. So we’re just going to enjoy the view and savor our dinner. The smoked salmon is easily my favorite part
of this little picnic. It is a wonderful cheap meal. We were able to get all of this food
for just roughly ten Euro. So instead of going out for dining tonight we just decided to
hit up a local grocery store and pick out some things that look good. This has turned
into a fantastic little feast here on the park bench. Hello, bird. So we are having breakfast right now in the
basement. It has a bit of a dungeon-y feel and I love that we get tin cups. It really
adds to the whole prison feel. I almost feel like I’m a prisoner here but with really good
food. So my favorite part about breakfast are these
pastries. They are called Keralian pies and apparently they are filled with potato. They
are supposed to look like brains. Taste like brains? Oh, yeah. And my favorite part of breakfast here is
just this awesome combination of trail mix, fresh berries and thick yogurt. Wow. Tonight for dinner we’ve decided to have a
simple Finnish meal. A do it yourself meal. We went to a Finnish grocery store and just
loaded up on a whole bunch of different goodies and we’re going to have a small little feast. I have really been enjoying eating lots of
black rye bread with salmon and dill on top. I think it is the best meal ever. And I personally like to alternate between
a hummus spread and a cream cheese spread because those are my two favorite spreads
and salmon is my favorite fish. This is just an amazing little snack meal. I’m going to
miss this so much when I go back to Thailand. Wow. Okay, so when we were in Helsinki last week
I tired a pear cider and now that we are in a super market I noticed the same brand but
with a pomegranate, so that is what I’m drinking right now. It is so nice and fruity. I’m really
thirsty. She is going to get drunk like a skunk. Hey. And I’ve got some beer and I’m assuming it
is Finnish beer. I don’t really know. It could be Swedish or something else but I’m guessing
it is Finnish because of the ‘nen’ I’ve noticed a lot of Finnish words and especially last
names end with that. So let’s assume it is Finnish beer. That’s good stuff. This is also really good. It is like a potato
salad and we’re too lazy to get our own plates so we’re just eating it right from the container. Having a do it yourself Finnish picnic is
a great way to save money while having a delicious meal. So we’re just having our meal here on the
porch of I guess the guest house that we’re staying at here and it has got fantastic views.
Check it out. We’ve found reindeer meatballs, so we’re going
to go try those right now. Reindeer meatballs here we go. Could we please
try the Reindeer meatballs. Yeah, sure. Which are the meatballs. Those are big meatballs.
I think those are potatoes. Would you like some vegetables as well? Oh,
sure. How about garlic sauce? Um, sure, yeah. Well no, I’m not ready but jeez. Okay, I am
filming. I don’t think I have much of a choice. That seems like a big enough chunk right?
It is and what are you having? Reindeer meatballs. First bite. Is it good? These taste like a
regular meatball. Okay. Yeah, it doesn’t have a very strong reindeer flavor. It is more
garlic-y from all of the sauce we put over top. And these have to be the biggest meatballs
I have ever seen in my whole life. Okay, let’s see what you think of it. They
don’t have as distinct of a flavor as I thought they may but what I really liked here is this
garlic sauce that has been put over top.

100 thoughts on “Eating Finnish Cuisine including Reindeer Meat, Salmiakki, Karelian pastry, Salmon & Rye Bread

  1. That salmaikki "beer" was actually salmiakki and citrus flavoured long drink (check long drink in wikipedia if unsure what it is)

  2. Salmiakki is originally white in color. It just is colored to black. If you want something salty and good I'd suggest reindeer/moose jerky.

  3. The best way to eat reindeer is to have "poronkäristystä" (which is thinly sliced reindeer) on top of a pile of mashed potatoes with lingonberry jam!

  4. I live in Finland and I eat every day that bread 😀 And btw Karl Fatzer was from Germany but he moves in Finland 😀

  5. Oooooo i miss finland so much! The land of rendiers 😉 i saw dummle yammm i love finnish chocolate (fazer), korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls)… i hated salmiaki you have it in a lot of candy!

