Cookie Tells Andre She Will Fight For His Life | Season 5 Ep. 18 | EMPIRE

You mad at me, too? Lord knows I
want to be so bad, but I am too happy
that you’re alive. So you were really trying
to say goodbye to me at the roller
skating rink, Andre? I wish you would have
told me what was going on. Would you have
agreed to help me? Help you kill your– hell no, boy. Look, Andre, if you
can’t fight for yourself, then I will fight for you. I don’t know what the
hell Lucious was thinking. Don’t blame him, ma. He was only doing what I asked. And that comes from love, too. It does. We can’t beat this, mom. I don’t want to hear that. OK? Miracles happen every day, baby. You gotta have hope. Miracles don’t
happen for me, ma. Andre, you are
not going to die. OK? Not on my watch. Not on my watch.

100 thoughts on “Cookie Tells Andre She Will Fight For His Life | Season 5 Ep. 18 | EMPIRE

  1. Powerful moment. I love the performances of Trai/Terrence,Taraji they've made this one amazing storyline.

  2. Right cookie miracles happen every day you take charge since he doesn't want to fight and Lucious wanted to aid him in this stupidity.

  3. Andre's life of constant struggles makes it hard to believe that miracles can happen every day especially to him. I know what he means very well.

  4. Kingsley confronts Lucious at Empire with the gun…as Kingsley appears to be ready to shoot Lucious for allowing him to help Andre try to kill himself he realizes how he can truly help the family he tried to destroy and that’s by taking his own to life to help his younger brother Andre…if you watch the for this episode closely you will see Lucious walking down the hallway of a hospital with blood on his hands…looking back at the episodes this season that have shown what leads up to the season finale is in episode 4 at the very end we see Lucious walking out of what appears to be a hotel room with blood on his hands and on the cuff of his shirt. At that point he reaches for his side and opens his jack and we see his shirt and then undershirt stained with blood. So either he got shot or stabbed…I’m thinking he tried to stop Kingsley at Empire but he leaves instead of following through and as Lucious goes to his hotel he either confronts Kingsley or hears the shot and sees Kingsley’s body on the floor…thereby securing Andre his heart and forever his loyalty to Lucious…however it’s also why we see Cookie in that same preview telling Lucious she needs some “me time” and she flies off…he evidently finds out about her confiding in Damon when Andre had lymphoma but now that Lucious has lost his oldest son she can’t really be there like he needs her to be so their relationship will be in tatters at seasons end….

  5. He is right. Miracles don’t happen for him. Smh. They always have to have something wrong wit his character. His baby got killed, his wife too. What’s next he beats Cancer and now something wrong wit his heart. And it looks like he gonna die. He so underrated.

  6. A mother Want see it little boy sit there and give up and dies on there mom and let them mom sit there and cry

  7. Andre not gonna die I promise y’all Kingsley’s will give him his heart why else would he try to give himself in finale Andre was the closest bro Kingsley had he forgive him

  8. I think Kingsley is Andre's miracle in disguise. Kingsley was never there to stay. No way they will kill off Andre and Jamal. Don't see that happening.

  9. Very glad the writers are starting to highlight their bond. Cookie always has moments with Jamal and Hakeem so they need to balance the playing field. It helps that both are phenomenal actors as well.

  10. Cookie will always be Cookie, love yur character aka Taraji P Henson… Its lit 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Andre you gotta fight for you and your baby that’s on the way. You’re a Lyon you’re strong. You’re gonna make it through this.

  12. Hallelujah Thank You Jesus Andre is not going to die and he is NOT the one in the casket! woo hoo! Andre is part of the show and he needs to stay on EMPIRE! Thank you writers for keeping Andre! I tell you that Taraji Henson playing Cookie Lyon is an excellent actress. She makes her role seem so real she grabs your attention like you are there in the room with her. She seriously is not getting her props on the BIG SCREEN in Hollywood. She is leading lady big screen movie material. I have to say so is Trai Byers and Terrence Howard too. I really believe if Cookie presses Terri's baby news to Andre it will give him the will to fight for his life to live.

  13. That woman was right it's the older brother Kinsey that's passed away. I thought Andre it's really going to RIP?

  14. I wish none of them had to die not even Kingsley. He has potential as a Lyon and watching him grow as a character would have been interesting. So its probably him in the casket. I believed it was Andre but now with Jussie Smollett gone for now I cant see them moving to the 6th season with only Hakeem and Kingsley. A d speaking of Jussie how could Jamal not be here during this crisis? They likely dont tell him since hes on his honeymoon but that is so unlike the Lyons though. Not believable so maybe he just cant get back for whatever reason. I also cant be angry at Luscious be loves Andre and he was doing this out of love. He may have even changed his mind about letting Andre go through with it before Cookie burst in the room. Maybe. But it was love that motivated his act either way.

  15. To be honest: I really don’t think “Andre” going to die! It MIGHT be “KINGSLEY” or another character we LEAST expect… or it MIGHT be “JAMAL”, but then again, he’s still being paid even though he won’t be returning the Next season!!! I just don’t think any of the LEADS/Main character going to die!!! Im just upset cause it’s the season finale!!!

  16. I think But hate to say that Jamal going to get in a wreck or something and Andres going to get his heart. Thats how Jussie leaving the show.

  17. Andre isn't going to die I just know it. Lucious got something up his sleeve. But this scene with Trai and Taraji is powerful really shows a mothers love. Im just so glad that Empire finally let Trai really show his acting chops this season and he's been killing it. He's always been my favorite and Ive always wanted them to show his range and Im happy they finally did. Trai's acting is right up there with Terrence and Taraji.

  18. I believe Luscious going to pay dearly for trying to assist in Andre almost killing himself.

  19. Omggggg I’m not ready for tonighttttttt 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. I was just telling my daughter,that this is bout to blow up. 💥💣.. We all gonna be on the edge of our seats….👀

  21. This scene is powerful. Nothing like a Mother's true love and what she travails for her children.

  22. I give andre credit for sticking up for Lucious "don't be mad at him because he did what I asked and that comes from love too"

  23. Two possible people I see in the casket. 1. Kingsley – He gave his heart from Andre 2.Jamal – a way of killing his character of the series

  24. Already see it. I think Kingsley’s is going to kill himself and donate his heart to Andre. He is probably an organ donor.

  25. Why can't kill that hoe cookie out of the show? What is so hard to write a script with her death.

  26. Can we discuss Kingston's mother…………….she's gonna donate his heart BUT LIKE SHE SAID IT AIN'T GONNA BE FREE………what mother does that…………I was half expecting her to be the one meeting with the FBI woman instead of Damon………..

  27. Omg was so hooked on this show from season 1-3 been so busy haven’t watched 4 and 5 …. got so much going so can someone please explain what’s wrong with Andre why did he try killing him self :/ pls thanks

  28. If this part of the series doesn't cure you of the evil stepmother hypocrisy from Cinderella that you were fed since childhood, then nothing will.

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