Cookie Monster Thinks the Moon is a Cookie | Sesame Street Full Episode

Sweeping the clouds away. BIG BIRD: Ah-ha. CHILDREN: (SINGING) On
my way to where the air– ELMO: Hello, Dorothy. CHILDREN: (SINGING) –is free ORANGE MONSTER: Ha ha ha ha. CHILDREN: (SINGING) Can
you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? BIG BIRD: Ha ha. COOKIE MONSTER: Um, num, num. COUNT VON COUNT:
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. CHILDREN: (SINGING)
Come and play. Everything’s A-OK,
friendly neighbors there. BIG BIRD: Oops. CHILDREN: (SINGING)
That’s where– BIG BIRD: Huh? CHILDREN: (SINGING) we meet. GROVER: Huh, huh, huh. CHILDREN: (SINGING) Can
you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? BIG BIRD: Look,
it’s Super Grover. CHILDREN: (SINGING) Can
you tell me how to get– GROVER: Huh? Whoa! CHILDREN: (SINGING) how
to get to Sesame Street? GROVER: Oh. Huh? Oh. CHILDREN: Hi, Gordon. GORDON: Hey, kids. Oh, hi, welcome
to Sesame Street. COOKIE MONSTER: Gordon! Oh, Gordon. Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. GORDON: Hi, Cookie, what’s up? COOKIE MONSTER: Hi, Gordon,
this your lucky day. Ha ha ha. GORDON: It is? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, because you are going to be
the first person or monster or chicken to see what me draw. Mua, yeah, there you go. Try to guess what it is, yeah. GORDON: Well let’s see, uh, hm. COOKIE MONSTER: What you think? GORDON: Well it’s
round like a cookie. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah,
that’s brilliant observation, yeah. GORDON: And it’s got
these kind of little spots here that look like what, cookie
crumbs or chocolate chips. COOKIE MONSTER: That even
more brilliant, ha ha ha. GORDON: So my guess is that
this is probably a cookie! COOKIE MONSTER: Ah,
oh, you guessed right. Me so impressed. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
it is a cookie. GORDON: All right. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
but uh, this not just any cookie, no, no, no. This the most beautiful,
wonderful cookie of all. GORDON: Really? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh yeah,
the moon, ah, yeah. GORDON: The moon? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
yeah, yeah, the moon, yeah. It round like cookie and has
little dots like cookie crumbs, yeah, yeah. And that can only
mean one thing. The moon is big, giant cookie up
in the sky, um, num, num, num, num, num, yeah And me going
to jump high as me can, yeah. And when me get there, me going
to do the old um, num, num, num, num, ha ha. GORDON: No, no, no,no,
wa– wa– wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait,
Cookie, wait a minute. COOKIE MONSTER: What? GORDON: You can’t get
to the moon by jumping. COOKIE MONSTER: Me can’t? GORDON: No, no, you see,
it’s very, very far away. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh no. Wait, that not problem. GORDON: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Me just
uh, me just get ladder. GORDON: No, no,no. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah,
and then me climb ladder all the way up– GORDON: You don’t– COOKIE MONSTER: To the moon. GORDON: You don’t understand. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. GORDON: Cookie, Cookie, there
is no ladder tall enough to reach the moon. No. COOKIE MONSTER: You mean
the moon that far, huh? GORDON: Yeah, I’m afraid so. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh no. GORDON: Yeah, it would
be kind of like flying around the whole world 10 times. COOKIE MONSTER:
That lot of flying. GORDON: Yeah. COOKIE MONSTER: And me not bird. GORDON: Yes and
one other thing– COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, what that? GORDON: I– COOKIE MONSTER: Maybe what? GORDON: I hate to
tell you is but– COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, what? GORDON: The moon
is not a cookie. COOKIE MONSTER: Says who? GORDON: Well lots of people. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh no. GORDON: Yeah,
they’ve studied it. They’ve looked at it
through long telescopes. And some people have
actually been there. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait a minute. Me know someone
who’s been to moon. GORDON: Huh? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
little Slimey was there. GORDON: Oh yeah. COOKIE MONSTER:
