Cookie Talks About Building A Community Center | Season 5 Ep. 12 | EMPIRE

Lucious wants to turn that
old crack house and to a rehab. But I think a community center
would offer more services. What do you think? Well, the rehab part
is important, too. Of course you’d say that. The Cookie Lyon
Community Center. It has a ring to it, doesn’t it? OK, so his little secret
pass in for white bastard goes and tries to destroy
everything that you built– now Lucious is gonna buy
you some old crack shack, and now you trust him? Trust who? Hey, baby. Hey. Uh– I was just
telling, uh, Carol here about the focus group,
and how Empire has lost the trust in these streets. Don’t worry about that. I’ll fix it. Naw, I mean, we’ll fix it. So you know what
mama says, right? That trust takes years to
earn, seconds to break, and a lifetime to rebuild. [phone vibrating] Hey, how did she
get my damn number? Who’s that? Some agents out in LA. She’s been following
my Insta stories, and she wants to make me a star. Mm. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen
for some Hollywood shuffle game? Look, we got real
work we’re doing. Well, why not? Maybe this agent can get
you some good publicity? I mean, you sure as
hell could use it. Tell me about it. I’m out, baby. But this woman is a bulldog. I’m gonna have to give
her a hard no in person.

35 thoughts on “Cookie Talks About Building A Community Center | Season 5 Ep. 12 | EMPIRE

  1. Can y’all not get any more breaks please I gotta wait enough for my shows like Gotham and flash ??

  2. So as i'm watching this a clip from "Empire" came on talking which "Empire" star gonna be 6 under, Let's see Hummmm….. It better not be Cookie or Lucious…. LOL

  3. Ok so the clip that shows Lucious at the casket don't that look like the same clip from when Eddie Barker got gone.. Hummm I thought so….

  4. I LOVE when the sisters stops by! Tasha Smith Guest Starring this Wednesday episode (as) the funny, outspoken “CAROL”! I’m READY! We miss you “CANDICE”… Vivica A Fox…!

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