43 thoughts on “Cookie Thinks She’s Done With Therapy | Season 6 Ep. 6 | EMPIRE

  1. I don't know why I click on the video knowing I will not be watching it until Tuesday night after the show come on I don't like spoilers I don't ?

  2. Would some people don't realize is what she's describing in the skit is actually something that happens when you lose your soulmate. Only those who have dealt with this will understand.

  3. She feels that way bc like she said she incorporated him within her life so young and for so long it’s gotten to the point to where she doesn’t know how to live for herself think for herself and know what she really wants out of life

  4. Y’all need to stop playin wit is coocious fans our hearts/feelings are very hurt we are sad this is some straight BS. But I do feel where she’s coming from they both need to get their act together

  5. They were both kids and both tried their best. But kids as kids don't really know what they are doing until much later. Loool she went to jail for a man who didn't even tell her his real name????? is still can't

  6. She needs to stop blaming everything on Lucious even her therapist knows this, lol She really does love that man which is why she feels like she can't breath it's heartbreaking because she's trying to deny a part of herself.

  7. Yeah they’re both have been co dependent on each other. They love each other but, they have continued their toxic cycle which has affected their company, family, and everyone who ever knew them. I was happy with this Luscious 2.0 but then he reverted to old Luscious and she couldn’t decide if she wanted him or not. I guess that’s what happens when you’re young,naive, and in love and y’all both have toxicity in your lives that you never deal with correctly. Luscious need therapy too. Maybe he can unpack all of this before he die and fix it.

  8. I am pretty sure this scene is before Lucious shows up at her door. She's that woman who convinced herself that because she stayed away for 2 weeks she's all good.

  9. The entire Lyon family is in dire need of therapy.
    Lucious, Mama Lyon, Andre and Jamal need special therapy.

    Cookie and Hakeem issues are impulsary in nature.

  10. I think Luscious' issue with cookie is that she confided with the enemy (Damon) and feels like she abandoned their family when she became close to him and feels like he can't trust her anymore

  11. Cookie feels like this because she learned to depend on Lucious at an early age and he rescued her and their children from dangerous situations nobody else could get her out of over the years. Lucious protected their children when Cookie was in prison for 17 years and she loves him more for that. Men and women have come and left their lives, but those people were temporary with hidden agendas and they never proved their loyalty to Cookie or Lucious.

  12. I asked myself that when i first got out of my abusive relationship. Now i can finally breathe and am much happier but i still don’t understand how someone could be so evil and how i allowed it to happen…

  13. I love this season. The main focus is on healing toxic wounds and uprooting them from the source. It's all about a fresh start.

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