Daily Bread: Pattern

I think it’s not by chance God
has created us in a way that we have to have daily
physical sustenance. The children of Israel, coming
out of Egypt, lived for 40 years, approximately, on
something called manna. They couldn’t have lived from
hunting, and their lifestyle was such that they couldn’t
be planting. So they really didn’t
have an alternative. God was, in essence, providing
their daily sustenance. And I think at least one of His
purposes was to teach them to remember Him, to think of
Him, to look to Him, to have faith in Him, that He was the
source of their life. He did it in the way of making
it a daily thing. They couldn’t gather up
manna and store it. It would only be good
for one day. They couldn’t forget who was the
source of their blessings. There’s a spiritual parallel
in our day. We all recognize the need
for physical sustenance. Hunger and thirst remind us very
strongly if we forget. But the spiritual need for
sustenance is equally strong. It comes not in drinking water
and eating food, but in our constant, daily efforts
of communion with God. We ought not to think that we
can go weeks and months without spiritual sustenance and
not suffer and not have a deadening influence in
our spiritual life. Acknowledging the reality of our
need for a daily spiritual administration, or manna,
helps us increase in our courage to do the right thing
and to serve others more than we would have if
we ignored God. People sometimes think, “Well,
those are such small things. Prayer, immersing ourselves in
the scriptures, pondering, meditating–how can that really
produce a significant difference in a person’s
life?” But it does. As small as those things seem
to be–as daily, routine, sometimes, they may seem to
be–these are the kinds of things that, day by
day, transform us.

41 thoughts on “Daily Bread: Pattern

  1. The little things make the BIG difference. Very interesting comparison for the daily need of physical nourishment with our need for daily spiritual food. It's an analogy that I've heard before and seams so simple but this video really reinforced my commitment to feed my soul.

  2. Powerfully, simple truth…..it is amazing what daily spiritual bread can do for us. It has made a significant difference in my life.

  3. When we are doing good for self or someone,we are correct bread for future. It is better than asking for blessing because we do good things everyday.

  4. We need his help, we need his love, with out it, we cannot see ourselves as more than mortal. The manna he gives me is more precocious than all the wealth in the world. I am his daughter of this l am sure and he sometimes carries me through this life when l am not aware. He love us all and we can become his children more fully by living breathing and sharing that love which he freely gives. That is Mann from god. Can you see it

  5. I always like it when people find ways to build bridges of understanding, instead of walls that separate us. One thing that we share with islam is the idea of submission to God (islam). Our belief is that the highest act of devotion is to be consecrated or submitted to follow God's plan for us. Also, I love that when you greet each other or leave, you effectively pray for God's peace to be upon the other person. 🙂

  6. Great question. Yet there is enough food on our planet to sustain the life it contains, including starving children. The question should be: Where are we? Suffering endures in the world so that we will do something about it. Be doing so, God molds us into the kinds of individuals he would have us be: charitable, compassionate, selfless. How are we doing as a human race?

  7. It's important to remember what Religions DO have in common, rather than quarreling over the differences. We are all brother & sisters created equally.

  8. God gave the Isrealites Manna in the wilderness, but they had to go collect it everyday.  We must do the same with our Spiritual Manna.  We must go get it every day.

  9. Fasting is a special method to make you feel the need of Spiritual nurishment and of course willingly you have to give up your worldly convenience for a state of holiness at least to feel it for the first time then the needs of a spiritual will flow by its now dependent need!!!! ….

  10. My mom is very interested in the Word of Wisdom. I think you need to eat healthfully (lots of fruits and vegetables).

  11. The pattern of daily bread is a formula with a compound effect. Even simple consistent actions magnify over the course of time.

    Compound effect applied to the multiplication of 1 penny (x 2) over 31 days.

    Day 1 1 cent x 2 = 2 cents
    Day 2 2 cents x 2 = 4 cents
    Day 3 4 cents x 2 = 8 cents
    Day 4 8 cents x 2 = 16 cents
    Day 5 16 cents x 2 = 32 cents
    Day 6 32 cents x 2 = 64 cents…
    Day 26 $167,772.16 x 2 = $335,544.32
    Day 27 $335,544.32 x 2 = $671,088.64
    Day 28 $671,088.64 x 2 = $1,342,177.28
    Day 29 $1,342,177.28 x 2 = $2,684,354.56
    Day 30 $2,684,354.56 x 2 = $5,368,709.12
    Day 31 $5,368,709.12 x 2 = $10,737,418.24

  12. Thanks You MY LOVINGLY JESUS…AND thanks a lot sir…for making this video….YES this is true…JESUS is the only source of LIFE…I LOVE JESUS…..

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