Yeah, yeah, yeah. GORDON: That’s right. That’s right, I remember. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. GORDON: He went up there in
the little worm rocket ship. COOKIE MONSTER: That it. That it, yeah. GORDON: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Slimey will
know if moon is cookie. Yeah, me go to ask
Slimey, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye-bye, Gordon. Oh, Slimey! GORDON: OK. OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Say, that’s a lot of books you brought from the
worm library there, Slimey. SLIMEY: Read, read, read. OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Oh, you love to read. He’s a real little bookworm. SLIMEY: Yeah. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, Slimey, oh,
Slimey, me so happy to see you. SLIMEY: Oh. OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Well I can’t say I feel the same way, so scram. COOKIE MONSTER: Me
can’t scram, Oscar. Me have very important
question for Slimey. OSCAR THE GROUCH: All right,
ask it quickly, then scram. COOKIE MONSTER:
OK, little Slimey– SLIMEY: Yes? COOKIE MONSTER: You
went to the moon, right? SLIMEY: Yes. COOKIE MONSTER: OK so,
Slimey, tell me the truth. Is moon a giant cookie? SLIMEY: I don’t know. I didn’t taste it. OSCAR THE GROUCH: You heard him. He didn’t taste it, so scram. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh boy, oh
boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh yeah, yeah, that mean maybe me right. Yeah, maybe moon is cookie. Oh, Slimey, you
make me so happy. OSCAR THE GROUCH: Oh. COOKIE MONSTER: Mua. Yeah, me just have one
more little question. SLIMEY: OK. COOKIE MONSTER: Since you
expert on moon travel, you think maybe
that, well, maybe you could help me get to
the moon, you know, make a phone call or something? Please oh, Slimey, please,
oh please, oh please. SLIMEY: OK, I’ll call WASA. COOKIE MONSTER: What WASA? OSCAR THE GROUCH: Huh, that’s
only the Worm Air and Space Agency. They sent Slimey to the moon. Hey, maybe they’ll be able to
send you far away too, huh. WORM (ON TELEPHONE):
WASA control. SLIMEY: Hello, Slimey here. My friend wants
to go to the moon. COOKIE MONSTER: Wah. RED WORM: Rocket engines ready? BLUE WORM: Check. RED WORM: OK, all systems go. The USS Crumb is
ready for liftoff. SLIMEY: There’s
your rocket, Cookie. Hurry, get in. COOKIE MONSTER: Me
supposed to ride that? SLIMEY: Yes. SLIMEY: Start the countdown. COOKIE MONSTER: No, no, no,
stop countdown, no, no, no. Oh no, how me going
to get in there? BLUE WORM: Ten. COOKIE MONSTER: Me
got to think small. BLUE WORM: Nine, eight, COOKIE MONSTER: Small– BLUE WORM: Seven– COOKIE MONSTER: Little
Cookie monster– BLUE WORM: Six– COOKIE MONSTER: Think small. BLUE WORM: Five COOKIE MONSTER: Me
not any smaller. BLUE WORM: Four, three– COOKIE MONSTER:
Maybe me squeeze in. BLUE WORM: Two, one– COOKIE MONSTER: Where door? WORMS: Blast off! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh no, Oh no! GORDON: What happened? COOKIE MONSTER: The WASA
rocket left without me. RED WORM: Sorry, big fella,
better luck next time. COOKIE MONSTER: Me could
be on way to moon right now and be munching on it by
snack time, oh, oh, oh. GORDON: Cookie Monster– [GROWLING AND GROANING] COOKIE MONSTER: What? GORDON: But, Cookie
Monster, you– [GROANING] COOKIE MONSTER: Sorry, Gordon. Me stomach getting growly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, me got to
find another way to get to moon. Yeah, uh, uh, me go
this way, bye-bye. GORDON: I’m trying to tell
him the moon is not a cookie. SLIMEY: Oh, I wish
I had tasted it, hm. GIRL: (READING) There is
a young lady whose know– COOKIE MONSTER: Me got to get
to that delicious moon cookie. GORDON: Hey, Cookie Monster. Hey, everybody. CHILDREN: Hi. GORDON: Hi. Say, I’ve got a friend
that I’d like you to meet. He can tell you
all about the moon. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah what? Like your friend been
there or something? BUZZ: I sure have. COOKIE MONSTER:
You have, really? BUZZ: Yes, my name is Buzz
Aldrin and I’m an astronaut. COOKIE MONSTER: “As tro not”? BUZZ: That’s my job. I explore space. And once I rode in
a great big rocket and landed right up
there on the moon. COOKIE MONSTER: You’ve
got to be kidding me. You– he went to moon? GORDON: Yes. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
