Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Cooking
Mama 4 on my Nintendo 3DS. And, I love this game! And I’m so excited because Cooking Mama
5 – Bon Appetite, is coming out. So I thought, in honor of the game coming out, let’s make
a treat from the game. Today we are going making Chocolate Cornets, which are a Japanese
pastry. They kind of remind me of chocolate croissants, they’re a little bit
similar. And we’re gonna have a very special guest come visit us today at the end of the
show, so, let’s get started! The things you will need for the pastry bread
will be: 1 big mixing bowl, a spatula, 3/4 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour, and then
another 1/2 a cup of flower because we’re gonna add them separately. You’ll also need: 4
tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 and 1/4 teaspoons of yeast, 1/2 a teaspoon
of salt and some aluminum foil. The ingredients you’ll need for the mousse
filling will be: 1 cup of regular milk, 1 and 1/3 tablespoons of corn starch, you’re
gonna need 2 eggs, but we’re just gonna be using the yolks, so, 2 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon
of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of regular sugar, and
1 tablespoon of flour. Let’s put it all together! The first thing you’re gonna do is microwave
your milk for 2 and 1/2 minutes on high, and then add it to your big mixing bowl. Oooooh! And then you’re gonna add your sugar, and
the butter. Then you’re gonna mix everything together
until your butter is melted. Now we’re gonna add the 1 cup of flour, to the liquid mixture,
here we go. And you’re gonna keep mixing, mixing it together and then let it sit for
a few minutes because you don’t want your batter to be too hot when we add the yeast,
you just want it to be warm, not hot. Now we’re gonna add your yeast, salt and
the rest of the flour, and mix it all together. Now we’re gonna knead the dough for about
10 minutes with flour until it’s nice and smooth and stretchy! So you’re just gonna take
a little bit of flour, put it on top of your surface. Oh it’s nice and sticky! Plop
it down right in the middle, look at that! Sticky, sticky. Work the flour in, and we’re
gonna knead it until it’s not sticky anymore. Once your dough is this kind of consistency,
it doesn’t stick to your hands anymore and it’s stretchy. You’re just gonna put it
in a bowl, like this, and then you’re gonna take some saran wrap and cover it. And you’re
gonna let it sit for 1 hour, for the yeast to rise. After an hour your dough should look like
this, look at that! It fluffed up so much! Now you’re gonna take off the saran wrap,
take it out of the bowl, and now you’re gonna divide it into 8 balls. So what I like
to do is first divide it in half, just eyeball it, and then half again, and then half again. Once you’ve got your dough into 8 little
balls, you can re-use your saran wrap and you’re just going to cover them for another 10 minutes. Now you’re gonna take 8 sheets of aluminum
foil, they’re each about 15 inches long and we’re gonna do a little… Origami! It’s almost
like origami, it’s pretty fun. The first thing you’re gonna do is fold
this in half, and then you’re gonna fold the bottom up to here to be a triangle. Then,
this top part you’re just gonna fold it down, and with this little excess you’re gonna
tuck it under. Then you’re gonna fold it in half again to be a smaller triangle, and one more
time. Now you’ve got your little triangle, and this corner is going to be the bottom
and you’re just going to roll it over, starting from this side, over to this side.
Then you’re gonna do that to the rest of these, you’re gonna need to make 8 total. Now we’re ready to make the pastry cornet!
Are you ready? This is the fun part! You’re gonna take off the saran wrap and
then you’re gonna take your little aluminum middles, and you’re gonna spray ‘em a little bit. Oh… Eeeeeee!!! Yeargh… Is this for real?? Just give it a little spray, boop! Now you’re gonna take one of your little
bread balls, and you’re gonna roll it out. Look at that, nice and stretchy! Wee-wee!
It’s like jump rope! Once you got your dough rolled out like this,
what you’re gonna do, is take your little center piece, and you’re gonna
start at the tip, at the bottom. And then you’re just gonna roll all the way up, and you’ll
want it to have 5 creases. So there we’ve got 2, and now we’ve got 3, and now we’ve
got 4, and 5! Perfect! Then you’re just gonna do that to the rest
of the rolls. I love this part, it’s pretty fun! Weeeeeeee, oh!!!! Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-hmmm! Once you’ve got your cornets rolled, you’re
gonna preheat your oven to 350 and we’re gonna bake these for 15 minutes until
they’re golden brown. While the cornets or cornets, I’m not quite
sure how to say it, are baking, we’re gonna be making the chocolate mousse filling. Yum yum
yum! So the first thing that you’re gonna do
is take your 2 egg yolks and add them to a big mixing bowl. And then you’re gonna add in
your sugar. Take a whisk and then mix it all together.
Now you’re gonna boil your milk, and then once it’s boiled you’re going to slowly add
it to your egg-sugar mixture so that it won’t cook the egg. And now we’re gonna add our
dry ingredients, we’re gonna add flour, cocoa powder, and some corn starch. Mix it
up, once you’ve mixed in all the dry ingredients, then you’re gonna slowly add the rest of
the milk, I like to do it by spoonful. Spoon, and mix! Now you’re gonna take your
chocolate mixture and you’re gonna pour it back into your pan. Now we’re gonna take this
over to the stove and we’re gonna stir it on a medium heat until you have a thick, pudding
consistency. Once you’ve made your chocolate mousse,
we’re going to let it chill, let it cool down in a very cool way. Let me show you what to do, I’m just using
a spatula to scrape the chocolate mousse into a little bowl, and then we’re gonna stick
it into a larger bowl of ice water, just to chill. After you’ve let the chocolate mousse chill
for just a little bit, now we are going to assemble our pastries, I’m so excited! So
you’re gonna take your chocolate mousse, and I’ve got a plastic little bag here. And I just
put it inside of a cup so it would be easy, and you’re gonna put it inside the bag.
Oooooh, scoop it in there. Now you’re gonna tie the top of your bag,
I’m using a little elastic tie, sometimes I use hair things, whatever I have. And now we’re
gonna take out the aluminum foil in the middle. So what you’re gonna do is just pick one
of these little guys up, and just give a little twist, and there you go. He’s like, fill me with chocolate! Yum yum
yum yum yum! Take all of these out, you don’t want to
eat these. Now the fun part, we are going to fill our
pastries with yummy chocolate. So, you’re gonna take your chocolate mousse,
pick one of these guys up and just fill it up! Then you’re gonna do this to the rest of
your pastries. Ta-da! Here are our Cooking Mama inspired
Chocolate Cornets, or Cornets, I’ve heard it being pronounced both ways, I’m not really sure. But, I’m so excited for the new game to
come out, Cooking Mama is one of my personal favorite video games to play. I know, who would have
thought!?!? And, as promised, I have a special guest for
you guys! You will not believe who is in my kitchen, drumroll… Wee! It is Cooking Mama herself! Oh my gosh! Thank you for coming. So what do you think of the treats? Oh, oh yeah? Oh thank you, oh right on! Oh yeah, high five! I will be posting lots of pictures of these treats
on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, so you can check them out there. And, if you
guys make any of these treats, or any of the new treats and recipes from the new game please
let me know, send me pictures, we will get a big kick out of seeing your baking creations! And, uh, I will also be putting a link down
below to the new game so you can check out those recipes! Oh yeah, because I will be playing
the game and you may be seeing some more recipes in the future. Oh yeah, oh yeah! Alright, thanks again you guys. Bye-bye! Haters gonna hate, bakers gonna bake. Am I
right? That’s right!


