Cum sa Prepari Usor CORNULETE CU RAHAT Fragede? CC SUB(Crescents pastries)#abyblajan #cornulete #4k

Hello, dears! I’m Aby and today we are back in my kitchen. Today I will be showing you an easy recipe, one that I promised my friends I’ll upload very soon. The last couple of days, they already got a taste of what I am about to make and are looking forward to trying it out on their own. So, let’s get to business. For this recipe we’ll use: 250 g of 80% fat butter, at room temperature, 200 ml of sparkling water, 20 g of fresh bread yeast, 2 tbsp of vinegar, a bit of salt, and approximately 600 g of flour. For the filling, 500 grames of Turkish delight, and powdered sugar for the icing. In a bowl, add the soft butter first, after which add salt, vinegar, sparkling water and yeast. With the help of a spoon mix those ingredients, and gradually add flour. Mix until you obtain a homogenous mixture, but not a soft one. Evenly cut the dough in 8 pieces and shape every piece into a sphere. Let the dough cool in the refrigerator for an hour, in that time we can work on the crescents rolls. And now, we can call the little helpers. Tami, can you please help me? It’s all yours. Cut them into larger pieces so that when we eat the rolls we’ll have more filling. Run them through the flour so that way, they don’t stick to the knife. And… Have a look. Are they ready, Tami? You’ll have to check if they are ready. Now that they have cooled enough, we can start to draw the dough. Let’s go. After the refrigerating time has run-up, take every dough ball and stretch it into a circle with a diameter of approximately 30 cm. Want to try? Yes. Here, have a try. Try to make it about the size of a plate. Do they really have to round? Of course, as round as possible. And now we’ll cut it. Look, I’ll do the first, and then, if you want, you can do the rest. With a roller knife cut the dough in 16 equally sized triangular. Place on every triangular a piece of Turkish delight, roll and place it in an oven tray lined with baking paper. Pay attention, do like mummy alright, seal it at the end and, with a finger just twisted like this. Do I seal at the other end too? Yes, seal the other end too. They are not all the same size but what difference does it make? They are good anyways. Of course they are. This one is a bit large. Indeed. This one too. And one more time. Here? Alright, well done. One more now. As straight as you can. Half everyone one more time. Alright, well done. Yes! As equally as you can. As much as you can! Done? One more. Introduce the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 20 minutes. Okay. Let’s go. And now, we wait. And done. Done! We’ve finished. The second tray is ready too. We just need to powder them with sugar. Bravo. Perfect. Do we do the other one too? It can wait for now. Alright, should we taste? Yes. Yeah? Let’s eat. Let’s see. Which one do you want? Perfect. I’ll take one too. Mine is soft. It’s really good and crisp. Ohh, yours it’s crispy. I suppose it’s still great. I hope you enjoyed our recipe and you’ll give it a try. I can’t wait for your reactions in the comment section. Until next time, don’t forget: food tastes better if it’s cooked with joy. Goodbye. Goodbye. Wait, what do I say? Whatever you want. You can say whatever you want. Come on, say whatever you want. Bring the tray to the preheat…preheated Bla Bla Bla. Life is rough. Tami, are you looking at the camera? Ok. Let’s start. Nooo, daddddd!!!!

40 thoughts on “Cum sa Prepari Usor CORNULETE CU RAHAT Fragede? CC SUB(Crescents pastries)#abyblajan #cornulete #4k

  1. Multumesc dragile mele pt această rețetă simplă și minunată se poate face și cu gem nuca?Dumnezeu să vă binecuvinteze ?

  2. Ce frumos sa ai copii frumosi,
    Ce frumos sa fie sanatosi,
    Ce frumos sa fie mult iubiti,
    Cresc in pace si sint linistiti.
    Cita multumire Domnului,pentru viata, pentru ca ne a dat copii…
    E un har deosebit mama sa fii
    Sa I porti linga inima,apoi ca s-i ajuti sa fie intelepti, sa fie char pe locul intii.

  3. De ce titlul vlogului este in engleza??? VA este rusine de propria limba ??? Mai terminati cu expresile americane , copycats!!! ?. Ca nu sunteti Cetateni Americani ?

  4. Frumoasa prezentarea, bucataria, frumoase si fetele…ma bucur ca v-am descoperit aici! Sanatate si mult bine!<3

  5. Ce mă bucur ca v-am gasit,de foarte mult timp cautam o rețetă buna si fara untură,sunteti deosebite amândouă, va promit ca am sa fac această rețetă cat mai repede, și pt că mi-ati placut mult ,ma abonez la canalul vostru?????

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