oh, than, Mr. Aldrin, you’ve got to tell me truth. Is moon a big yummy cookie? BUZZ: Well, Cookie
Monster, Gordon said you wanted to find
that out for yourself. So I brought you a
little piece of the moon. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh yeah, ha. [SNIFF] [CLINKING] If this cookie, just
a little bit stale. This hard as rock. BUZZ: That’s because the
moon is made out of rock. COOKIE MONSTER: It is? Oh, you mean all those
little spots are not tasty chocolate chips? BUZZ: I’m afraid
not, Cookie Monster, but you know, I’ll bet
that if you ever got there, you would still love it. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. BUZZ: The stars
all around are even brighter than they are here. And from up there you can see
the whole earth, where we live. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, that
where Sesame Street is, right? BUZZ: That’s right. It looks really
tiny from the moon. Oh and you can take
these great big hops too, because there’s
very little gravity. The Earth’s gravity doesn’t
let us hop too high down here. So you see, it may
not be a cookie, but it’s still the most
exciting place I’ve ever been. GIRL: Oh, look. I can see the moon now. BUZZ: You know that’s another
great thing, when we’re down here on Earth, we
can look up and watch the moon shining down on us. GORDON: Are you
OK, Cookie Monster? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
yeah, yeah, yeah, Gordon, but me just want
to be alone a minute, yeah. Thank you, Mr. Aldrin. Yeah, thanks for imparting your
hard earned knowledge, yeah. BUZZ: You’re sure welcome. [MUSIC PLAYING] COOKIE MONSTER: (SINGING)
If moon was cookie, me think me would be happiest
monster you ever see. Me put on a space suit,
then up through the night, me ride on a rocket
to go take a bite. Me take bite from here. ME take bite from there
and pretty soon, me bite everywhere. Me eat with both hands. No need fork or spoon. Me chew it all up
until there no moon. (SPOKEN) Hey, who
turned out the lights? Wait a minute. Me know what happened. (SINGING) If moon was cookie, it
wouldn’t be fine, because if me ate it, it wouldn’t shine. Me go to the window
and look up at night, but no little moonbeams
would give me their light. So me not like to say
it, but it clear to me. It lucky the moon
is not a cookie. Yeah. (SPOKEN) Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Maybe moon not cookie,
but what about stars? Oh, Mr. Aldrin, oh,
Mr. Aldrin, ha ha ha ha ha, you ever land on a star? BUZZ: No, I haven’t. COOKIE MONSTER: Ah ha,
maybe they’re cookies. Oh, what about planets? You ever been on other planets? BUZZ: I haven’t been on
any other planet either. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, ho,
ho, maybe they cookies too. Oh, yeah, yeah, you know,
me going to be astronaut one day, just like you. BUZZ: That’s a great
idea, Cookie Monster. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah, me
going to ride rocket right up there, then oh maybe me nibble
on Mars, yeah, yeah, perhaps chomp on Jupiter, oh, yeah,
yeah, gobble up Pluto. Yeah, oh, yummy,
yummy, yummy, me want– [MUSIC PLAYING] JIM HENSON: (SINGING)
Planets, moon and stars above the world so
high, higher than the clouds, higher than the sky– Planets, moon and
stars are shining down through space, each one in its
home, each one in its place. Earth is far below,
below each shining star. Earth is what we know. Earth is where we are. Planets, moon and
stars above the world so high, higher than the
clouds, higher than the sky. COOKIE MONSTER: Num, num, num. PRAIRIE DAWN: Hello,
Prairie Dawn here. And it is time once again
for the letter of the day. Now the le– COOKIE MONSTER: Cookie! Cookie, cookie, cookie. PRAIRIE DAWN: No, no,
no, no, no, Cookie Monster, no, no, no, no, no. There are no cookies here. COOKIE MONSTER: No cookies? PRAIRIE DAWN: No, just the
letter of the day, the letter T. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
that’s disappointing. PRAIRIE DAWN: Now, the letter
T begins words like toothpaste and tickle and– what are you doing? COOKIE MONSTER: Me uh,
me looking for cookies. PRAIRIE DAWN: But I just
told you, Cookie Monster, there aren’t any cookies
here, just the letter T. COOKIE MONSTER: Uh, yeah,
but maybe cookie hiding. PRAIRIE DAWN: Hiding? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
