Deep Fried Ham and Cheese Rolls / Bread Rolls / step by step guide

Heat cooking oil in a pan Once the oil is hot, fry the Ham After you fry the Ham, set it aside Slice the cheese thinly and lengthwise Just cut based on how many bread rolls you are making This is the slice we wanted on our cheese Now, we will flatten our Tasty bread In a flat surface, flatten the bread using Rolling pin or improvised rolling pin You can remove the bread crust if you don’t want it Juts follow my method on how to flatten the bread This is the result we wanted Follow the video on how I make bread rolls Secure the bread rolls with toothpick, so that it will not open up Do this on the remaining bread In a large bowl, add 2 eggs Beat the eggs, this will serve as our adhesion for the bread crumbs Dip the bread rolls on the beaten egg immediately coat it with bread crumbs Be sure to coat it evenly so that our final product will look good This is what it should look like after applying bread crumbs, it’s now ready to be fried Heat cooking oil in a cooking pot Once the oil is hot, deep fry the bread rolls Deep fry bread rolls until golden brown in color Our Ham and Cheese bread roll is cooked! Place it a paper towel first to remove excess oil and be sure to remove the toothpicks before serving

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  2. this looks like a great dish to take to a party, looks really good and i might have to try this out at the super bowl party.

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