Easy TIRAMISU Cake | No-Bake Dessert

– Hey, everyone. It’s Natasha of NatashasKitchen.com, and today I’m gonna show you
how to make a classic tiramisu. This is a simple, make-ahead recipe, and you’re gonna love
what we put in the cream. So let’s get started. We’ll start with the syrup. In a medium bowl, combine
one and a half cups of strong coffee or espresso
with three tablespoons of rum. Quickly dip half of your ladyfingers into the coffee mixture. You can dip them one or two at a time, but make sure it’s a quick dip. If you over-soak them,
the cake may collapse. Now to make the custard cream. In a medium bowl, whisk
together six large egg yolks and three-fourths cup of granulated sugar. Place that over a medium saucepan with some simmering hot water and keep that over low heat, whisking constantly for
about eight to 10 minutes. Also make sure that bowl
is just over the steam and not touching the hot water. When it’s ready, you won’t
feel any granules of sugar, and it’ll be lighter in
color and slightly thickened. Carefully lift that off the heat and set aside to cool slightly. To make the mascarpone cream, beat together 16 ounces of mascarpone with three tablespoons of rum. You can use an electric hand mixer, and I’ll link to the one
we love in the notes. Just beat that together until
it’s creamy and well-combined. Then beat in all of
your warm yolk mixture. Continue beating until it’s
creamy and well-incorporated. Now in a separate large mixing bowl, beat two cups of cold heavy whipping cream until medium peaks form,
or for about three minutes. Make sure you don’t over-beat the cream. You’ll know it’s done when
you pull up on the whisk and the peaks on the cream lean slightly. You don’t want stiff peaks for this. Now using a spatula, fold half of the whipped cream
into the mascarpone cream just until it’s incorporated. Then add the remaining whipped cream and fold until well-combined. Again, do not over-mix or
it might become grainy. Now spread half of your cream mixture over that first layer of ladyfingers. And be generous because you
want a thick layer of cream in the center of this cake. Now dip the rest of your ladyfingers about one or two at time,
dipping just once on each side, and arrange those evenly
and in a single layer over the top of the cream. And, if you’re not able
to find ladyfingers in your grocery store, I’ll leave a link in the notes
to some you can buy online. Spread the remaining cream
evenly over the ladyfingers, making sure you get every last
drop of that delicious cream. And it does help to spread
with an offset spatula, and again, I’ll link to this in the notes. You want to cover that
tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least
six hours or overnight, which makes this a make-ahead dessert. Oh ho ho ho. Do you know what time it is? It is taste test time, and
I cannot wait to eat this. It’s been chilling in the refrigerator, the cream is set, and it’s ready to serve. And just before serving, I like to pummel it with some
unsweetened cocoa powder. And you can use just
a regular cocoa powder or Dutch processed,
whatever you like best. But the key is to be generous. Go all the way to the edges. Okay, and don’t worry about
getting it on the edges because when you’re done,
for a prettier presentation, you can take a pastry
brush or just a paper towel and wipe off the sides. So pretty. And what’s fun is for the holidays, if you have some kind of stencils, you can put those down first
and then dust the cocoa powder so you’ll get little designs on the top. So cute and festive. Okay, all that’s left
is to slice and serve. All right, and because
there’s cocoa on top, if you wipe your knife
clean between slices, you’ll get much cleaner cuts. All right, here we go. I’m excited. Are you excited? I know you are. Okay, here we go. Yum. You can see all those pretty layers with the ladyfingers and mascarpone. Mm. Okay, here we go. Going in for the taste test. Oh, and the fork cuts
through it so easily. Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm. It is just layer after layer of flavor. I love that the ladyfingers
are soaked in coffee and some of that rum. You can really taste the
rum through the cake. It’s in the ladyfingers,
it’s in the cream, and that cream, I’m telling you, it’s like a custard mascarpone
cream with the egg yolks. So flavorful. And best of all, there is
no raw eggs in this cake, so winning. If you want more holiday-worthy desserts, check out some of our
favorites and reader favorites right over there and right down there. And, if you guys want
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