Cupcake Frosting! – Smooth Fondant Cupcake Dome – A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Basic
Smooth Fondant Dome Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to achieve this beautiful
smooth fondant dome finish from either fondant or modeling chocolate on your cupcakes.
Tools and equipment to achieve this finish: We have some cornstarch. You can also use
icing sugar. And I like to keep mine in a little shaker for even distribution.
I’ve got a circular cookie cutter. Now, giving you the size — you just want to take your
cupcake or whatever size cupcake or muffin you’re baking with. You can see there the
ratio. It’s roughly a size bigger than the outside of my patty pan and that’s just going
to allow for the raised dome of the frosting. I’ve got some frosting. You can also use ganache.
You can use [thin] frosting. You can make your own frosting. Any frosting is fine.
I’ve got a fondant roller or just a regular rolling pin.
A butter knife with a nice flat edge on the back.
And my fondant or either modeling chocolate — both will work.
So I’m going to start by just preparing my cupcake with some frosting. Now, try to avoid
getting frosting in these outside seams. If you do, you can use a dry tea towel or a cloth
just to wife off them. But you really want to try and contain that frosting as much as
you can because once you pop that lovely fondant dome on, you want it to be as neat as possible.
So you can see there, I’ve actually pushed it into the patty pan but it’s not going over
the side or into the cupcake liner. So then I’m just going to build up the middle.
A bit of a blob of frosting on there and I’m just working it back and forth with my knife
being sure not to take it over the sides, once again, of that cupcake liner ’til I get
a bit of a rough dome. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can smooth it off a little
bit if you like. Something that looks like that.
Now we’re going to take the fondant or the modeling chocolate. We have a great recipe
on our channel for modeling chocolate if you would like to check that out. Otherwise, fondant
is fine. Sprinkle out a little bit of that cornstarch
or icing sugar. Place down your fondant. Roll it out. Now I always like to keep my fondant
moving. A couple of rolls. Turn it. Once again, a couple of rolls and turn it. And I don’t
like to have my fondant too thick because it can become quite [sickly] with the buttercream
and all the other sweet things that you’ve got going on. So I always like to have thin
fondant layer. Make the icing the star of the cupcake.
So when I’m happy with the thickness of my fondant, — you can see there, it’s not too
thick — I’m going to pick the cleanest part with the least cornflour stains or anything
like that and just use my circle cookie cutter to cut out a nice circle.
Then I’m going to just lay this circle over the top of that buttercream frosting. I’m
going to start in the middle. And just using my fingers, I’m just pushing it down. So really
lightly, don’t push that frosting out. You really want to be pushing the fondant but
not the actual frosting underneath it because you don’t want that frosting to come out the
sides too much if you can avoid it. You can see there, it’s coming out a little
bit but that’s alright. We’re just wanting to meet it up with the cupcake liner. Once
again, try not to let it get into the sides of the cupcake liner. Just tuck your fondant
dome all the way around. And then, you can use your finger just to
swipe around and take off any of that excess frosting. Once you’ve got any excess frosting
off, just use the palm of your hand to, circular motion, smooth out that lovely fondant dome.
So there you have your smooth fondant dome finish. You can see here some other cupcakes
that we’ve used the same finish for. And I think you’ll agree, it adds a really nice,
clean, smooth finish to your cupcake. It does take a little bit longer than a regular buttercream
frosting but I think it’s worth it. If you love our tutorials, make sure that
you subscribe to our channel. We upload three times a week and we’ve always got great new
stuff coming out. Thanks very much for watching.

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  1. she buys it from a store called spotlight but thats in australkia if your american etc you could find it at walmart michaels so and so πŸ™‚

  2. Hi so in going jump right into this and I hope you answer this but anyways I'm making my boyfriend cupcakes for valentines day and I'm having trouble making the rose. Do you have any tips or tricks to hell me out? Your a doll love your videos and tutorials so glad I subsrcibed.

  3. Fondant taste like sugar that$ why i like marzipen and modeling chocolat that taste better. There is also chocolat or fruit flavoured fondant

  4. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Fondant will dry out and crack if you take too long to work with it, and its pretty sweet and sugary. Modelling chocolate will get sticky and melty if you handle it too much but won't dry out, and tastes lots better. pros & cons πŸ™‚

  5. I make my cupcakes – I have a cupcake business in Australia so I am always baking, and just swipe a few out when I need to film πŸ™‚

  6. And so easy! The palm is the perfect shape and size for cupcakes (unless you're a pixie or a giant, then you'd need to modify) haha, random tangent…

  7. Haha, I had a bowl of the butter all whipped up ready to add sugar to one day, and my greedy friend came in, dug in her spoon and ate a whole spoonful of just butter – she nearly threw up! That'll teach her for sneaking a taste without asking!