maybe cookie hiding behind letter T. Me check. PRAIRIE DAWN: No,
no, no, no, I do not think it is hiding behind. No, I don’t think so, mm-mm, COOKIE MONSTER: There
no cookie there. PRAIRIE DAWN: Right. Now as I was saying,
the letter T– COOKIE MONSTER: Wait. PRAIRIE DAWN: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Maybe cookie
hiding under letter T. PRAIRIE DAWN: Under? No, no, it wouldn’t be hiding– COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
there no cookie there. PRAIRIE DAWN: May I continue? COOKIE MONSTER:
What’s stopping you? PRAIRIE DAWN: Oh,
now, as I was saying, the letter T also begins
words like tasty and terrific. COOKIE MONSTER: Me got it. PRAIRIE DAWN: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Maybe cookie
hiding inside letter T. PRAIRIE DAWN: Inside? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah,
yeah, oh yeah, you hear that, huh? PRAIRIE DAWN: No, I
don’t hear anything. COOKIE MONSTER:
Well me hear cookie! PRAIRIE DAWN: Cookie
Monster, no, no, no, there is no cookie hiding
inside the letter T. COOKIE MONSTER: Num,
num, num, num, num. Prairie Dawn, you’re right. There no cookie in there. That just letter T. PRAIRIE DAWN: Yes,
yes, yes, that’s what I am trying to tell you. COOKIE MONSTER: But
it sure was tasty. PRAIRIE DAWN: Oh. MARIA: Who wants to make a T? CHILDREN: Me. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARIA: The letter T. WOMAN: T, T, tiger, [MUSIC PLAYING] T, teapot, [MUSIC PLAYING] [PURRING] T, television, T,
right, left, right, up, down, up, down, you
can eat me left to right. You can bite me up and down,
yellow nibblets on the cob. Eating corn’s a yummy job. Corn. DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time now for the
annual Sesame Street Chasing the Cheese Event. And here we have
the four contestants who will actually be
changing the cheese today, Telly Monster, Elmo– ELMO: Hi DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER: Zoe. ZOE: Hello. DANNY DEVITO AS
It’s almost time to start, but first the question
that’s on all of our minds. Why chase the cheese? Telly, do you know? TELLY MONSTER: Why do
I chase the cheese? Oh, that’s easy, because
it’s great exercise. Yeah. ALL: Yeah. ZOE: Right, and exercise
makes you healthy. ELMO: And strong. That’s why Elmo
Hmm, interesting, interesting. Baby Bear, BABY BEAR: Yes, sir? DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
Anything to add? BABY BEAR: Yes, yes, well
those are all terrific reasons to chase the cheese. But the truth is I chase
the cheese for the sheer joy of chasing the cheese. It’s really fun. CHEESE: And here I am. DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
It’s the cheese. CHEESE: Thank you,
thank you very much. DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
Cheese, I’m curious. What do you have to
say about this event? CHEESE: I say this,
Bet you can’t catch me. Woo-hoo! BABY BEAR: Hey, there he goes. Come on, guys. DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
Ladies and gentleman, there off. They’re chasing the
cheese, and it certainly does look like good exercise. And they’re still
chasing the cheese. The cheese could go all the way. The excitement is overwhelming. Wait a minute. What’s this? Something’s happening. Now the cheese is chasing them. CHEESE: It makes some
nice change sometimes. Come back here, you– DANNY DEVITO AS
ANNOUNCER: And there you have it folks,
whether you’re chasing the cheese or the cheese is
chasing you, exercise is fun. ELMO: Come on, Mister
Sports Person, come on, chase the cheese with us. DANNY DEVITO AS ANNOUNCER:
Don’t mind if I do. Woo-hoo! ELMO: Woo-hoo! ZOE: Bravo! Bravo! [MUSIC PLAYING] All right! Yeah! BABY BEAR: Get the cheese! [MUSIC- MICHAEL JACKSON,
Tweedley deedily dee, tweedley deedily dee,
tweedley deedily dee GIRL: Gymnastics
class is lots of fun. We jump and tumble
and hop and run. MICHAEL JACKSON:
(SINGING) He rocks in the treetops all day
long, hoppin’ and a boppin’ and singing his song. All the little birdies
on Jaybird Street love to hear the robin
go tweet, tweet, tweet. Rockin’ robin, rock,
rock, rockin’ robin, go rockin’ robin ’cause we’re
really gonna rock tonight. Yeah. GIRL: It doesn’t matter
if you’re big or small. There are things to
do for one and all. And exercise is important too. It makes a strong
and healthy you. MICHAEL JACKSON:
(SINGING) Pretty little raven at
