Assalamu Alaikum friends. Welcome to Salmaz Kitchen. Eat ! Drink ! Do not Waste ! Today’s recipe is Creamy Bread Dessert. Let’ s see how to make a wonderful dessert with bread and cream. First, Take bread slices Trim off the edges , the brown sides I don’t know how much bread slices I’m going to use Usually i get bigger slices this time i got smaller slices of bread so finally I will tell you how much slices I have used. Take a bowl. Add half cup of fresh cream , half cup of condensed milk Take in equal ratio If you want lesser sweetness then you can reduce the amount of condensed milk Mix well. Beat well with a whisk so that no lumps are formed. By mixing well bring it to a nice creamy texture. After mixing it well, Add 1 cup of milk and mix it well. There is no need to add sugar, because the sweetness of condensed milk is more than enough If the milk is full fat milk then it is better After mixing it well Divide the mixture into equal portions in two bowls. This step is optional If you want one flavor then need not divide it in two bowls. Today I’m going to make two flavors so I took in equal portions in two bowls. I’m going to make rose flavor in one and pista flavor in the other . Add few drops of rose syrup and mix well. Now add few drops of pista syrup in the other mixture Mix it well. The color will also change with the flavor . Now in the layering process First, add the pista flavored syrup in the pan just a few tablespoons Spread it everywhere. Now take the bread slices and dip it well in the pista mixture until it is soaked. Don’t soak it too much because the bread would break and we cannot take it. so just soak it well and arrange it in the pan Now we can’t arrange the pan with full bread slices so we can cut some pieces of bread and also crumble them and add it Fill the tray without any gaps Now, on top of this Add little bit of honey. This step is optional I like the flavor of honey , so I added it. If you don’t like the flavor you can skip this step. Next , dip the bread slices in the rose mixture and arrange it. Follow the same procedure After arranging all the bread slices add few tablespoons of rose mixture on top so that it can soak well. So when we cut it, it would stay juicy. Add little honey on the top. Let’s add the whipping cream on top of this. I’ll post the recipe of whipping cream made by whipping powder in another video. Add little drops of rose mixture and pista mixture on top for garnishing. I have decorated the top with a lots of crushed almonds. Refrigerate it for minimum of 2 to 3 hours. I’ll cut it While serving a piece add little bit of the syrup to the serving plate Now since I have made with two flavors I have added both the mixtures. You can add which one you like. Now ,totally I have used 16 slices of bread for this dessert If the slices of bread are bigger then you’ll need around 10-12 slices. Since the slices are small I have used 16 slices. The wonderful dessert is ready to serve. Until we meet in the next video, “STAY BLESSED”


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