54 thoughts on “Cookie Screams At Lucious Over The Divorce | Season 6 Ep. 10 | EMPIRE

  1. Yooooo I can't stop laughing this is why I love my people.. we will have yo as gasping for air like a fish outta water….

  2. Cookie struck a WHOLE nerve baby! In all these seasons I’ve NEVER SEEN Lucious stutter over his words! ????

  3. I stopped watching after that French actor Juicy Smoo lay got attacked by those two dark skin white guys from the land of make believe..

  4. Spinoff..White tracy is Mary's sister from star. After cookie and lucius get murdered, andre is gonna give tracy control of the company because of Kingsley! Star will be signed to her aunt. Another empire stolen by white ppl.

  5. That’s love.
    They cutting up with each other, they both see something from their past and you have a cease fire. They laugh and joke about who is getting Juanita. ?❤️⚰️??

  6. Maybe I missed understood or was in space somewhere. I thought this was supposed to be the last episode. Now they saying we got wait to next spring to see the end of empire. Very misleading. And very disappointed. Don't even know now if I will wait and watch the end now. Since I'm feeling some type of way about how this show been going down. Stop dragging it on if it's over it's over. ??✌?

  7. Hahaha Oh my!! Sometimes I feel tired of this "go&back" of cookie-lucious and then… I see these powerful scenes… and I realize I'M NOT! hahaha I love them!!! I can’t get enough of them, lol

  8. These two crazy head can't get enough of each other, Lucious trying hard to get Cookie under his wings away…

    C??kie:-) I s? you blushing.

  9. Cookie pulling a gun out on Luscious to get him to sign the divorce papers while he's screaming that he wants to stay married is a whole other level is unstable. Its fitting that they die together

  10. This show Changed soo much. I have Season 2 and 3 on DVD And back then they used too be all about this Music. Now they just all about the Drama lol

  11. Lucious don’t want no divorce deep down cookie don’t want it either they made for each other but they toxic chillleeee they need therapy sessions together.

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