Cookie’s Clapback: Cookie Smacks Hakeem | Season 3 | EMPIRE

Damn, boy. I’ma give you the number to
my cleaning lady, because this place is disgusting. OK, let’s put down the guns. Fiddler on the roof
here has a point. He’s looking at
the bigger picture. Now, what did I have? Two boys, or two little girls? Cause y’all sound
like two sissies. I don’t even know
who the hell you are. That is lightweight
snitching, but we gonna deal with that later. Oh, so it’s like this now, huh? OK, whatever, Lucious. Get away from me. OK. Can’t we just all get along? Kiss and make up. You’re gonna have to do
a little better than that if you want to get
in these drawers. You need to learn how to listen. Clean this damn place up. Get your narrow ass
back up here, boy. Don’t you ever
walk away from me. If you are afraid of getting on
the wrong side of your daddy, you don’t want to get on
the wrong side of your mama. You feel me? Yeah, I feel you. Good. Come here. Mm.

49 thoughts on “Cookie’s Clapback: Cookie Smacks Hakeem | Season 3 | EMPIRE

  1. omg i love love Empire soooooooooooo!!! ???
    I love All, the people❤, the history, the ❤actors❤ And whose character JUST EVERYTHING! ??

  2. Let me tell you….Lucious is fking lucky i'm not Jamal.
    I'd have done broke my brother in half, and then spit in daddy's face, and say something like "is that what you want from your faggot son, old man!" and walk out.

    Lucious is literally going to get his children murdered.

  3. tiana is rihanna ..luscious is jayz .. the gay son sounds hauntingly like usher .. kanye is hyper and easily angered like the youngest son ..and the one wit bipolar is kinda like kid cudi comment is .. isnt cookie too old to be "loosely" portraying Beyonce, and if shes not beyonce then who she supposed to be then?

  4. You can tell Hakeem wasn't raised by his mother or a strong mother figure because he never sees the slap coming! He misses all the signs that you need to walk backwards away from your mother. You don't talk mess and then turn your back…LOL
    She gets him e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.

  5. See that's what happens when you don't know how to stay in yo lane. Stay getting the taste slapped out of his mouth.

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