  1. Love the video! I just started a cooking channel so this was a fun to watch:). great job and everything with chocolate is amazing.

  2. I've been watching ro bake stuff since I was 4. Not on YouTube but now I do I used to watch her on Pinterest. ?…. Plus she looks really tired.

  3. I’ve had those before but they had cream or something in them instead of chocolate I had them in Greece also 2019 anyone any believe how much you’ve grown ❤️

  4. She didn't egg wash the coronets or place a solid mass to keep the coronets hole there during cooking so the filing wouldn't have maximum space… I love food so I'd spot anything like this and the fact she didn't turn them half way so they burned slightly on top and bottom looked a little under done, you'd want to make these golden brown, not dark brown one side and creamy light brown the other

  5. I can't wait for real cooking mama I feel so excited I want to cooking mama oh gonna to shock my face like this I love this game cooking mama in my memory ahh oh my God me I feel supposed to

  6. 7:39 Rossana: ¿So what did you think of the Threats :33?

    Cooking mama: Total silence

    Me: ¿Where's the "¡Great! ¡Even better than mamá!"?

  7. This video? Saved.
    My time? Spent baking.
    Hotel? Trivago.

    Thanks for the recipe, Ro! (I'm totally gonna bake these when I get the chance!)

  8. This video is not organized. Should have been a warning to not add all the milk into the filling. Just about dirtied all my bowls for this one project. My daughter watched this on kids YouTube and wrote down the ingredients from the transcription. There is a difference in 1/2 and 1 1/2. We had to totally start over. My daughter really enjoys your videos, but wish it was easier to follow.

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