69 thoughts on “Croque en Bouche – Croquembouche

  1. This is a mouth-watering and epic dessert! ? Amazing job, Ella! You deserve some michelin stars for your perfect desserts! ?

  2. "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" Soon we will hear and talk these phrases. I think that your recipe is very cool for these holidays! On the weekend my mother and me cooked delicious eclairs by your recipe, it was very taste! Thank you very much! Also, today I ate a homemade cheesecake with mascarpone, cherries, and peaches

  3. I'm mesmerized by the fact you could remove the cone . But slightly disappointed at the fact we couldn't see you actually taking it out

  4. Ohhh my mineeeee that was wonderful and looked delicious ? at first I would always wonder and wish, how to make the best Croque en Bouche recipe like from an Australian chef “Andriano Zumbo”. But look here you go I have got this. Thank you much babes ?

  5. Magnifique, très professionnel, en tant que ancienne pâtissière j'admire ton travail, vraiment très beau, bonne soirée ma belle bisous ❤❤??

  6. I waited for you to take one cookie from the tree and break it in half, or cut it in half with a knife, or stab it with a fork, SOMETHING, so I could see the filling inside! At the last minute it’s like a movie with no ending! ??? ??? ???

  7. I have been following you for a long time Although I do not understand English, I love your videos So I hope you put Arabic subtitles in your old and new videos and (especially old videos) so that I can watch the rest of the videos And
    I hope you accept my request?
    Good luck?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Wow this looks amazing, I bet it tastes amazing too!! However knowing me I probably will never make it this is very time consuming.

  9. I got afraid in your place, I said to myself, is she going to beat all those eggs by hand?! ?? I really appreciate your work, bye..

  10. Thanks for the video 🙂 is it possible to freez the shou pastry after they are baked and then difreez them and fill them with the pastry cream ? Thank you

  11. Very very nice recipie! Ella can we make the choux pstry with cocoa powde? If we can how many gram cocoa poweder i but? Happy Christmas season! Have a nice day and weekend! ???

  12. Wow, this is simply beautiful. Thank you for your step by step instructions. It helps me make your exotic, difficult looking desserts so easy to make.

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