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FER: Tu tutu tutu tutuu. Hey Pam. PAM: Tell me FER: I’ve been looking at the videos we’ve posted and yes, they are colorful and ice creams of galaxies and all. But this channel’s names is I want cupcakes. Pam: OK, so what do we do? FER: And I kind of want cupcakes you know. So, I’m going to virtually blackmail you. I’m going to take a pic with a sad face and I’m going to posted in Twitter, Instagram and all. To see if they give me ideas to convince you. Because, I kind of want cupcakes. Hi Cupcakers,! welcome another Friday to the channel. At last I’m making cupcakes again,
since so many of you have requested of me. Even Fer posted on Saturday on social media so that I made them again. So today I bring you Kinder Bueno cupcakes. I love to bring commercial snacks flavors to cupcakes. So we can enjoy them in a different way with a spongy cake and a creamy frosting. And I’m going to use Kinder
Bueno to give it it’s flavor. So we won’t need special flavoring. Or difficult to find creams or pastes. So if you want to see how to make them stay because the recipe starts now. We start by preparing the
chocolate bar for the recipe. For it we open it for the cream. For me this cream is the best part of this candy. It’s a hazelnut cream with a lot of flavor with a soft texture and delicious taste. We are going to use 4 bars of Kinder Bueno and we are removing it’s cream. We will use this cream on the frosting. And the rest on the cake. But we won’t use it directly. We will use it diced, now it’s ready to use. Now we can start with the cake recipe. We’ll need: unsalted butter, eggs, all purpose flour, Kinder Bueno, lemon juice, sugarless powdered cocoa, milk, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. We start by making a buttermilk. For it we add the lemon juice to the milk. We can swap the lemon juice for white vinegar. What’s important is to add
something acid to the milk so the baking soda reacts when baking. Otherwise the baking soda won’t do a thing
and the cupcakes won’t be spongy. After this we let the milk rest for 10 minutes to get homemade buttermilk. We add the butter to the mixer which has to be at room temperature
with the brown sugar. And we mix it at medium speed for 5 minutes. I always say it, but someone might not know that the secret to the perfect dough is all ingredients must be at room temperature. This includes the eggs, the milk and the butter. So we must take them out of the fridge 1 hour before using them to become room
temperature and mix in the dough. After 5 minutes, we beat the eggs a little and we add them one by one to the mix. Always waiting for one to integrate
before adding the next one. Once mixed we add the vanilla
extract and we mix a little more. We make sure that all the content is mixed. This is important because sometimes there
are parts that didn’t mix correctly. Now with a strainer we add: the all purpose flour, the sugarless cocoa, the baking soda, and the baking powder. We tap the strainer so
we sieve them all together. We also add the pinch of salt. In this case you can use salted butter on the cake and ignore the pinch of salt. We mix with the mixer at low speed. Remember that when you add the flour to the dough you must always mix slowly and in a short amount of time. This way the cake will rise and be spongy. When we don’t see any flour in the dough we add the buttermilk we did. If you see lumps in the buttermilk
do not worry is totally normal. We let it mix a little bit more and the dough will be ready for the diced Kinder. The one without the cream. Once all is mixed we add the Kinder Bueno. We blend it without breaking it too much since it’s delicious to find little
pieces in the cake. And now our dough is ready to fill our cupcakes capsules. I use standard size. These are 5 cm at the base, 7 cm at the top and are 3,5 cm high. We fill them a little bit more than half the capsule so they reach the top when baked. Not more than that. Otherwise the cupcakes lose their shape
from overflowing the capsule. With these quantities we will get 16 cupcakes. You can always make more or
less changing the recipe’s the ingredient quantities. Once the capsules are full, we tap the tray to smooth the cupcake’s surface. Now we take it to a pre-heated oven at 180°. They will be ready in about 22 minutes. But it really depends on your oven. Best thing to do is to pinch them with a stick before taking them out of the oven. if they aren’t fully baked when out of the oven they will sink in the center. So you better check before taking
them out of the oven. Once baked we leave them
on a cooling rack for 5 minutes. If we leave them more time they will become humid
and the capsule will detach from them. Don’t leave them less time either because the cupcakes can break easily. In this 5 minutes we can apply the syrup. This is optional. But they remain juicier more time and
the surface doesn’t harden. Basically when you try them they will be extra soft. If you try them you will see they are delicious. Syrup is easily made. The ingredients to make them
are in the description box. You just need a saucepan and put the ingredients in it at low heat for 1 minute for the sugar to dissolve. After these 5 minutes we take the cupcakes out of the tray and place them in the
cooling rack to cool completely. It’s important they are cool before decorating them. Otherwise the buttercream will melt. So have a little patience and wait for them to cool. And now that they are cold, I can
show them from the inside. For a cupcake to be perfect the capsule must be attached to the cupcake. But it has to detach easily. And once it out of the capsule must be whole, without breaking. When you slice it, it’s soft, like a sponge. It’s really tender and soft. I thought about not making the
buttercream and eating them. But I’ll wait, because the cream will make
them even more delicious. For the buttercream we’ll need: unsalted butter, icing sugar, and the cream from the Kinder’s 4 candy bars. We start by adding the butter to the mixer. We mix it for 5 minutes at high speed. Since the butter was at room temperature it will become softer and more white. It’s important to mix well. And all the time for the cream to be consistent and without an intense butter flavor. After the 5 minutes we check that the butter is fully whipped. With a colander we add the icing cake. We sieve it so there are no lumps in the cream. And we beat for another 5 minutes. At first we mix at low speed so the
sugar doesn’t creates a cloud. And when it’s a little bit mixed we
raise the speed to full speed. It’s important to use this sugar. So it will blend perfectly with the butter and there won’t be any sugar crystals on the cream. After 5 minutes we add the cream from the Kinder. We let it mix with the ingredients. And it will be ready in about a minute. You can also do it with hazelnut flour or paste. But with the Kinder you don’t need anything else. As you can see it’s a light cream and it’s delicious. If your city is very hot I recommend cooling the buttercream in the
fridge for 10 minutes before using it. It will be more consistent and we can
decorate them without a problem. For this decoration I use a star nozzle about 14 mm thick. Once done we put a little syrup or
chocolate sauce over the buttermilk. In lines. Imitating Kinder’s decorations. As a final touch we crown the cupcake with a piece of Kinder Bueno. And now we have our cupcakes ready to eat. Remember that if it’s not too hot you can keep it a couple of days at room temperature. Only that they don’t get direct sunlight. And if it is hot is best to keep it
in a metallic box in the fridge. This way they will last 4 or 5 days. But remember to take them out 20
minutes before eating them so they aren’t too cold
and the cream is soft. If you liked the recipe hit the like button and share the link so your friends and family can see it. Maybe they will do it for you someday. Subscribe to the channel so you
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