(Mariya): Guess what time it is! Guess what? (smiles weirdly) It’s time for another React video. (grunt) (Maddie): I am going to react to some video that I don’t know about at all. (Sydney): The thing is called “Cupcakes”. It could be scary Cupcake from Freddy’s. That’s fine; we have an understanding, that Cupcake and me. Anything else, that I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about it. (Mars): F*** it, let’s just watch it. Let’s play it, yeah. It’s cool; it’s super cool! (like these subtitles, amiright?) I don’t know what’s on. I’m not, I’m not on drugs. (gets haunted by flashbacks) (Kenzie): The things I’ve seen. These eyes! (pained amusement) These eyes. (Drea): (reads) The following content is used for blah blah blah, uh-hum, don’t care. (cutesy music – and adorkable dancing) Is this gonna be like – (SURPRISE!) Oh God! Oh God! (punk music) (repulsed) Oh. (realising where this video’s going) Oh, it’s little ponies! No! (dances tentatively) Is this … baking with “My Little Pony”? (dances like a dork) PLOT TWIST! (realisation sets in) Oh s***. I like when they’re f***ed up! (so do we, Mistress) (slightly creeped out) What’s this music!? (shocked laughter) Oh my God! What the f***, man. (HEAVY BREATHING) I like that she bedazzled the chainsaw. (Don’t we all?) Chainsaw? They die too fast! (praying for mercy) Oh don’t do it! Don’t do it! No! Oh, man. (surprised) Oh, God! (mental indecision; to dance or not to dance?) (grossed out) Oooh, that’s gross! (Brain has shut down in self-defence) I don’t know what you’re crying about; just don’t look at it; it’s not happening. (clinging to her sanity for dear life) Oh my God! O-kay. Now back to dancing; that’s fine. Meh, no big deal. F*** yeah, let’s go! (Viewer discretion: white woman dancing.) (enjoy the lack of gore while you can, folks!) It’s such a peppy song, though. (that’s no excuse to dance, Sydney) That’s enough dancing; let’s get back to the murdering. (not even trying) I make cupcakes like that too! These things get more f***ed up every time. “My Little Pony” is devious! You’re still alive!? How – OH! KILL AGAIN! (The Mistress DEMANDS magical pony blood.) (laughs) Oh my God; that face! (mentally preparing for upcoming gore) (groans in anticipation) (disgusted) OH! S*** me! S***. S*** F**& S#@+ (GREAT; THE ASTERISK KEY’S BUGGERED.) OH S###! Are you still not dead?! (horrified grunt) (assembling epic joke) No! We don’t play “Operation” like this! (Well played, Sydney!) (Mistress approves of this torture method) I just … I don’t know if I should be disgusted or, or dance. (innocence destroyed) Are we making – Oh my God, we’re making cupcake – kidney cupcakes?! (noice!) I mean, I too, would like to make those kind of cupcakes as well. This is what made (FNAF’s) Cupcake evil! Pinky Pie made him! YUM! (happy dancing) (sarcasm engaged) Yay! We just cut up one of our friends! Yay! Time to cheer and dance like slutsI Yay! Oh, look how skinny she is now! (cue the dark comedy) Diet tip! (“singing”) We are sluts; we are f###ing weird, and we just killed somebody! (obvious sarcasm) That was just so funtastic! I had so much fun that I should just … … I need to calm down from all this fun I just had. (the WGP theme song be tripping) That was … terrifying and kind of awesome all at the same time. I don’t really like the pony videos, but I will sit through some pony dancing if it means I can watch some pony ripping another pony’s intestines out and make them into cupcakes! (singing) “My Little Pony” – you know, like, so cute and, and lovable, for little girls, and now, it’s like; “Hey, let’s cut each other’s f###ing guts out, and let’s make cupcakes out of it because that makes it extra cute!”. Can’t they just be cute and, like, fluffy and … … I don’t know, glittered and such? I’m never going to look at “My Little Pony” the same again, though, so, that’s cool; I’m glad that’s been ruined for me. I really, feel the need to call up a friend, and go make some cupcakes. If Sydney was a cannibal, (heaven forbid) she would make her victims into cupcakes; she loves cupcakes! Oh my God; she’s going to hate this! (goofy smile FTW) I can never look at ponies the same way again; ever. Ever. It’s all your guys’ fault too. (whispers) It’s your fault! (whispers) I’m just gonna to go. So, this was, um … “Cooking My Little Pony with My Little Pony”, with Watch Girls Play! Hope you guys enjoyed our reactions to this crazy f###ing video, and, we’ll see you next time, on GP! Much love. (insert Doge joke here) Love, and peace, and “My Little Pony” cupcakes. It’s all we need; it’s all we need in life. (stating the obvious) I really need to stop talking. (awesome artwork yo) More dance! (Oh God, WHY) (tuneless rambling) Sydney’s going to hate this; hee hee hee hee hee! Makes an evil giggle. (singing) “My little pony, my little pony; “something something something something something something” (facepalm) “My little pony, my little pony; “you’ll always be in my heart”. Something like that, right? I know; I’ll see the negative comments will be like,
(subtitles too, as it turns out) “Oh Mars, you’re so great at singing – Not”. (we still love you though!)

100 thoughts on “CUPCAKES HD | Girls REACT | 14

  1. Wouldnt that mean that pony is a cannibal that kills ,bakes and eat her friends and i thought happy tree friends was messed up even tho couldn't stop watching it

  2. ?My little pony
    Skinny and boney
    Tripped on a wire
    Fell in a fire?

    Heard it from one of my friends

    Happy kinda version

    ?My little pony
    Fat and not boney
    Jumped over a wire
    Put out a fire?

    That one I made up

  3. lets help a friend make cupcakes. how generous! im so late in commenting to this.this vid was made 3 and a half years ago. ;-; lol XD

  4. Us that got me into the band who sang that song but you wanna read a far mlp story try Cherokees garden

  5. Its all fun and games until this actually happens in real life. BTW if you all did know their is a hidden message in the video if y'all didn't know.

  6. Does anyone know what the song is at thr start? I looked in the description for it but the link brings me to a black screen. Plez heelp?

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