Welcome to inspired hauntings I’m Missy and today I am showing you how I made Jack Sally zero and oogie boogie man and cupcake form What’s happening guys The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite Halloween movie and last year I made a Jack Skellington Banana cream pie the help of my kids we ultimately Decided on these four and I’m excited to show you how so let’s get started. I began by printing out this template I had created. I will leave a link to this template if you would like to use it as well Starting with oogie-boogie I cut out of his eyes and mouth and then cut along the template on top of black fondant I use my dredging tool to drag out the edges and make them jagged I created these cupcake wrappers for each of the characters this page is for Jack and Sally and then oogie-boogie and zero I Will add a link to these cupcake wrappers and the description box below These have tabs so that you Can join them together by folding the tab and cutting along the edge just in the middle of the tab? Then fold the other side along the edges and then join them together I Plopped the cupcake in and piped out my green buttercream leaving a swirl at the top I then added the eyes and mouth and you have Aggie boogie Now let’s move on to Jack, Skellington I cut his tie and cat head out of my template and laid them directly onto some rolled out black fondant I cut around them and then adhere the cat’s head in the center of his tie with water I Rolled out two little white balls and then placed him on his head Then I snaked out some white fondant to add the three stripes on either side After adding my cupcake liner and black buttercream I placed his tie near the bottom and there you have it Jack Skellington Moving on to his little companion zero I rolled out some white fondant Being sure to keep one end round and then tapering the other end to make his nose. I Used a pair of food-safe scissors to create his mouth and then turned the end of his nose tipping it up slightly I Added a little sprinkle jack-o’-lantern for his nose, and then moved on to his ears First I snaked out some more white fondant, and then rolled over it a couple of times to flatten them out I Cut a point at one end and then laid it on its side creating a wavy effect while it hardened Once all of my pieces had hardened, I frosted my cupcake and place Zero’s nose up in front To keep his ears in place I cut out a slit out of the cupcake and push them into place For added stability I pushed a toothpick under each ear to keep them upright and There you have it zero the dog and Lastly the little redhead and also Jack’s soul mate Sally found this image online, and I loved it so much I wanted to recreate it so to do this I cut out a small rectangle and then seal the ends together with some water I carefully pinched together the ends and put it aside to harden I Did this again with yellow and moved on to the center of the bow I cut out a small strip of blue fondant and Adhere it to the center all the way around Once everything had hardened together. I used my food safe marker to draw on stitches I Piped out red buttercream to match her hair Put the cupcake into its liner and then topped it off with a bow and there you have it a Sally inspired cupcake so cute These cupcakes have to be my favorite cupcakes. They are easy they are adorable, and they are inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas What could be better if you liked this tutorial? Please give this video a big thumbs up if you guys haven’t already Subscribed to this channel you can click on my face down here to subscribe I will also leave all of my links to all my other Halloween videos down in the description box below so that you can check them out as well sometimes I post more than a week so be sure to Sometimes I pour sometimes. I post more than once a week so hit that nicole so hit So be sure to hit that notification bell so that you are notified every time I post a new upload I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye bye guys


  1. Hi, Missy. Your Nightmare Before Christmas cupcakes are professionally well done. You are one of the most beautiful, adorable, and lovable cake makers on the planet. Do you have any good Christmas themed cakes in the works? Have a good day, Missy. <3

  2. omg missy i loved the Sally cupcake so cute.can u make something walking dead theme since the new season started?

  3. 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is EASILY my all-time FAVORITE Halloween movie, and I just had to make something fun and easy to re-create for you guys! Who is your favorite character from the movie? Mine is Jack! (who has a BAT tie, not a CAT tie…whoops!)

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