Decorate a GIANT CUPCAKE Shabby Chic Rose Bouquet Design – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Giant
Rose Bouquet Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to decorate this giant cupcake
to look like a beautiful bouquet of roses. If you are not familiar with baking and making
giant cupcakes, we do have an entire series where we show you how to make the giant patty
pan the cupcake is sitting in, as well as baking the giant cupcake, layering it, crumb
coating it, and getting it ready for basically what you see here, the decoration stage. Please
make sure you do refer back to these if you’d like any help with getting your giant cupcake
to this stage. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’m going to go with disposable piping bags.
I just find them a little bit easier to work with when I’m using multiple colors.
I’ve got 4 different colors of pre-colored buttercream frosting. We do have a tutorial
on perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting. So if you have a look at the consistency of
our buttercream frosting, it is quite thick and really easy to pipe. It will hold its
shape and it will give us that lovely rose effect. I’ve gone with a few shabby chic colors.
I’m going with a bit of apricot, a pink, a white and a pale yellow.
I’ve got some spoons so that I can use that to put the icing into my piping bags.
I’ve got the Wilton 2D piping tip. It’s actually called the 2D. So you can buy this at most
cake decorating shops. The 1M will also work but the 2D is my personal favorite. So you
can see the end of it there, it’s an open star sort of a nozzle. But that is the key
to getting our beautiful rose swirls. I’ve also got one of our fondant ribbon roses.
We have a tutorial on how to make those. That’s just going to be to decorate the top.
And I have a couple of fondant leaves. We also have a tutorial on how to make those.
So I have 2 of those. Let’s get started.
As I mentioned, I’ve pre-filled one of these piping bags with a little bit of the yellow.
So just to show you how I fill the piping bag. I’ve got my disposable piping bag and
I’ve got my nozzle. Now I’ve just snipped a little bit of the end just using some kitchen
scissors. You don’t want to take too much. You want to make sure that your nozzle’s going
to sit nicely in the bottom of that bag without failing through. You can see there it’s just
poking through just the end. The bag’s not actually covering up any of our beautiful
little star points, letting them come through but it’s not at risk at piping the nozzle
through if we apply a bit of pressure. To fill that bag, I’m going to take my apricot
colored frosting. Open the bag up. The disposable ones are generally quite firm and you can
just hold them. And I’m just going to spoon that icing in. Use my finger just to take
it off the spoon so we don’t make too much of a mess. I’ll pop a couple of spoons of
that in. There we go. Lovely. Alright, to get started, as I mentioned, I
want to use 4 colors of frosting on this particular rose bouquet so that it looks like a bouquet
of shabby vintage-y sort of looking roses. So I’m just going to… I’ve got my giant
cupcake on a turntable. If you don’t have a turntable, that’s okay. But you do want
something that you’re going to be able to move around a little bit. So maybe pop it
on a place mat or something that you can turn the whole place mat or chopping board so you
can really get that cupcake to move around. And you can get a good idea of what the different
sides are looking like. You don’t end up with a messy back.
I always like to start on top for my first swirl. Now to make a rose swirl, you are basically
taking that beautiful 2D tip. The tip does most of the work for you. So you start in
the center and you just swirl around and taper off at the end. So have a look at that. That
is a beautiful looking rose and it’s so simple and easy to do. Like I said, the tip does
all the work. So because I know I want 4 colors, I’m just going to scatter a few of those lovely
apricot roses around, some on the edge, but making sure that I’m leaving enough room for
those other colors. You do want to make sure that you are getting it on the edge of the
cupcake. But don’t let them hang down over the edge because those bits of icing will
actually fall off the cupcake. So you can see here I start the swirl around the edge,
about a centimeter or two up. That’s the middle of the swirl and then I swirl around it around.
I just don’t let it hang over the edge. I’ll finish off there. Alright, so that’s a few
little nice apricot swirls. We’ll take some of our pale yellow and I’m
going to just add some pale yellow roses. You can see how easy it is. And once we finish
this cupcake, you’ll see how… We’ll turn it around. You’ll see how beautiful this turns
out. And the effect that you get for the amount of time involved decorating is absolutely
fantastic. Now your roses don’t all have to be the same size. You can do some smaller
ones. You can do some bigger ones. I’ll just do a little one here just because we can.
Now knowing that I’ve got 2 colors left, I just want to make sure there’s not any big
spaces like this one here because we’re only going to put one of the 2 colors in there.
So I might put another yellow rose just in the center there. Beautiful. So you can see
there, I’ve got enough room for my next 2 colors.
Okay, so I’ve just done a bit of a color change in my piping bags. I’ve actually used new
disposable piping bags. I have 2 of these 2D piping tips. But if you only have one,
bear in mind, you’ll have to do your roses one color at a time. And I would suggest starting
at the lightest color. So start with your white then you can add a little bit of yellow
to it to make the yellow roses. Then you can add orange to that to make the apricot and
make some pink on the side. I should also mention that I’ve used about a cup and a half
of each color. That’s what I’ve got in these bowls just about a cup and a half, so about
a cup to a cup and a half for each color. And you’ll have a little bit of leftover but
you weren’t come out short. So I’m going to move on now to my pink. And
same thing… I’m just going to fill in some of these gaps. If you do get any little tiny
holes like that, just put in a tiny little one. I love this color combination. I think
it’s so dainty. Don’t be afraid to make your roses not quite circular if you need them
to fit into a tight spot. Now I’m running out of space here so I’m going
to switch to my white just to make sure I get a few of those white roses in. A couple
of tiny mini ones. Making sure that we are covering those edges. Alright, this will be
my last one down here. Alright, so you can see there, that is really
resembling a bouquet of roses, something that a bride might carry.
And I’m going to finish it off by just popping a beautiful ribbon rose in the top there and
a couple of leaves. That is one of my all-time favorite giant
cupcakes. If you are enjoying our tutorials, please
make sure that you do subscribe to our channel. We upload new tutorials every week and we’ve
got lots of great new ones coming up and we’re always on top of what’s going on in the cupcake,
cake, and cakepop decorating world. Thanks so much for watching.

99 thoughts on “Decorate a GIANT CUPCAKE Shabby Chic Rose Bouquet Design – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

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