  6. you should have tried Vaasan ruispalat or reissumies rye bread, they are the best two! But next time you visit Finland, try them! 😀

  7. dont be sad about eating alittle raindeer.
    They are probably the most stupid animal u will ever find.
    I live in northern sweden and we sometimes come across raindeer herds and they always want to use the road but they just refuse to move.
    Even if ur honking the horn like crasy they will just stand there looking at u.
    Even trucks honking dosent move them.
    Only way to make them move is to move so close the fender of the car actually touches but then all they do is take a few steps back and look at u again.
    Its especially bad in the winter when they use the roads even more since they are plowed while there is meter high snow on the sides of the road so u cant really blame them but they just dont care about trafic.
    Since they are domesticated they are not afraid of cars or ppl.
    Its hard to feel bad about eating them when u have ahundred of them standing in the middle of the road refusing to move for 30+min

  8. It's hilarious how foreigners can't eat one single Ässä Mix or Aakkoset liquorice without spitting it out. I personally love them.

  9. I prefer moose meat over reindeer. Oh man, now I got reminded over the moose stew & mashed potatoes my granny used to make… So good!

  10. Funny how he just put those Aakkoset into he's mouth where in Finland we are teaching that you should not eat that much candy and atleast not whole bag in one day.

  11. Word sininen in that beer can means blue but usually -nen at the end of finnish word means that it's quite small or smallish. 

  12. Hi. I was watching your video and I think i hear you saying how your father likes "Salmiakki" which is wonderful but in a risk being downer I must tell you thar especially people who have high bloodpressure salmiakki isn´t recommended so "older folks" can enjoy it in smaller doses. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

  13. ~7:40 first time ever I hear anybody say Karelian pies look like brains. Bizarre, guys, really! The REAL truth is, of course, that all Karelian pies traditionally looked different, because they were modeled after the outer genital shape of the mistress of the particular house. Ha!

  14. Not sure if someone pointed this out already but there is no salmiakki beer. Thats a long-drink or lonkero (literally means tentacle).

  15. You two are great. 😀 
    Your attitude, your energy, your wittiness… I love it. 🙂
    Keep on rocking.

    The Official Representative of the Evil Sorcerers Association of Finland

  16. I'm eating BonBon -candies right now; Kaatissäkki (trash bag) and Rotan Rykäisyt (rat barfs). Also, Turkisk Pebers are insanely awesome and spicy. They're in the same section as the other candies. I haven't eaten them in 15 years, just bought them again for my 30th birthday party. Also, I don't know if anyone told you, but the beer you had (Sininen) means Blue in finnish. Like the Fazer -chocolate you showed earlier, it's usually called Fazerin Sininen.

  17. Do you already taste food that you don't like? I watched almost 5 of your videos but never see both of you dislike the food or said It isn't good.

  18. You didn't try any breadcheese, also called Lapland's cheese, Leipäjuusto/Lapinjuusto in finnish. It's really good, and even better if you add some cranberry jam with it.

  19. Oh hell yeah, reindeer meat, it's awesome! My grandparents have their own reindeer farm so that's pretty much all they eat, dryed reindeer, reindeer stew and reindeer soup, yum yum.. =)

  20. I noticed that the potato salat from the "do it yourself picnic" was from K-salat which is Danish and not Finnish at all.

  21. the "salt" or ammonium chloride is good for coughs, but it also is used to acidify blood. i wonder why they like it so much in nordic countries?

  22. Have you tried this extremely salty and rich salmiakki called Haganol? You can buy it about from any pharmacy (It´s called Apteekki) in Finland. If you haven´t tried it out yet, please try and feel blessed, it will blow your head off.. 😀

  23. It's not salmon, it's rainbow trout. The Finnish name is confusing but it was made for marketing purposes. You come to Finland to eat American fish.

  24. Hi there! Thanks for visiting Finland and being openminded to taste our food like salmiakki and rainbow trout which is quite typical salmon here in Finland. What I missed was the beautiful picnic spots Helsinki has to offer. This city is so beautiful by the sea and all. And the amazing little islands everywhere!

  25. I just discovered your videos a few days ago (Finland withdrawals) and have been wondering if you were Canadian because of the accent haha. Pretty distinct, actually. I was always under the impression that the Canadian accent is really similar to the (general) American accent(s) but nah. Cool videos! Thanks for doing these 😀

  26. Karelian Pastry: You may of course enjoy it like you did, but if you want to see heaven you first spread a mix of HOT butter with crushed and boiled eggs on top. Then a slice of cheese and a slice of meat (pork is good). Aaaand….

  27. That is not salmiakki beer. It is salmiakki lonkero alias long drink ,a mixed drink made from gin and, most commonly, grapefruit soda

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