100 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN SNACKS » for after school & work (rice cakes part 1)

  1. I love these videos, this is the 3rd one i've watch for the day, and I am grateful for the information. Thank you.

  2. Finally know how to use the rice cakes that have been sitting in my pantry for so long. Thank you so much. Love your channel

  3. You look especially beautiful in this episode. Love, love…love your gentle, loving and calm demeanor. Clicking play on your videos is like the feeling of slipping into a warm bath…”Aaawwww!”

  4. I came upon your videos, looking to slowly start my vegan journey. Going through cancer I had to change my food choices and learned so much about what's in all of our foods and it's scary. I started juicing through my journey and making healthier choices. After much research i realized a plant base lifestyle is my best option to prevention and a longer life. I love all your videos! Can't get enough! you inspire me so much!???thank you!

  5. Hello sadia…its always refreshing & exciting when i see ur vedio…in india rice cakes r not available can u share rice cake receipe as well…like ur smile &vedios alot…looking forward for ur reply….

  6. Woow!!! I am new subscriber and thank you so much for sharing!! This will help me soo much on my dinner food and drink with vegan juice.

  7. Rice cakes are one of my fav thing in the world. This video is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for all these ideas. I will make all of them for sure as I love to change what I put on my rice cakes and some ideas I have not tried yet. =)

  8. Oh my gosh.. I seriously just ate and these rice cakes made me hungry. They all look good. Gave me some breakfast and snack ideas

  9. It’s really hard to try to be vegan when most recipe videos like this use nut butters and/or other roasted nuts for almost every recipe with no alternatives offered… one of the most common food allergens with an English-speaking audience

  10. Sadia I don't find rice cakes at my country's local food store … can u please consider making it ?!

  11. I liked the chocolate hazelnut and sliced strawberries the most, and also by the way i am also indeed a new subscriber and i am pretty enjoying watching your videos?

  12. Do you use unsweetened yogurt? I personally find it too sour but don't want the added sugar of shop bought flavoured yogurt- what do you recommend?

  13. Bit of random question.. But what is the music with the flute and clarinet in the first part of the video. Love your work.

  14. There are so many ideas here! Thanks for sharing; new foodie inspiration is always wanted over here 🙂 <3

  15. They look so good!
    But I call them rice waffles.
    When thinking of rice cake, I think of mochi/ddok lol

  16. I recently found your channel and I am pretty obsessed!!!I love your recipes even if I an not vegan.I am going to try some of them.You're such an inspiration.Kisses from Greece!

  17. I am allergic to bananas and avocados and a lot the the recipes call for that .what other foods can i use?

  18. I’m vegetarian but I’m also allergic to nuts , mangos and strawberry…. so every recipe here won’t work for me ? I’m struggling with finding snacks like these ?

  19. Hi. I love your video. I was wondering if you made your own rice cakes? I’m trying to find a good recipe for them and your video popped up. I am definitely going to fry some
    bananas now. Thank you!!

  20. What do you usually do with the Rest of a banana when you just take like three Slices of it? Cuz mine always gets brown….

  21. Love, love, love these snack ideas. Makes me salivate. Only one problem: the items added appear in a faded ink color and I miss them wondering what item you may be using in the dish. It's very confusing because sometimes I can see them as the appear all over the screen, not one fixed area where I can to expect it. So while looking at the fast moving pic to see what you're doing, I'm also searching the screen to see where the word would appear for what you're adding, and then it disappears because the video picture is on to something else. So, sorry to say that while thus is awesome information, it's hard to jerk up. Would you be willing to make the text bold and in a darker color that won't be missed, and place it in a fixed spot on the screen so it's easy to find? Some others would simply list all the ingredients on the screen in a corner so we can see as you add items. So sorry, not trying to tell you how to make your videos attractive, just informing you of how your subscriber sees it and want to continue. Love your work, I'm recently trying to eat vegan and you answer many questions with your thoughtful recipes, especially s healthy snacks, and the fact that you recognize that sometimes it's sweet snack, sometimes it's salty. Personally, I get cravings for carbs and there's very little HEALTHY carbs for snacks. Thank you again and I hope I can continue to follow. Peace!

  22. There r wide range of lentil based snack… Try Indian cuisine there…its high in protine
    N most of them r not only vegetarian but also vegan

  23. they found dangerous levels of arsenic in rice cakes: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/may/04/inorganic-arsenic-rice-cakes-babies-queens-university-belfast

  24. I love watching all your videos! You have inspired me to eat more plant based foods!! I just had one suggestion.. in the snack attack video you have used music and visuals.. I like the ones where you speak about the recipes which does not require looking at the screen all the time 🙂 just wanted to let you know!!
    Cheers and Keep up the good work..?

  25. Hi your videos are so awesome. I just started seeing recently and subscribed . From then on I just dived in.You make it look so simple and all are very inspiring. Thank you . Muna from UAE

  26. I have only recently started watching your vids and it’s like you are in my head! I have usually had rice cakes with vegemite and trying to find new ways to reinvent this snack! Thanks so much for sharing and your compassion ❤️ I’m not vegan but I can’t eat eggs so all of your recipes are so much more suited to my diet. Thank you

  27. Hi Sadia, I am just intrigued by the wonderful title of your blog and YouTube channel, could you pls give us any insight as to why did you choose such a title. Hope to listen to you on a 'tea time tuesday', lots of love?

  28. wow thank you dear sis…i am from watching bangalore India.. shobha..nice to watch all your vidios..make graceerys vidio

  29. My problem is that I take so long to decide that my hunger gets worse and I just eat whatever I can open and eat immediately

  30. Great video. I made the chocolate spread and it is AMAZING. This will be a staple in our house because everyone loves it. Thank you.

  31. I live in the middle east and this is the first time I've heard of rice cakes! Is it possible to make them at home ? Don't think they sell it here.

  32. You're the best <3 I was literally wondering how I could make my snacks more healthy – because typically all the rest of my meals are healthy but I always ruin snacktime by gorging on cookies and biscuits :(((( thanks to this, rice cakes is on my shopping list for the week, and so are more fruits!

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