Cupcakes! Rainbow Cupcake Pull-Apart Cake! Make a Rainbow cake out of Mini Cupcakes!

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Rainbow
Cupcake Pull-Apart Cake where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous rainbow pull-apart
cupcake cake. I have an 18 inch by 12 inch (18×12 in.) or
45 centimeters by 30 centimeters (45x30cm) cake board. You can use either a thick cardboard,
cake board or a wooden cake board. And I’ve iced mine in a little bit of light blue fondant.
So if you are looking for a great tutorial on how to ice a cake board, we do have one
on our channel, My Cupcake Addiction. Feel free to check that one out.
I’ve got a double batch of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting and I’ve split each batch
into 3 and colored it in all the colors of the rainbow, I guess. So if you are going
to use our recipe just leave out a little bit of the milk. I would suggest leaving out
about a tablespoon of the milk that we recommend so that you could replace it with a little
bit of that food coloring in those different colors.
I’ve got a pair of scissors. I’ve got some melted white chocolate.
And I’ve got a whole packet, pretty much, of white marshmallows, just standard-sized
white marshmallows. And I’ve just ripped those into halves or into thirds depending on the
size that you’re going with. And to fill in some gaps, I’ve got just a few of the little
white baking marshmallows. All of my perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting
over here are in zip lock bags so I’m going to use the zip lock bags today as piping bags,
just a little bit easier than having, I guess, 6 or 7 piping bags at home.
Pop these ones off to the side. We’re not going to need those ’til later.
I’m going to be doing this pull-apart cupcake cake today with 24 mini-cupcakes.
So the first thing we want to do is start positioning the cupcakes. Now I don’t use
anything to adhere those to the board. I just sit them down. It gives me an opportunity
to, I guess, move them around a little bit and make sure that I’m happy with where they’re
all sitting or the size. I found 24 was perfect for this size cake board.
When you’re positioning your cupcakes, you want to position them as close to the top
of the board as you can because we’re going to pop some of those lovely marshmallow clouds
down towards the bottom of the board. So just squeeze them in all nice and tight together.
I think I’ve done 5 in that bottom row, 8 in the second row and about 11 in the third
row. And I used mini cupcakes for this one because I just didn’t want to have a huge
cake. I think the cake’s big enough using minis and if you would use full-sized cupcakes,
you need a much bigger board. So just have a little play with your cupcakes.
Make sure that you’re happy they’re making a nice rainbow shape. I think that looks pretty
good. Now we’re going to take some of this white
buttercream frosting. This is just a standard buttercream frosting in the zip lock bag.
I’m going to take the scissors and I’m just going to snip off just a little corner.
Now with this, I’m just going to, I guess, do a little bit of gap filling. So I’m just
going to take that snap lock bag. I’m just going to squeeze that frosting down to the
end. And I’m just going to fill in some of those gaps that you can see with frosting.
Be careful not to apply too much pressure to any one point of the bag because you don’t
want it to split. So I’m just squeezing nice and evenly — just filling in those gaps.
This is going to [patty] up the gaps and give us a nice smooth surface to start frosting
on. But it’s also going to help stick those cupcakes into place.
Okay, so there, you should have something that looks like that.
Now, I’m going to start frosting my cupcake from the outside in. So the color that I want
in the outside is going to be red. Once again, I’m just going to take that bag and just snip
off a little corner. Squeezing that frosting down into the bottom [going] to the, I guess,
the end of the bag so that it just pops out the end and I’m just going to start with just
a swirl. Now you don’t want to swirl the entire cupcake
in color here. You just want to do about half to 2/3 of the cupcake because we’ve got more
than 3 colors. You just want to make sure that you’re going to, I guess, fit them all
onto the rainbow. So I’m going to start here and I’m just going
to swirl — nice little rainbow swirls. Now do make sure you’re coming all the way out
to the edge covering up any edgy sort of bits of your rainbow and joining up all of your
swirls nicely. Alright, that’s our first color done. We’re
just going to repeat this with the next colors. So once again with the orange. Snip off the
corner. And get into our piping. Now when you do get to your very last layer,
just fill in any additional bits so that you’ve got a nice even rounded finish there.
So there we’ve got the basic rainbow shape. Now I’m going to take more of that white buttercream
frosting and I’m just going to [squiggle] it around here. This is going to be our clouds.
You can’t have a rainbow without clouds. So we’ve got these marshmallows. I’m going
to start with all of my larger marshmallows and I’m just going to stick them into that
frosting. As you start to get to your second and third
layers of those, this is where our melted white chocolate comes in. I’m just going to
dip those marshmallows into just a little bit of that white chocolate just so they have
got something sticking them on. Alright, so there you have your gorgeous rainbow
pull-apart cupcake cake — perfect for any rainbow party or any occasion. Thanks very
much for watching.

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  1. hi I just want to suggest if you dont want the bag to break apart from pressure, you could put tape on the corner to reinforce it. just put a few layers of tape ( 3-4). it works great.

  2. Hi!

    1. I want to make this for my nieces second Birthday.. But I was ordering if the "putty frosting" In between the cupcakes are very messy?
    Do you think I can skip that and just have the colored frosting sit on top of the gaps?

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    Michelle! :)xo

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    Thank you for the inspiration. I made a similar cake for my son's first birthday and got great feedbacks! Except, I couldn't make a perfect buttercream frosting as there are grains in my frosting. Out of frustration, I dump it for 30s in the microwave! (OMG) lol
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