100 thoughts on ““DESSERT” Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep.8

  1. Um… ok, so in my house cookies are a dessert. Is that a commonly held idea outside of the US that cookies cannot be a dessert by themselves????

  2. Ben, no more CARAMELS. but love the videos. video ideas blind tastings. can you taste the difference between basics ingredients? chicken or pork?

  3. Awww Jamieee!!!! Like a little Pooh bear when he said, “I don’t want to James,” my hearttt, my soul 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️😂😂😂 so funny!!! I adore you guys! My favorite and only brits thus far! Love you!!!!

  4. "I just don't understand what two chefs have done"
    "Barry would've made the cookies"
    Jamie throwing shade at everyone so casually and that's why hes the best LOL

  5. I think it would be hilarious if when they are done with their 10 minutes, they have to sit and watch the rest finish the dish but are unable to comment/react!

  6. I think it would be nice to do a pass it on or a week on maybe a certain type of diet like a low fodmap diet or a ketogenic diet or paleo. For people who have to do these diets for medical reasons. Bc as much as I love your show I can't have about 90% of the food you guys make.

  7. I didn't know what to do with the ingredients, either, and I watched them put it together and say what they were aiming for.
    What I will say though is that even though the cookies didn't work like "cookies," they turned out more like a meringue. For that, I'll applaud Barry because he managed to make something completely incorrectly, correctly.
    I didn't know what you guys were going for with the orange and the chocolate. I could have told you that doesn't work, but I do like baking a lot more than cooking; it comes from experience.
    What actually surprised me the most is that Mike pieced everything together. That alone, to me, deserves a 10.

  8. Next order: Sorted plays hide and seek with the crew behind the camera. The order they go in is the order the crew finds them.

  9. What about a pass it on where they have to recreate recipes they've maid on the show before, I think you'd all go mad become someone would try Harry Potter and the other would thing there trying to make a tart or something of the other.

  10. Please normalise sound on your videos. Intros are often as loud as big Ben through 10 megaphones then suddenly as quiet as the announcement time your flight has been delayed by at any airport.

  11. I grew up poor, in a single parent 4 child family, we only had cheap store bought cookies. They were always dry haha, so now I don’t like soft cookies.

    Any tips on how to dry out my homemade ones?

  12. All of you make my stomach hurt so badly by the end of each video, because I cannot help but laugh! I love all of you!

  13. I'd be very interested to see a Pass It On where the final dish has to use ingredients from the Pretentious Ingredients videos! (Get some use out of them, boys!)

  14. I think you should do a Pass It On where the first person has to go to a store/market to shop and then the remaining four have to do the cooking

  15. You should do one where you don't tell them what order they're doing it in – just get some of the crew to randomly grab them from around the office – otherwise they'll be able to approximate how long it has been since they sat down.

  16. Barry putting the cookie dough directly onto the tray made me die on the inside.
    Thank you Ben for having some common sense and immediately rectifying his foolishness

  17. I love how they can all immediately identify who’s made which part and 99% of the time are totally correct.

  18. Seafood pass it on?.. well, baking and vegetarian were a thing and these are quite general, then why not seafood?><

  19. There are certainly some cultural differences going on here but I don't think I've ever even seen a soft cookie… They're always dry and crunchy…

  20. I actually liked that has an idea for a desert. It was a different way of a desert. Which I would do.

  21. 6:07 "its the third time I check the oven and there's still nothing in there"
    What are you expecting by checking the oven 3 times?

  22. Having Ben and James go 2nd and 3rd is the worst: no chefs to kick it off, no chefs in 4th to pull it together, no chefs in 5th to plate up, just chaos

  23. Does anyone remember the lizard from The Rescuers Down Under? Barry doing his little “yeh yeah yeah yeh” cookie dance reminded me of that lizard Joanna stealing eggs and being very pleased with herself. 😂

  24. I just realized something. Barry didn't leave any of the hobs on! Granted, he didn't use any… But still, I think that may be a first!

  25. I like that they were honest with their assessment. Nobody gets it right every time. Even Julia Child had some fails on her show. But, she always addressed it with good humor.

  26. 8:48 Two chefs, three normals, have been cooking for several years (almost professionally), end result: Chocolate dipped cookies!!! The Shame! The Horror! I can hear Sheldon Cooper in my head!

  27. This is easily the least productive we've seen James in one of these. The cookies seemed to just completely throw him off for a bit.

  28. what is that music…i SWEAR I have heard it before but i can't for the life of me remember it…
    edit:i meant the first song

  29. The only thing Barry ever says about baking is "it's not a science." He's very focused on the idea that it doesn't take as much skill lol

  30. Honestly not underwhelming at all to look at. I’d be absolutely delighted to have that as a desert! Top job lads. And who’d have thought Barry was the basis for this awesome creation 😂😂😂😂

  31. barry:alright ,the theme is dessert ,i got no idea what to make (fair),alright then lets make cookies,cause thats the one that stuck in my head(still fair,not ideal dish but fair)

    "makes the cookies,as best as he could"

    barry: thats what i"ve done,(leave no clue,or guidance ,or any lead of what others could possibly add

    "dish reveal"

    the cookies comes out

    barry:i make the cookies, leaving no clue to the next cook,yet the cookies comes out ..and its not my fault for this failure ,its the others fault ,who are not make the dessert that "I" barry taylor start


  32. I'm sorry…since when are cookies not a dessert? A sweet treat is absolutely a dessert…or my mother has lied to me for 18 years

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