  8. Lol – i will do – I just haven't had the right opportunity! I do have blonde hair, but I have blue eyes and i'm from Australia πŸ™‚ You should facebook her!

  9. Hi Sierra, Which rose? The buttercream rose I posted or just a fondant rose? I have 2 more valntines tutorials coming out – one tomorrow which will go into more detail about roses out of fondant or modeling chocolate, and another cute, easy rose alternative next Wednesday. Maybe wait till they have gone up and see if they help, or give you another idea thats a little easier to master?

  10. It just tastes like a sugary dough – like if playdough was sweet. You should try some – its the same stuff they put on wedding cakes so you've probably had it before…

  11. Any cake decorating shop, and most supermarkets. It is sometimes called ready to roll icing or pettinice but its most common name is fondant πŸ˜‰

  12. that would be an amazing cake pop. you can make a oval cake pop then use chocolate to make the neck and end part id love to see it!!! and then to add to the theme you could make the lines that the music sits on with melted chocolate and add it tot the back of the cake pop with some melted chocolate. HOPE THAT HELPED WITH THE WONDERING PART =)

  13. I think you should do a person cake pop and make it have your features and then at the end hold it up to your face and say something cheesey like how adorable is this little person cake pop…hahaha that will be such a shocker to everyone and a huge suprize to all us fans!

  14. Helli I just wanted to know if u have a video on how to do the fondant bear or can u pls tell me where I could find a video to make one pls pls and tnk u

  15. Hi Olivia – I have one for the duck, and will be putting more up throughout the year. Anything specific you want to see?

  16. please please please make a tutorial where you will give us a good recipe for making cupcakes, I can't find a good one anywhere and my cupcakes almost never turn out delicious!

  17. if u can reply within this week that would be great. im trying to make that for my son's 4th bday on 17th this month. he is a crazy fan of angry birds. thanks in advance

  18. You can BUT it s far better to use gel.
    Liquid is tricky to use with fondant as the moisture effects the fondant. Gel is better.
    And finally, if available, precoloured fondant is the best of all as the hard work has been done for you.

    Elise xx

  19. 4oz self raising flour
    4oz caster sugar
    2 eggs
    4oz butter.
    2 tablespoons of milk if mixture is dry
    To flavour: Vanilla essence or lemon oil or cocoa powder

    Use an ice-cream scoop so that all the cupcakes are the same size.

    All ingredients need to be at room temperature before making cupcakes (this makes a big difference….trust me)

    Beat the mixture very very well, that makes a difference as well.

    If cupcakes look a bit pale leave them in for an extra few mins

    Hope this helps

  20. Great to hear that my videos are getting people together!
    I have a modeling chocolate recipe on my channel if you would like to check it out.

    Elise xx

  21. Yeah better than I thought but the tutorial was excellant. Only problem I had was the dome shapes were different on each cupcake. I couldn't get them all the same.

  22. can you do the same thing with modelling chocolate or will it not work so well? i've tasted fondant once before and i wasnt a fan. looks fun to work with though, but i'm more inclined to eat chocolate.

  23. I tried these today…went really well except i kept getting my mucky chocolate fingers on the white fondant. woopsie

  24. very nice. do you do your own rolled fondant? if you do can you also make a tutorial for that? thank you!

  25. Can we do this with modelling chocolate. I really like the taste of it better. no other reason πŸ™‚

  26. Hi, this is a great tutorial, I was just wondering if you would be able to do a tutorial on making your own fondant.
    Thank you

  27. let's say u already apply fondant on cupcake, fondant will be dry as u keep at room temperature. soΒ how doΒ u prevent it dry off?

  28. Thank you, that is the most helpful video I have seen on how to do this, its great to show what to do if the frosting comes out a bit and how you can just tidy it up.Β 

  29. Hi MyCupcakeAddiction, will it be a good idea to chill my cupcakes before covering it without? I live in a hot climate and worried that ganache might seep out. Thanks!

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