the bird-band stand told them how to do the
bob and it was grand. They started going steady
and, bless my soul, he out-bobbed the
buzzard and the oriole. He rocks in the treetops all
day long, hoppin’ and boppin’ and singing his song. All the little birdies
on Jaybird Street love to hear the robin
go tweet, tweet, tweet. Rockin’ robin. tweet, rock,
tweedley dee, rockin’ robin, tweet, tweedley dee,
go rockin’ robin, ’cause we’re really
gonna rock tonight. Tweedley deedily dee. GIRL: So jump and
tumble and hop and run. It’s good for you
and lots of fun. MR. BEAR: I’m here
with my friend Antonio, and he just told me
he loves to do a– ANTONIO: Split. MR. BEAR: Let me see
you do it, Antonio. Go to it. ANTONIO: All right, all
right, I can do two splits. MR. BEAR: Two splits? Whoa! And let’s see the other one. Wow! Well come on back, Antonio. That’s my friend Antonio. He does exercise,
and he does a split. [MUSIC PLAYING] ERNIE: Hi there, guess what? I’m in my favorite place
in the whole world. Do you know where that is? My room, that’s right. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love my room. And there’s lots of neat stuff
I love to do in my room too. (SINGING) In my room I
don’t twiddle my thumbs. If I get bored I just play
my drums, grab up the sticks and count to four. And I pound the drums until
I can’t pound anymore. I go boom, boom,
boom in my room. In my room I go
boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom, boom in my room. In my room I go
boom, boom, boom. (SPOKEN) There’s lots
of other neat stuff I like to do in my room too. (SINGING) In my room
with my rubber duck, we like to play with
a toy dump truck. Ducky sits behind
the steering wheel and we pretend that the
truck is really real and go vroom, vroom,
vroom in my room. In my room we go
vroom, vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom, vroom in my room. In my room, we go
vroom, vroom, vroom. (SPOKEN) See you
later, rubber ducky. (SINGING) In my room with
my hands in my pocket, I can pretend that I’m a rocket,
counting down four, three, two, one, blasting off and having
some fun going zoom, zoom, zoom in my room. In my room going
zoom, zoom, zoom. Zoom, zoom, zoom in my room. In my room going
zoom, zoom, zoom. Vroom, vroom, vroom in my room. In my room going
vroom, vroom, vroom. A boom, boom, boom in my room. In my room going
boom, boom, boom. Zoom, vroom, boom, zoom,
vroom, boom, zoom, vroom, boom in my room. Going zoom, vroom, boom, zoom,
vroom, boom, zoom, vroom, boom. Yeah, I love my room. (SPOKEN) Isn’t it great? BERT: Hey, it’s my
room too, you know. ERNIE: Oh, of course it is, pal. [MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL: If my nose could get
bigger and bigger and bigger, I could smell all
the tulips in Holland without even leaving my room. And if my ears could get
bigger and bigger and bigger, than I could hear the rain far,
far away, in space without even leaving my room. And if my legs got longer
and longer and longer, than I could dance the Kazatsky
with my friends in Russia without even leaving my room. If my arms grew bigger
and bigger and bigger– I’m talking really big– than I could hug the world. [MUSIC PLAYING] PRAIRIE DAWN: La la la la la. GROVER: Wah, wah! PRAIRIE DAWN: Oh. GROVER: Watch my step! PRAIRIE DAWN: Sorry. GROVER: Wah, ah, ah, ah! Hello. You are looking at the
adorable furry feet of– whoa– the adorable and very high
feet of your favorite globe trotting monster, Grover. Yes, it is I. If I look taller than usual,
it is because I just came back from– whoa, no, not from whoa– from Trinidad. That is an island very
far from Sesame Street. And they were having
a– whoa, whoa, whoa– no, not a whoa– a carnival. That is where I get these stilts
to bring back and show you. Wha, wha, whoa! But perhaps while I practice
my stilt walking demonstration a little more– ah, ah, ah– you can watch my good
Trinidadian friend, Asha. She’s the one who taught me
t0– wha, wha, whoa, quick, roll the film! ah. ASHA: My name is Asha. I am five years old. We live in Trinidad and Tobago. In my country, children
like to dance on stilts. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: (SINGING) I love
this funny feeling. ASHA: Children who can dance on
stilts are called moko jumbies. I went to my step daddy. I said, can you teach
me to dance on stilts? He said, yes, but you
