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Hi Bold Bakers! We’ve all made cookies the traditional way
in the oven. But what if you don’t have an oven? We can make them in the microwave, we’ve
done that too. But what if you don’t have a microwave? I’m gonna show you how you can make cookies
on the stovetop and all you need is a frying pan. They’re absolutely delicious. The recipe is on BiggerBolderBaking.com. OK, let’s start out by making our cookie
dough. In my bowl I’m gonna add in some room temperature
butter. And then some smooth peanut butter. And then with a spoon just beat them well
together. So these cookies are brand new I’ve never
made them before, they are called monster cookies and they have peanut butter, chocolate
chips, oats, M&M’s, everything you could want in a cookie. So this is what we’re gonna make on the
stovetop. So into this creamed mix we’re gonna add
some white sugar and some brown sugar. And then just mix those really well together. You can use a hand mixer to do this or you
can do it by hand it’s really simple. You know me I love brown sugar in my cookies
it really gives them a nice texture and flavor. If you don’t have brown sugar in your country
you can easily make it and I’ve got a recipe on my website. Ok so this is looking good. Into this now we’re gonna crack in our eggs
and add in some vanilla extract. So if you don’t eat eggs don’t worry you
can still make these cookies. Just replace the eggs with Flax seed or Chia
seed. Ok so this is looking good, now we’re gonna
add in our dry ingredients to this. So go in with your oats, your salt and your
baking soda. And then just mix to form your dough. This is a nice soft dough it’s easy to work
with. Ok last, but not least, the treasures in our
cookies. I’m gonna add in M&M’s because they are
my favorite candy. And then I’m gonna add in some chocolate
chips. And just fold these ingredients in. If you are a fan of eating raw cookie dough,
you’re gonna love this. This is like Kevin’s favorite cookie. Ok so the dough is a little bit soft, what
I like to do with all of my cookie doughs, pop it into the fridge for around an hour,
let it firm up and then it’ll be really easy to scoop. So here’s our cookie dough, out of the fridge. It’s nice and chilled which makes my life
so much easier. And here I have a tablespoon scoop and all
you want to do is scoop a heaped tablespoon. Be generous with your cookie. And then we’re gonna flatten it out a little
bit and then we’re gonna pop it on a baking tray. I like to make them this size because I think
they’re good per-person sizes. You can make one really big one if you want
that’s totally up to you. Now like I said we are making these on the
stovetop, however they can obviously be baked the traditional way in the oven at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius for roughly, around 12 to 14 minutes and then they will
be perfect. If you don’t wanna cook off your dough straight
away, you can keep them in the fridge for up to three days or it freezes really well
so that’s totally up to you. So these are our cookies now let’s talk
about how we’re gonna cook them. So here I have a non-stick heavy bottom sauce
pan that’s really really important for these cookies it’ll make your life so much easier. Just make sure that it’s good quality and
it’ll work much better. So I’m gonna put my pan on kind of a medium
sized burner and turn it down really low. You don’t want it too high if they get too
high your cookies burn and then it doesn’t work out so just make sure it’s kind of
a controlled heat. I’m just gonna leave this pan here for around
5 minutes or so, let it heat up before we add on our cookie dough. So it’s been a few minutes our pan is a
lovely steady heat all over so now this is a perfect time to gently place in our cookies. And then with a lid or if you have a baking
tray, place that on top and they are gonna cook steadily away there for roughly 15 to
20 minutes it really depends on the temperature of your oven. So here’s the key about cooking these, you
might think that maybe they’re not moving as fast or it’s going kind of slow, do not
crank up that heat thinking you’re gonna cook these any faster you’re just going
to burn them. So just hold your nerve, just slowly wait
for them it’s gonna take a few minutes, but honestly you’ll get a nice golden brown
color on the bottom, they’ll be totally Cooked and they’ll be perfect and crisp. So the beauty of this recipe is you don’t
have to have a full kitchen to make cookies. You might live in a dorm or you might only
have one stovetop, anything like that you can make these cookies. And best of all, what I like to do is I freeze
the dough and I scoop it into balls and whenever I want just one cookie, I just cook that off
and then you have cookies for whenever you want them. So it’s been 17 minutes, my cookies are
done and I want you to see what they’re supposed to look like. So as you can see they spread out a little
bit, they’re brown on the bottom slightly and then they’re set on top, that means
your cookie is done. So you can very gently with a spatula remove
them from a pan and place them on a cooling rack. Don’t worry if you think maybe they’re
a little bit soft, what happens is once these cookies go cold they get even crisper so you’re
absolutely perfect. OK so I promised you a cookie that’s just
as good on the stovetop as it is coming out of the oven, and I think I delivered. Do you hear how crispy this is? It’s crispy, a little bit chewy also these
cookies are awesome because they’ve got peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, M&M’s… I love M&M’s. Without a doubt this is a perfectly “baked”
cookie. I hope your mind is blown, share this video
with your friends and let them know how easy it is to make cookies on the stovetop. The recipe as always is on my website and
I’ll see you back here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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