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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan. And today I’m here with my sister. – Audrey from the channel AllAroundAudrey. – As you can see, we’re going to be doing the not only my arms challenge. So we have been, our arms
have been tied together and we’re gonna have
to try and bake a cake using four hands, this
should be real interesting. Let’s just get started. So we chose out the Funfetti cake because I feel like that’s
really fun, don’t you feel? – I mean, it says it in the title. – Okay, so you gotta open up this. – Oh okay.
– Ready? – I don’t have nails. – Oh no, four hands,
we can do this Audrey. – Oh thank you. – My God. Okay. Oh my God.
– Oh my goodness. This is already hard. (Jordan groans) Uh-oh, uh-oh this is not proportional. (Audrey chuckles) Okay so we gotta open up the cake mix. – I’m trying, your hands are in the way. – I’ll help you. Oh no. Oh no. – I’m like. Okay wait, I’ll take my strength and we should combine
our strength together. – You can punch a finger through it. Got it. Used my nail. Here goes cake mix, woo. Now hold it– – Jordy! – Gotta hold it. Oh goodness. It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere. – But it smells good. – Let’s just show, oh my goodness. – I’m trying to get the rest out. Hold your horses. (chuckling) Okay. – Well now that half of the cake mix is actually on the counter, we can begin. Add in the water, oil and the eggs. (laughing) – I feel like a puppet. (laughing) – Okay so we need to add in the water. It’s close enough to one cup. – No it’s one and one forth. – Well I feel like we just did one cup because we spilled most of
the stuff on the outside. – I mean, probably. – Wanna mixy, mixy. – Thank you. – Okay well we gotta mix together. Hold the bowl with me. (chuckling) This is so awkward. – Why is this a workout? – This is so awkward! I’m doing no effort, I’m just holding on. – You’re just holding my
hand while I’m cooking. (Jordan mumbles) Okay. – Stop. – Oh that’s hard. Just whip it! – Jordy! Okay what’s next? – Okay. – Oil, oh no.
– Half a cup of oil. – Oh this is the steady oil too! – No stop, last time. – You pour the oil, do not get it no we both have to pour the oil. Okay let’s pour the oil. – I’m scared. – Don’t be scared. It’s okay, everything’s okay we only need half of a cup. – Everything will be okay. – You only need half of a cup. Oh it’s oily already, oh
my hands are oil-licious. – Half a cup, wait what’s– (Jordan laughs) I forget, what’s half? – Half the thing. – No it’s not. Right there. – Okay.
– Yay! – Help me hand. (laughing) I feel like my hand,
Audrey’s doing this rubbing with like crusties on the top of the lid. – I do all the work and then you just hold my hand and wipe crusties. (Jordan laughs) – Okay, dump it in. – Wait, that actually was
smoother than I thought. – Okay now let’s just
get that out of here. Mixy, mixy.
– Yeah stir it in. – Hold the bowl. – Why is this like super,
does not look good, already? – It’s like ew. Okay that’s the next step. – Jordan it’s gonna go in the batter! – Oh goodness, I was not expecting that. Let’s do one egg at a time. – This one is the chosen egg. – Okay, ready? We have to try and, no, no Audrey.
– I cracked it. – So we have to get the yolk separate? – Yeah I said that. – So okay, so. – Wait. – So you hold it with that hand and I’ll hold it with this hand. – Okay wait I cracked it but
now I don’t know where it went. – It’s somewhere. It’s right there. (laughs) Oh goodness. Okay I got this. – Don’t get the egg shells. Oh no, oh no. – The yolk, Audrey, the yolk! – No! (Jordan yelps) – Grab the yolk, go, grab it. (laughing) I got it. (Audrey laughs) Peel off the whites, get
the whites off Audrey! – Where? – They’re dangling! – Ew! I don’t wanna touch it! (both exclaiming) – Audrey, I’m holding the yolk! – It’s just going naturally. – Ergh, ew it’s so slimy. Okay what do we do with this now? – Stick it back in. – Okay, ergh. – Okay, be prepared to catch the next one. – Stick it in here. – Oh. (yelps) like a basket toss! Okay.
– Next one. – You crack it into my hand
and I’ll catch the yolk. Okay, its ready. Oh it’s so wet. Oh the shell is in my hand. (Audrey giggles) Goodness. Oh goodness, ew! (laughing) Why is this so gross? – I kept it in! The yolk stayed in! – How did you do that? – Magic. – Okay, ready? Gotta catch it with this hand. – We’re on tile though,
no I don’t want it. That’s not– – Get it, get it! No! (laughing) Ew, no! (Jordan exclaiming) (laughing) – I think it’s a goner. – My turn. – We had a good system going on. I would crack, you would catch. – Oh I’m a boss, watch this,
watch this, watch this. – That’s what I did on my second try too. ♪ I’m a rebel just for kicks now ♪ – Ew, ew, pick it off, pick it off. – I am not.
– Pick off the egg yolk. Just do it! Do it Audrey, do it for the baking show. – Ew, my hands are all yolky. (Jordan yelps) – We got clean hands. – I feel like we’re like (laughing) – It’s time for the next step. – Which is?
– Mixy mixy. Okay grab it and mix. – Oh we’re supposed to mix it on medium speed for two minutes. – Oh okay, ready? Medium speed so this is slow. – Wait I’m not even mixing it.