must practice a lot. If you go one step at a
time and if you practice, I think that you can do it. I was happy. He helped me put on the stilts. He tied them to my legs. He tied them tight so that
they wouldn’t come off when I stood up. MAN: (SINGING) I have
this feeling now. I have this feeling now. ASHA: I took a step and I almost
fell down but he caught me. He said, just go very slowly. Don’t worry, I’m here
and I will help you. MAN: (SINGING) Children,
children, children, today is Carnival! ASHA: In Trinidad and Tobago we
have a holiday called Carnival. I saw the other moko jumbies
dancing on their stilts around me. And guess who else was up on
stilts for the Carnival parade? Me, Asha. I can stand on my stilts now. And I can dance too. If you go one step at a time
and you should practice, you can do many, many things. MAN: (SINGING) Friday,
Saturday, everyday, everyday. GROVER: Wasn’t my
friend Asha wonderful? Well as I was saying, I
went all the way to Trinidad and not only learned
about stilts and moko jumbies, stilt workers. I also learned
that if you take it one step at a time
and practice, you can learn to do many, many things. Play, today, [INAUDIBLE]! Whoa! I just learned another thing. I need to practice
a little bit more before I can walk on stilts
and dance at the same time. [TWEETING] [MUSIC PLAYING] CHILDREN: (SINGING) One, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. One, two. Two. MAN: (SINGING) Your
top is a curve. Your bottom is a line. And me plus you makes two,
that’s fine, two, two, two, me and you. Two brown eyes or two left
feet, two of my friends walking down this street,
two, two, two, me and you. You’re not so big or hard to
count, but to me, number two, you’re the right amount. We’re two, two, two, me and you. We’re two, two, two me and you. CHILD: Two. Two. Two. BUZZ: Hi, I’m astronaut Buzz
Aldrin and this is Alex. And we’re going to do a pretend
countdown to lift off in space. Ready, Alex? ALEX: Ready. BUZZ AND ALEX: Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, lift off. TELLY: (SINGING) Sometimes
I look up at the stars and pretend there’s
someone way out there who could be my friend. If only I somehow could
make my way there, I’m sure there’d be lots of
great things we could share. And though we’d be different as
different can be, in some ways I bet they would
be just like me. They’d show me new things,
like outer space birds, and teach me to say some
neat outer space words. ALIEN: Yup, yup, uh, huh. TELLY: Yup, yup, uh, huh. ALIEN: Oh. TELLY: (SINGING)
Then we could play Griffel, the most fun of all. It’s a game that they play
with an outer space ball. We’d laugh and play space
games for all it was worth. And when we got tired,
I’d fly back to Earth. And who knows,
maybe my friend will feel free to take a trip
sometime and come visit me. ALIEN: Yup, yup, uh, huh. TELLY: Yup, yup, uh, huh. [HUMMING A TUNE] ALIEN: Hey, now what in
the world could this be? A-ha. [HUMMING] [WHISTLING] [INAUDIBLE] Hmm, Something missing. [HUMMING] There we are. Ah ha. [WHISTLING] [INAUDIBLE] [SNORING] [MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: (SINGING) La, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, Elmo’s World. La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, Elmo’s World. Elmo loves his goldfish,
his crayon too. Oh yeah. That’s Elmo’s World. (SPOKEN) Dorothy. Oh, oh, hi, welcome
to Elmo’s World. Elmo’s so happy to see
you and so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy. Ha ha ha, guess what Elmo’s
thinking about today. Yat dat da da! Door, a little help. Come on, door. One second, please? Whoa. Oh, please, door. Oh, thank you. Yeah, the sun, clouds, ha
ha ha ha, the moon, Elmo is thinking about sky,
you know, the sky. Ha ha ha ha. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow, what a starry,
starry night. Did Dorothy paint that? Oh, you did? Well, Dorothy’s been thinking
about sky too and– what’s that, Dorothy? What? OK. And Dorothy wants to
know, what do you see when you look up in the sky? Oh, good question, Dorothy. Let’s ask Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle! Oh, shade, come on. Oh, oh, Elmo knows, you want
to do it yourself, don’t you? OK, go ahead. Good job, shade. Where’s Mr. Noodle? Mr. Noodle, oh there you are. Dorothy has a
question, Mr. Noodle. Where’d he go? Mr. Noodle, Mr.
