Cozy M&M Cookies and Magic (ft Ducky)

Lou: Hi! I’m Lou Walker and this is my sister Erin She is visiting from Chicago, back in North Carolina So we’re gonna back my favorite cookie recipe I’ll link the recipe in the description and…I think it’s a really good one, you’ll see for yourself, so…yeah! Let’s get started! E: And I don’t even know what we’re cooking yet Lou: Cookies! Erin: Oh right Chocolate M&M cookies with chocolate chips in them I don’t have an electric mixer because I’m poor, so I’m just going to do it the old fashioned way Lou: Ummm Erin: I mean we could just mix it with our hands Lou: Nah mate First we’re gonna do 1/2 a cup of butter, that’s softened But I might soften it some more actually Lou: (pterodactyl noise of distress) Erin: Don’t drop it Erin: perfect Lou: It’s all jiggly…oh I need a spoon Lou: (singing) That’s the way we jiggalo Lou: How much granulated sugar are we doing? I pre-measured everything because I am on my A-game today Erin: It’s a 1/2 cup of granulated sugar Lou: Okay Lou: (ppsssshhhh) Erin: I like the sound effects too Lou: Yeah Lou: Okay how much brown sugar? Erin: 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar Erin: You blend that for 2 to 3 minutes and then add in the – blend in – the egg and vanilla Lou: Why am I randomly obsessed with George Ezra now? Erin: I don’t know man, I don’t know Lou: Isn’t that the question that everyone – Erin: I just got obsessed with, well recently Kendrick Lamar and the Black Panther album Lou: Oh yeah! Erin: and then Lou: Did you listen to metamorphosis of a butterfly? Lou: It’s like one of the best albums that anyone has ever made Erin: Blend in the egg and vanilla Erin: So vanilla, we need… Lou: A teaspoon? Erin: 1 teaspoon of
vanilla extract Lou: (distress noises) Erin: Here, oh, I got it for you Lou: But then it…(distress)…yes it matters I don’t like it Lou: I can’t get it out now Erin: Here (grabbing spoon) I got it, I got it (spoon is too big) Oh wait, no Erin: Now that we’ve got our fingers all in the vanilla Lou: Finger flavored vanilla, what everyone wants Lou: I hate everything IN THE WORLD, I hate it! (achieves task) Ahhh! Okay It calls for 1 egg, but I’m going to do 2 because it makes it a little more, like, cakey So…baking tips with Lauren! (does sick 1 handed egg crack) Oh I shouldn’t do this (crack the egg directly into the mixture) Ha! (success) Erin: Oh that’s just 1 egg Lou: I know I have another one over there, but I can only crack 1 at a time Erin: Yeah, but don’t we only need 1? Lou: Yeah that’s what I just said Erin: Oh Lou: I said it only calls for 1, but I’m doing 2 Erin: I don’t know! I don’t- Lou: because it makes it more cakey. Erin: See I don’t listen sometimes, so…it’s fine Lou: I wasn’t paying attention either…ahhh yeah, look at that, it’s baking porn Erin: In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt Lou: Okay Erin: Slowly add the dry ingredients to the
wet ingredients in the mixer on lowest speed Erin: 1 cup of flour Erin: Cocoa powder which we’re
doing… Lou: It’s 1/2 of a cup and then 2 teaspoons? Erin: 2 tablespoons Lou: 2 tablespoons Wow, oh yeah, oh yeah Erin: 1tsp of baking soda Lou: What is baking soda? Erin:I don’t know…(inaudible) Lou: Okay Erin:And salt, we’re going to do a 1/4 tsp of salt Lou: I don’t like putting salt in Erin: Why? Lou: Cuz I don’t like salt Erin: Well it’s part of the recipe Lou: It doesn’t matter, if I don’t want salt, I don’t have to put salt in Lou: This is the point where I warn you that this is a very dry recipe and it seems like everything is wrong,
but it’s not, it’s ok Lou: Can you see how dry it is? It’s good though Ohhhh! (Distress noises) Erin: Fail! Lou: Oh no! Lou: Odessa! Erin: Odessa, I don’t know about that Lou: We’re quoting really old Saturday Night Live skits Erin: They’re not that old Lou: I mean in like terms of entertainment, it’s pretty old Erin: It was from like a few months ago, I mean it wasn’t that old Lou: The memes move fast, Ducky, what can I say Lou: Are you a meme lord? Erin: Um no lol, I don’t even really know any of the memes honestly Lou: I’m not really a meme lord, I’m kind of like a meme…semi-good tradesperson Erin: Well, I’m doing so much over here, so Lou: You are my…moral support Tell us a joke, tell us a little joke Erin: I don’t know any jokes besides, besides the one that that guy said last night, but I don’t know if I can say that on here Lou: That’s not really Youtube appropriate Erin: It had to do with a dollar and a quarter and um… Lou: It was a tattoo in a certain place, and it was a dollar but it looked like a quarter Lou: So it calls for 2 tablespoons of milk, but I’m gonna do 3 tbsp of chocolate soy milk Because I think it tastes better, I don’t like regular milk, and…I don’t know Lou: And also like… Erin: stop criticizing… Lou: Is that enough? With all that on the sides still? Erin: Oh you do it! Lou: We’re gonna do a cup and 1/4 cup of chocolate chips Lou: Okay so to fold, if you don’t know The easiest way is you cut down the middle and then you scoop up and scrape the sides you you like let it fold over the top and then you, the important thing is to remember to turn the bowl as you do it and then you cut again and since you’re turning, it mixes it together while you do it and what folding does is it helps make
