Easy Italian Focaccia Bread Recipe with Potatoes & Rosemary (vegan)

hello everybody! hello! welcome back to
our channel, I’m Gaëtan I’m Irene today we have an amazing
recipe for you guys it’s Irene’s recipe it’s a focaccia Italian bread if you
want to explain basically Italian bread focaccia bread and inside the dough there
are some potatoes and on top of it there is some rosemary and olive oil and
it’s really fresh and it’s very italian so I hope you love it we hope let’s go to the video! Potatoes 200g 1 tsp of sugar 30ml of lukewarm water fresh yeast 25g let it sit for 10 minutes 300g of flour salt yeast mixture 3tbsp olive oil mash the potatoes lukewarm water 145ml this dough is a little sticky you can use a dough cutter cover and let develop for 2 hours (28-30°) oil the cake pan gently press with your fingertips garnish with water + olive oil emulsion and fresh rosemary cover and let develop for 30 minutes bake in the oven at 200° for 20 minutes so we hope you liked it, remember you can
find ingredients down in the description you can give us a like and a little
comment we had some really nice feedback from you for the video of last
week also some requests of recipes so don’t hesitate to interact with us we
are looking for it and next week we have a little surprise for you next week, in a
couple of days we’re going to France and next week’s video will be from France
and we’re super excited and we will be doing traditional recipes and if we can
make it to Paris we will be making a lookbook so hopefully you’ll find us again next
week and see you! bye! you

4 thoughts on “Easy Italian Focaccia Bread Recipe with Potatoes & Rosemary (vegan)

  1. A super fluffy and yummy bread for a sunday breakfast🌺Its very good you to share that recipe on Saturday 😅Thank youu☺️

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