Noodle, where are you? Dorothy has a
question, Mr. Noodle. Oh, oh, ha ha ha ha,
oh, oh, ha ha ha. You surprised Elmo, Mr. Noodle. You surprised Elmo. No, it’s OK. It’s OK. Elmo’s fine. Is Mr. Noodle ready
for Dorothy’s question? Huh? Oh, good, good, good. What do you see when
you look up in the sky? CHILDREN: He’s
thinking of something. ELMO: Oh. CHILD: That’s a car. CHILD: Think of something
in the sky, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: They’re not in the sky. cars are on the ground. ELMO: Yeah, see,
that’s the ground. CHILDREN: Keep trying. That’s a surfboard. CHILD: A surfboard, no way. ELMO: Hang ten, Mr. Noodle. Wow, that looks like fun. CHILD: What is
something in the sky? Surfboards are in the
water, not in the sky. ELMO: Try to think
of something you see when you look up in the sky. CHILD: A kite. CHILD: Oh. CHILD: Kite, yeah a
kite’s in the sky. ELMO: But it’s not
in the sky now. CHILD: Throw it up
and run, Mr. Noodle. Throw the kite in the air. ELMO: You can do it, Mr. Noodle. Almost. CHILD: You need the
wind to fly the kite. CHILD: You need wind, like this. [BLOWS] CHILD: Now fly the kite. [WIND BLOWING] CHILD: Wow, that’s windy. Now, fly the kite. ELMO: There it goes. CHILDREN: Yeah, Mr. Noodle! ELMO: Mr. Noodle is flying
a kite in the sky, yeah! Uh-oh. CHILD: Oh no, the
wind’s too strong. ELMO: Now, Mr. Noodle’s
up in the sky too. CHILD: Hold on, Mr. Noodle! ELMO: Thanks, shade. Dorothy wants to
ask someone else. What do you see when
you look up in the sky? [MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL: Hi, Dorothy. This is a picture I made. I made a sky and a sun. I made the sun yellow. And when I look up at the sun,
it’s like a golden-yellowish. And I mix some blue
for the sky ’cause that’s how the sky
looks sometimes. BOY: Hi, Dorothy, this picture
of a plane and it’s in the sky really high. And there’s a sun,
and there’s clouds. Do you like it? BOY: Hi, Dorothy. This is a picture that I drew. There’s a shooting
star, another star, and these are all planets. They’re in the sky at night. What do you think? ELMO: Oh, thanks, everybody. Oh, and thanks, Dorothy. Now Elmo will ask a baby. [HUMMING] Oh hello, baby. Hello, hello, baby,
baby, what do you see when you look up in the sky? Oh, a bird. Oh, thank you, baby. Mua. Bye. Oh boy, and now– COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. ELMO: What’s that? COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: Oh, oh, computer– COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. ELMO: Computer– COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: Computer– COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: Computers don’t fly up
in the sky like a helicopter. COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: Come down here, computer. COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: Come dow– no,
come back down here. Elmo wants his e-mail. COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. ELMO: Ah, that’s better. Oh no, and a computer mouse
doesn’t fly in the sky, either. Thanks, mouse. Let’s see who sent
Elmo an e-mail. Oh, it’s from
Humphrey and Ingrid. INGRID: Hello, Elmo. HUMPHREY: Yes, and let me be
the first to say, hello, Elmo. INGRID: You know,
there’s something else that you can see when
you look up in the sky. HUMPHREY: Yes,
something near and dear to our furry little hearts. INGRID: Yeah. HUMPHREY: Yeah. INGRID: Look up in the sky! HUMPHREY: Is it a diaper? INGRID: Is it a blanky? INGRID AND HUMPHREY:
No, it’s Super Baby. [MUSIC PLAYING] HUMPHREY: Flying
high in the sky, hello there, you
little super pookie. Isn’t she the cutest
thing you’ve ever seen? INGRID AND HUMPHREY: In the sky? INGRID: Good day, Elmo. HUMPHREY: And might
I add, goodbye, Elmo. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: Thanks
Humphrey and Ingrid. Oh, oh, thanks,
computer helicopter. Oh and now, Elmo has
a question for you. Yeah, you. How many birds are
flying in the sky? Let’s get them and see. CHILDREN: One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. ELMO: Oh twelve, twelve
birds flying in the sky oh, and a kangaroo. Wait a minute. Kangaroos can’t fly in the sky. Oh, oh, but they sure do bounce. Oh, silly kangaroo. That makes Elmo wonder,
what else can you see when you look up in the sky? Oh, maybe the drawer knows. Drawer, drawer,