it a little bit like lighter and fluffier So you’re gonna take, I don’t know how big you want it to be, I’m really bad at sizing things Um, but like, a spoonful of dough Erin: a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down Lou: and just, plop it on there Erin: medicine go down, medicine go down Erin: In the most delightful way Lou: These are gonna be really big Lou: It’s just gonna happen, you have to accept it Lou: Accept the black mass on your finger Erin: ew Lou: Oh, but okay, so the other magical topic that I wanted to have was Harry Potter and the houses Lou: What do you think, what are your opinions on having the children sorted at the age of 11? Erin: Wait, cuz you were saying it’s all about values, well Kohlberg’s Moral reasoning is all about morals and values, right? Depending on what stage of moral reasoning you’re at to figure out what (tests??) So then we’d have to study, oh that would be an interesting study to do Lou: I think I’m talking about 2 different things. First of all a thing that I think that
I think most people don’t realize that your Hogwarts house isn’t based on what you ARE So, you CAN be smart or you can NOT be smart but you can still go into Ravenclaw because it’s what you value If you value wisdom and creativity and like doing the thing for the sake of the
thing Then that’s Ravenclaw But, you can also be super intelligent and creative, but go into Gryffindor like Hermione did because you value courage and bravery over that And that’s also why, Slytherin isn’t all bad people because they just value ambition It’s not like, you’re evil, so you go into Slytherin Erin: Well I know that, because I’m not evil but I’m in Slytherin Lou: but then my other question was do you think that people should get sorted into houses at the age of 11 and then stay in those houses Erin: Well, so that’s what I was getting to with the whole personality development thing I think it just depends on what theory (of personality) you subscribe to Lou: But do you think the kids should be able to move houses like halfway through or something if they want? Idk Erin: I mean, but it’s not based on which house you WANT to be in Lou: That’s true, but then your personality can change… Lou: What you’re supposed to do is after you put dollops on the parchment paper is you kind of like, get some M&Ms and you stick them down in there because they don’t really spread that much so… Lou: Oh I have to do my M&M explanation now Erin: M&M explanation! Lou: It calls for dark chocolate M&Ms or you can do like regular normal M&Ms Of course the food lion I went to go get my stuff at didn’t have dark chocolate m&ms So I got mint dark chocolate, so we’ll see how that ends up Lou: oh yeah I never said how long
they’re supposed to be in there because I remembered I forgot the M&Ms Erin: Um, 10 to 11 minutes Lou: I’m gonna do your past, present, and future reading I don’t know what I’m doing, please don’t yell at me for doing this wrong Or teach me how if I am doing it wrong because I want to do it right I wanted to get tarot cards ever since I read the Night Circus, which is like one of my favorite books ever because the tarot card reader in that, yeah Lou: What you need to do, while you do this, is think of like your question in your
head I’m gonna separate this into 3 things so as it naturally goes to me You’re gonna pick, so this is the past one You’re gonna pick whichever one calls to you the most Erin: What am I thinking about for the past? Lou: Just think about the past and just think about that question for the future okay? Erin: Okay Lou: The devil! Ooohh Lou: And then you’re gonna pick, think about your present in reference to your question and pick the one that calls to you The emperor There we go, kind of Lou: Okay, so now you’re thinking about the future and your question that you have for it And you’re going to take the one you like Is that 8? Wait 5 + 3 yeah it’s 8 of Swords So now we can interpret them So, for the past, The Devil Though it may feel frightening when the devil appears in your reading, this card carries an urgent message and must be interpreted with total honesty the darkness of the devil card takes the
