Cookie’s Closet: Cookie’s Evolution | Season 2 | EMPIRE

What the hell are you wearing? What I got locked up in. When you first
meet Cookie, she’s, like, 17 years behind the curve
of everything in her life. And so that means fashion. In the second season,
you see her kind of catch up on what’s really in and
what’s fashion forward. So that’s pretty exciting. [laughing] PAOLO NIEDDU
(VOICEOVER): I really wanted Cookie’s look to change. I wanted it to evolve out of
just dresses or just prints. So it started there. I wanted her to wear
different designers. You know, I wanted
her to have looks. You think of Dolce
& Gabbana, and there’s a certain Dolce woman,
and there is a Versace woman. There’s the Donatella look,
and there’s the Chanel look. OK, so I left my spa mani-pedi
to come and deal with this? People see themselves in
her, and so it’s kind of cool to give her, like, all
these different looks, but then they’re still her. What she has on, what she
wears, is a lot of who she is. It’s almost like props. And every time he
puts something on me, I don’t even try to do it. It just happens. Yes, my boss is a pimp! You crazy! PAOLO NIEDDU (VOICEOVER):
Bold, loud, say what she wants, does what she wants. And I think that
translates in her clothes. Oh great. Just great. [theme music]

31 thoughts on “Cookie’s Closet: Cookie’s Evolution | Season 2 | EMPIRE

  1. I love you Taraji P. Henson and if 12 year olds are able to audition for season 4 (if their is one hopefully) then imma audition and I will prove to all the people that doubted me that I can do a lot #PUT YO MIND TO THAT STUFF

  2. I loooove cookie's outfits. specially the dress she wearing in the concert to free Lucius she looking so gorgeous

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