Delicious & Easy to Make Keto Ice Cream

Hey guys Naomi here. I want to share with
you an incredible incredibly delicious and yummy keto ice cream recipe. I don’t
know how many of you love ice cream as much as my family does but the only way
I could get us to go keto was to bring the best recipe I could find into our
house and that’s what this is. So we’re gonna start with four whole eggs, it’s
the first part. Then to get the good fat we’re gonna add five egg yolks. We made
this for Dr. Oz a couple weeks ago and he flipped out and said, ‘I want the…I
want the recipe at home.’ Egg yolks right in and the egg yolks have all the fat
soluble vitamins vitamin A vitamin E the vitamin D so you’re gonna add those in. Then
you’re going to add some vanilla. You’re gonna add a ton of vanilla, you’ll add
half, almost a tablespoon of lemon juice. You’re gonna add almost this whole stick
of butter you’re going to cut off the very last tablespoon. Just quickly cut
off that last tablespoon and you’ll put that in here gonna cut it up into some
small pieces. But what you’re seeing is healthy ice cream being made. Isn’t that
the coolest thing? Literally this is healthy ice cream being made. You’re
going to add in two and a half ounces of creamy MCT. And you can add, if you want, two-thirds
of a cup of coconut oil. But what I like to do is I like to add the creamy MCT.
Then you’re going to take your handy-dandy hand mixer. And just start mixing away. For five minutes, I want you to mix for five minutes And here is the most delicious keto ice cream imaginable. This
is your fat burning’ keto ice cream, can you believe that? And you’re gonna love
it, your kids are gonna love it, they won’t be able to stop eating it. No one
in your house is gonna be able to stop eating it because it’s so good and it’s
so good for you it breaks all the boundaries on what ice cream can really
be. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you love this ice cream as much as I do.
It breaks all the rules when you think about ice cream. It’s actually good for you it
gets your body to burn fat to stay in ketosis. You’ll never fall out of ketosis
with this ice cream and the beautiful thing about it is your body only wants a
certain amount of it. So you don’t ever consume more than you could imagine.
Click on the description for the full recipe. Thanks for watching and cheers to
your Keto health!

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