Đồ chơi đất nặn lễ hội bánh ngọt Cupcake Festival Celebration Playset

Welcome everyone to Angel Kid Toys channel Today Katie will play with Play Doh Cupcake Celebration Playset Now I will unbox this and see what inside this is the sun wheel this is the cupcake mold this is the twist there are 5 cans of playdoh this is yellow this is blue this is orange this is dark pink play dough do you have any tool? this is the cupcake mold with star, butterfly, heart shape Now I will install first I will install the green one this is the yellow chair wow it is moving around this is the scoop this is the roller this is flower mold this is funny bakery let’s make some cupcakes wow so cool Now Katie will make flower cake I will add sweep cream on top of the cupcake this is the heart I decorate for the cupcake I also decorate some flowers for this cake this is strawberry now I will put all the cupcakes on the wheel what kind of cupcake do you have? I have cupcake, cookie, ice cream cake… Let’s enjoy some cookies Thank you for watching my video Stay tuned for more Play doh cupcake videos right here on Angel Kid Toys Goodbye everyone and have a nice day

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