– This is medium. This is fast. We want medium so. – Okay. (laughing) – This challenge, you guys. – I feel like we should only be able to– – You’re just sticking
your hand in the batter. – I feel like we should only be mixing this with our fingers. – Okay, bye. Medium speed with our hands. Oh goodness. – Who wants to eat some of our cake? I do. – Cherp cherp. Grab, grab the pan. – Scoop it into the pan. – And then grab the other pan. – I like how you’re grabbing
my hand to grab the pan. – Yes now we need the cooking spray. (Audrey yelps) Okay now that we got the pans panned. – Now that my shirts all messy. – It’s time to pour in
the batter, let’s go! Hey you gotta help me, sister. Hand, you gotta help scoopy scoopy. (Jordan mumbles) – Wait I’ll just be
like the support system. – Oh goodness. – Is that too much? – Oh goodness, oh goodness. – I’m like the lever. – The lover? The lever. Okay you gotta scrape
out the remains, I mean. – I can’t get my fingers, oh. – Okay. – This is how we spend our Saturdays. Baking cake handcuffed to each other. – Yep, these hair ties
are gonna need to be– – Used in Jordan’s hair. – Cleansed to the major after this. – Okay stick it in the oven. – Time to put it in the oven. Oh wait I have to hold that with you. – Right, other hand. (laughing) oh let’s not burn ourselves please. – You managed this job, it’s sizzling. We just barely stuck it in the oven and it’s literally sizzling guys. – How hot does it say? (Jordan exclaims) oh my goodness. – Sizzle, sizzle. Okay close the oven and we gotta wait for 35 minutes! Let’s go, goodbye. All right guys, here is our cake ta-da! – I changed my shirt ’cause my other shirt is literally stained with oil. – Yeah we are doing a secret trick we’re trying to see if it works. Where you rub chocolate on the oil stains and then wash it, we’ll see if it works. Hopefully, but anyways it’s
time to decorate this crazy cake you can still see some
of the like, little dots from the powder that we
sprinkled on the top. – Yeah you can. – As if this cake wasn’t crazy enough it’s about to get crazier. All right, it’s time to start decorating! – So my left hand has the pink and my right hand has the green. – Yeah. This is gonna be interesting. – It comes with both frosting thingys too. – Sprinkles, you mean? – Yeah! – Okay I’ll help on this one
and you help on that one. – Okay and I’ll help that one. – Okay, team work, four
hands makes the dream work. Starting off, I say we have
a pink side and a green side. – Oh wait, why are we doing opposite? – Pink. – Okay don’t press too
hard, we don’t wanna– – It’s crusty. – It’s not crusty, it’s just– – Spongey, give me more. Oh that way, okay. Ew, we’re peeling off
the layer on the top! No, Audrey, no! – I never thought I’d be making
a cake with you like this but you know what, from
YouTube anything is possible. – That’s so true. – This looks like watermelon
colored, like summer. – I’m ready for summer.
– Or Easter, Easter. – I’m so ready for summer except summer decides to not be here. Sprinkles! – Thank you. – Oh you’re welcome, swatchy time. Look at that lovely color swatched. Oh goodness. – On the green side. I’m not even doing anything with it! Let me do something. – Go Audrey, go! – Okay, you are shaking it up and down. Donut cake! Wait wait, no, no, no, no, no! We are civilized.
– Okay. Steadying the wrist,
I’ll be your wrist brace. ♪ Cut the circle in the middle ♪ ♪ Cut ♪ – You gotta sing it with me. ♪ Cut the circle in the middle ♪ ♪ Cut the circle in the middle ♪ – Oh goodness, Audrey that’s enough! It doesn’t look like a donut anymore! (laughing) – What are you talking about? – Don’t touch it! No more with the spoon, you’re done! – I’m trying to fix it. – I got control now! – No but you we left
out too much right here. – It’s too late to apologize. ♪ It’s too late ♪ – Oh we can just try and
patch it with these extras. – No, no. – Oh, it’s too late. Gonna think about it. – I don’t trust you, I’m
holding it and not you. – [Jordan] No, no, no! (laughs) – We just wanna cover up the hole. – [Jordan] Okay. – I hope we didn’t need this. Cool. – Bye-bye now. Salt meme. Two person salt meme. – Okay, that is the best cake ever. – That’s the best cake I’ve ever seen. – Best okay, wait, they don’t
even know what it looks like. – [Jordan] Yeah come on. Best cake I’ve ever seen, look at that. – Ever seen of the cakes.
– Wow! – Time to eat it. – It’s stuck in, oh I
need in on the section I want the pink side. (Audrey laughs) – Ew you breathed on mine. – All right guys! – Time to smash the cake! – I’m not doing this on purpose Audrey’s just forcing my hand down, okay. – Well there goes that mess. Okay, now it’s – [All] Mail time! – Okay guys so this first
letter comes from Emma and Virginia and they sent
us these cute pictures of them and their six
puppies, that is so cute. – That is so cute! – And also, this adorable donut bag just like our donut cake! That is so cute, thank you so much Emma! – This next letter comes
from Raquel in Australia. She gave us this cool kangaroo magnet and she also drew a picture! – Oh that’s so cute! – Thanks Raquel! – Thank you. So thank you guys so much
for watching this video and if you enjoyed it, make
sure to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn it from red to gray and hit the bell so you can be notified every time I post a video. We’ll see you all next time, bye! (upbeat music) So, oh gosh, that went everywhere. – We can throw this away. – Oh man, Audrey! Is it on? – Mmhmm. I love ice. Ice ice baby. (Jordan gasps) – Oh my gosh.
– Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. (upbeat music)

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