Cookie’s Clapback: Cookie’s Goodies Exposed | Season 3 | EMPIRE

Oh, A photo of–
of all of you. Yes. Just a little reminder that
you have my vote, Mr. Mayor. – Well, all right.
– Mm hmm. Uh-uh. Go do mayor stuff. Bye bye. [gasps] What the hell
y’all looking at? They perky. She is the mother
of my children. The most beautiful
and talented– Thank you. REPORTER (ON TELEVISION):
–that photograph? That’s none of
your damn business. ANGELO (ON TELEVISION):
That’s none of your business. You tell them, Angelo. Are you jealous,
Lucious, because you gotta lift your
fat-ass stomach up to find your [record scratch]. What, you want
the job, Cookie? Child, please. I guess it’s
true what they say. The camera does add 10 pounds. Well, then what is
your excuse, fat-ass? That’s Ambition. Oh. Be ambitious enough
to put the fool down. Bitch.

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