60 thoughts on “Cookie’s Clapback: Season 1-5 | EMPIRE

  1. I wish they would stop sending these and send the real promos. Sept. 24 is pretty soon. lol What are they waiting for. No more recaps/clap backs. Only promos for SEASON 6. Come on. lol

  2. cookie good at her character when it comes too people testing her like she"s a joke i miss empire hurry an come back .

  3. I love this show so much. I am sad that Season 6 is going to be the final season. I hope the writers, showrunners, musicians & actors give this show an epic send off. This show is very special. From the music to the storylines & acting, this is one of the greatest shows in the last 5 years. This show broke records & exceeded everyone's expectations. Hats off to Lee Daniels & Danny Strong for this epic hip-hop soap opera masterpiece. There was nothing like this show before it was created & all other shows that are like this that come out in the future have to pay homage to this show paving the way with innovation & creativity. Empire is the G.O.A.T.!

  4. I love Cookie Lyon clap backs men oh men she be getting them together especially the words she be using ??

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