David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me – Cookie Jar Helped Me to Get Over 25 Cybersecurity Certifications

If you don’t have a cookie
jar full of cookies, you’re really limiting
your potential in life. I first heard of this
concept of the cookie jar through David Goggins. I read his book Can’t
Hurt Me which is awesome. Actually, I didn’t read it. I listened to it on audible.com
which is even better because on audible.com at
the end of each chapter David and the narrator
discuss that chapter. They pull back the curtain a little bit and David digs a little bit deeper about what was going on
when he wrote that chapter. So it’s like a narration of
a book and a podcast combined which is awesome. So I highly recommend the book but what he talks about in
the book is the cookie jar. He talks about putting cookies in the jar. It’s not a real cookie jar
but what Dave is talking about is the things you’ve
overcome in your life, the difficult challenges, the adversity, those things are cookies
that you put in the jar. So with David, he overcome a, he overcame a difficult
childhood, an abusive childhood, he had to try out for the
Navy SEALs three times. I think he’s the only person that had to go through
SEAL training three times before he became a SEAL. He’s had to overcome a
lot of things in his life. So what he describes as the cookie jar is when he overcomes one of these things, these difficult obstacles
or difficult challenges, he puts the cookie in the jar and the idea is when he’s faced
with a difficult challenge later on in life, he has
a jar full of cookies that he can tap into, pull out
the cookies and look at them and remind himself of
what he did in the past and he can leverage that to
get over the next obstacle or achieve the next goal. I never really thought about
the concept of a cookie jar but I have sort of done
the same thing in my life. I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve gotten over 25
cybersecurity certifications. I’ve done 22 Ironmans but I think what’s helped me achieve that number of
cybersecurity certifications or achieve these things in life is I sort of have been keeping track of what I’ve done and the
things I’ve overcome in my life and I think one of the reasons why Can’t Hurt Me resonates with me is David had to overcome
a lot in his childhood. I had to overcome a lot
in my childhood as well and that was one of the big
cookies that went in the jar. With me, I grew up in poverty
in a trailer in Arkansas with a mother that was a drug addict. We were on food stamps. We were on WIC which means you had to go
into the government office and get this block of
cheese and powdered milk. We were on food stamps. It was embarrassing and it
was a difficult time for me but for some reason I decided
to get out of that environment and I worked really hard to
get out of that environment and I think the environment
also gave me my drive. So that was one of the cookies was me getting out of that environment. So when things are tough and if I’m thinking this
Ironman Triathlon is difficult or this cybersecurity
certification’s difficult, I have something I can fall
back on to remind myself and that’s the cookie that’s in the jar, to remind myself that I overcame something much more difficult than this
goal I’m currently working on because as you know, with any, or probably as you’ve experienced, with any big thing you’re
trying to accomplish, any big goal or dream,
you’re gonna get obstacles coming at you from every
direction, from each side, from beneath you, from above you. Everywhere you turn, there’s an obstacle. So it’s good to have
some cookies in your jar to remind yourself of
what you’re capable of and this process is it builds on itself. So as you leverage the
cookies you have in your jar to accomplish the next thing, the next thing becomes another
cookie you put in the jar. So as you accomplish more,
you end up with more cookies and it’s a good reminder
that we are capable of much more than we think we
are and it’s too easy to not, if you lose focus of this
concept of a cookie jar, it’s too easy to play small and think you’re not able to do something or give up when the
first obstacle hits you. So I think it’s critical to
put those cookies in that jar and leverage it to live
up to your full potential. I hope you start collecting your cookies, reflect back on your life, I’m sure you’ve overcome
some difficult things, we all have and put those in your jar. The next time you’re
faced with an obstacle or some adversity or
you need to persevere, pull out those cookies and remind yourself of really
what you’re capable of.

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