Hi everybody! I’m Mic Mac and today I’m going to answer your questions Before we start make sure to subscribe not to miss any future videos! Let’s talk about Dark Choco Cookie One of the most burning questions in the Community was… What hair conditioner is Dark Choco Cookie using? It’s actually really simple, it’s… What…? Did you hear that? What was that? Let’s go have a look. Oh no! I was afraid that would happen… Ion Cookie Robot has arrived to the Cookie world and it looks like it wants to make some trouble Ion Cookie Robot is not like anything we’ve ever seen… There’s something weird and it don’t look good… I guess it’s time to tell you more about it. Ion Cookie Robot is an AI powered robotic Cookie There’s one thing you should know It analyzes all their opponents’ runs to find a way to beat them. The stronger the opponent, the better it gets It’s constantly learning If it runs against the Cookies, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes unstoppable Who am I gonna call? We have a connection. We used to work on Ion Cookie Robot’s development But we quit because of the excessive working hours. We’ll tell you what we know about the robot, but PLEASE protect our identities! Our goal was to create a sentient running robot. At first, it didn’t run too well often hitting obstacles or falling down holes But since Ion Cookie Robot never stops learning, If it runs against the Cookies, it might become very dangerous. We didn’t anticipate it would learn so fast It’s all our fault… :'( So… what can we do? Ion Cookie Robot learns from all sorts of data. The only option is to teach it that we are friends. We’re counting on you! To help the robots get back to normal we’ll need to run against them and gather memory chips to remind them that we are friends! We need all the help we can get So we’re going to face them in 3v3 matches You’ll be in a team with 2 other players and each one of you will face one robot. You’ll need to work as a team to help Ion Cookie Robot come back to reason. To be more specific each battle will last around 6 minutes And you’ll have to reach the highest possible score on a new map. You’ll get memory chips in 3 cases. 1) You win your own individual game 2) Your team wins 3) You reach a MUCH higher score than your opponent. Remember that Ion Cookie Robot will learn from your play It will adapt as your high score increases Winning is gonna be challenging! The good thing is that by defeating more advanced robots, you’ll get better rewards Also, by completing the missions, you’ll get lots of prizes including the new Cookie, Pet… and also exclusive Jelly Skins! Alright! I hope I can count on you to help us stop the menace! This operation shouldn’t last more than 1 month Let’s wait and see what kind of adventure awaits us! Bye Bye! We’re counting on you! Well, that’s awkward… Soooooo cringyyyyyy…. Sorry, wait… Gimme one sec… SUBSCRIBE!!! *Epic music keeps playing* Ti-di-di-di-di Ti-di-da Ti-di-dididadididadidida


  1. i love how lowkey pure this video is.
    we dont need to destroy ion cookie robot, but rather be friends with it.
    this video made my day i swear

  2. The subtitles says the rounds will last 6 minutes but you said 4…. just to make sure, will the battles last 4 minutes?

  3. This was a nice video can wait for the update but Devsisters please make Dinosour the next Line returnee cookie :C he's one of my favorites.

  4. Que bueno xD, Pero porfavor pueden poner el idioma Español? al menos díganme el porque no se puede.. (el Español es uno de los idiomas mas hablados y no puedo creer que no este .-.)

  5. Ungreatful people: omg why new cookies? just buff the old ones or gives us breakout episodes >:(

    Me: ha ha i love this egg.

  6. eu só acho q nao faz muito sentido colocar esses personagens, mas os novos "biscoitos"…eles teriam que sabor ? seria tipo gosto de.pq tem ferro ?sei la

  7. Devsisters, I wanna ask a few things.

    1. When are Peach Cookie, Banana Cookie, and Dino-Sour Cookie coming to OvenBreak?
    2. Can you bring back Gumball Cookie's "Water Bazooka" outfit for this summer?
    3. Can you prove to us that Gumball Cookie X Mustard Cookie is not canon? I got into a fight with a person that ships those two ;-;

    Please answer as soon as possible. I understand if you don't want to do most of those things. (Number 3 is a joke)

  8. There is problem in my cookie run so i uninstall this game, but when i install back this game i lost my accoutn, how to back my account again? Can someone hep me?

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