DIY How to Make STARBUCKS Gummy Jelly Dessert Bottle

Hi, I’m Vy! Today I’m gonna show you how to turn a Starbucks
drink into gelatin form. This DIY is very easy to make and most importantly is super
fun to play around with. I sure had a lot of fun making the Starbucks
lady dance to the wiggle song. In addition to making DIY videos I also make a lot of
fashion videos and sometimes I vlog too. If you’d like to see some of those videos
make sure to subscribe to my channel. I think you’ll just love it. Alright let’s see how I made the Starbucks
lady wiggle. Some of the supplies you will need are gelatin,
food coloring, starbucks cup, a measuring cup and lastly some Reddi wip. First add 8 gelatin packets into the measuring
cup. Next add 6oz of water into the measuring cup and stir. And stir until you see this mashed potato
consistency. And by the way, this smells really bad. Then put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Add 1 drop of food coloring and stir. Man,
that color is intense. Place it in the freezer for one hour. To get the gelatin out all I did was made
little cuts on the cup itself and tear it apart and giggle it out. I added some ready whip on top for decorations
to make it look like a frappuccino and stuck the straw inside. Now it’s time to cut out the Starbucks logo
from the cup. The Starbucks logo should stick right onto
the gelatin. And there you have it! Wasn’t that super easy?
And now you have a frappuccino or a refresher if you don’t add any reddi wip on it. And now it’s time to cut the gelatin apart.
I feel like I’m performing surgery on the Starbucks lady or something. This is actually
pretty tough to cut through. I mean the gelatin is so thick. And now I’m going to try and put it back together
like the tetris master that I am. So while I’m trying to put this back together
I’m gonna plug myself, do some shameless promotion on myself. So besides DIY videos I also make
fashion videos. But really the main point of all my videos is just me having fun and
sharing that with you. The video on the left is me having a lot of
fun creating lazy outfits and giving you ideas on how to be lazy. And the video on the right is a DIY me showing
you how to make Vietnamese coffee so go check these two out!

87 thoughts on “DIY How to Make STARBUCKS Gummy Jelly Dessert Bottle

  1. My friends and I are spring breaking in Orlando and today we got rained out so we are now going to make these in our hotel suite kitchenette πŸ€“

  2. not in a rude way but most likely if you eat that jelly it's going to be nasty because you got the unflavored gelatin and you could of said in the video unflavored gelatin with your choice of flavored gelatin just to be clear

  3. AWESOME! i feel like if i ate this outside of my home everyone would think that i was cray cray. "oh yea im just over here eating my red cup.. dont mind me!" LMFAOO

  4. Vy is my favorite YouTuber

  5. this looks really cool I'm gonna ask my mom to get some gelatin thank you so much for the idea and I subbed😊

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