form of addiction, negativity, or materialism and indicate an ugly relationship with a person or substance identify this dependency and how
it’s holding back The devil’s hooves are strong and relentless, their grip will not loosen unless the conscious mind is made unless that conscious change is made, sorry, free yourself Erin: Okay Lou: So that’s the past. Erin: Okay. Lou: The Emperor So this is how you’re dealing with it or whatever is happening in the present Protection, stability, the father The emperor is the father, he’s the tarot’s perfect counterpart to the Empress He represents the side of you
that’s protective, decisive, and truly stable He brings clarity of mind and this
in turn needs to actions or decisions Sometimes this card is literal and points
to a paternal relationship in your life And other times, it suggests reconnecting with the part of you that stands strong and tall and knows just what to do With help from the sun, the Emperor can see for miles and miles So, you’re kind of, it seems like in the present you kind of made a decision To change whatever was so bad in the past Um, and so you’re kind of, you’re making yourself more stable now And made this decision and you’re trying to have a clear mind to go into the future So then you got an 8 of Swords for your future card 8 of Swords Surrounded by obstacles and threats on all sides, you find yourself the victim You see no way out, no available choices Your perceptions keep you from opening up your wings and taking flight What keeps you suspended here? Yourself or others? The 8 of swords demands an answer. You can’t hang here much longer So, you kind of, you’re trying to do this right now, but something either other people or yourself is holding you back So you gotta try and be idk decisive and think about what’s holding you back from making this change that you wanna make or getting away from whatever this toxic relationship to and thing or person is So I think you might have gotten confused when you were thinking about it and so this is kind of defining more about the overall issue than your actual future Erin: Oh Lou: and the swords Erin: That makes sense Lou: Yeah, Swords because you have to
really be focusing on what you’re asking and what you’re thinking about Erin: Well I mean we’re baking cookies, so idk how I’m supposed to Lou: I know I’m sorry! Erin: Okay lol So the swords are the suit of action and intellect ruled by the elements of air these dynamic cards address change, conflict, and power they point to constructive and destructive tendencies within all of us a reading dominated by swords indicates a situation of turmoil and distress so you’re thinking about a major issue in your life, which is why you got so many major arcana something that’s really toxic and hard
to deal with in the past I think this got confused, you didn’t really think about your future, So it’s something that has been holding you back within yourself or someone else and you have to think about what holding back or keeping you, but right now it seems like the Emperor’s saying You are, right now you do have a clear mind and you are trying to make a change Erin: Okay Lou: You just really didn’t get a future reading Erin: Interesting tarot experience Lou: This is why I need to make friends because I don’t have anyone to read for Erin: I’m your friend Lou: Yeah, but you live in Chicago! Erin: Well… Lou: If you’re in Chicago you should find Erin and be her friend Lou: she’s really great, she’s super smart and amazing and yeah Erin: Well, thank you Lou: So are cookies are done Lou: This is what they look like Erin: They look delicious! Lou: I’ll do another view in a second Lou: These are our cookie creations Erin: Yum Lou: I think they look good Lou: I have official taste testers here with me Lou: Chocolate and chocolate chips and then these are mint M&M’s Dad: I want more. Lou: Lol, there’s 24 more Dad: They’re lovely Lou: You like them? Mom: Mmm they’re delicious Lou: Rating out of 10? Dad: Eleven Hi, I’m Lou Walker, thank you for watching this video If you liked it, leave a like and subscribe to my channel I make videos on Mondays about every other week If you liked this recipe, go and try it and then send me pictures on social media All my links are in the description and on my channel I’ll talk to you, it’ll be great, we can be friends Thank you for helping me, Erin Erin: You’re very welcome, I did so much Lou: my lovely, lovely sister Lou: and…yeah, bye!

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