oh there you are. Come on, open up, drawer. Ah come on, don’t be shy. Please open up? That’s it, a little
more, a little more. Ah! What can you see when
you look up in the sky? A cloud? An elephant or a mailbox? CHILDREN: A cloud. ELMO: Yeah, a cloud. Now what else? A birthday cake? A rocket? Or a bunny rabbit? CHILDREN: A rocket. ELMO: Right, a rocket. What about a turtle,
a rock or a worm? GIRL: None of them
are in the sky. BOY: They’re all on the ground. ELMO: Unless the worm is
Slimey flying in his airplane. GIRL: Go, Slimey! ELMO: Yeah, Slimey! Yeah! Oh look, Mr. Noodle is
still up in the sky. Hang in there, Mr. Noodle. BIRD: Tweet, tweet,
tweet, tweet? Tweet, tweet. ELMO: Boy, you can see
some amazing things when you look up in the sky. Elmo’s friend,
Cheryl Lynn, likes to look up in the
sky with her mommy, and she told Elmo all about it. The other day, Cheryl
Lynn and her mommy went outside to
look up in the sky. It was great. They saw birds, airplanes– wow– a blimp, the
sun and lots of kites. Wow, the kites were pretty. But while they were looking up
the sky, they almost got wet. They also saw clouds. Clouds are Cheryl’s favorite. If you use your
imagination, clouds can look like all
sorts of things. Cheryl thought that that
one looked like a face. And she thought that one
looked like cauliflower. And at the end of the day,
when the sun went down, they watched it together. It was really pretty. That was when they knew it
was almost time for bed, so they went back home. Bye-bye, Cheryl Lynn and mommy. Wow, there’s lots
of pretty things to see when you
look up in the sky, but Elmo wants to know
more about the sky. Don’t you? How can we find out more? Oh yeah, we can watch
the sky channel. Thank you, TV. Turn yourself on. TV ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the sky
channel, your eye in the sky, and now for your in-flight
entertainment, The Little Penguin, Who Tried
to Fly in the Sky. WOMAN: Once upon
a time, there was a little penguin
who tried to fly in the sky like other birds. PENGUIN: Wa, wa. WOMAN: He flapped his
wings, but that didn’t work. PENGUIN: Wa. PENGUINS: Wa. WOMAN: He jumped in the
air, but that didn’t work. PENGUIN: Wa. PENGUINS: Wa. WOMAN: He Even tried
getting a running start. That didn’t work either. His little penguin body wasn’t
made to get off the ground. PENGUIN: Wa, wa wa, wa, wa. WOMAN: That’s penguin
for I’m going to fly if it’s the last thing I do. PENGUINS: Wa, wa, wa, wa, wa. WOMAN: Which is penguin
for, you’re full of hot air. PENGUIN: Wa, wa. WOMAN: Eureka! He was flying in the sky
in a hot air balloon. He was full of hot air. PENGUIN: Wa. PENGUINS: Wa. Wa. WOMAN: Soon, all the other
penguins took to the sky too. PENGUIN: Wa. WOMAN: They flew in
airplanes, in helicopters. PENGUIN: Wa. WOMAN: In blimps. PENGUIN: Wa. WOMAN: Even hang gliders. PENGUIN: Wa. WOMAN: Anything that was
made to fly in the sky. And the little
penguin lived happily ever after in the sky of course. PENGUIN: Wa. WOMAN: That’s penguin
for, the sky is the limit. The end. TV ANNOUNCER: Coming up
next on The Sky Channel, The Sky Who Loved Me. ELMO: Wait, wait, wait, TV. Elmo still wants to
learn about the sky. How can we find out more? Hm. Oh, OK, door, open up. SUN: Maybe I can shed
some light on the subject. ELMO: Wow, it’s the sun. Oh, the sun is bright. SUN: I sure am. I am the brightest thing
you will see in the sky. I shine and light everything up. ELMO: Boy, the sun
does a great job too. SUN: Thank you. And when I set, it gets dark. It becomes night and you
can’t see me anymore. MOON: But you can
see me, the moon. ELMO: Oh yeah, Elmo loves to
the moon in the sky at night. MOON: Thanks, Elmo. Sometimes you can even
see me in the daytime sky. SUN: That’s right. ELMO: Oh yeah, the moon
looks pretty in the sky, day or night. MOON: Ah, go on. ELMO: Oh, oh, look,
look, look, look, look. Dorothy’s imagining the moon
in the sky and Elmo’s on it. Elmo’s gonna dance on the moon. [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: Sometimes you can
see a rainbow in the sky but only during the day. Whoa, wah, hahaha. Ooh, ooh, ooh,
hahaha, mm, comfy. MOON: At night if you
look up in the sky, you might also see stars. And sometimes a group of
stars can make a picture called a constellation. You just have to
connect the dots. ELMO: Yeah, Elmo’s
a constellation. Ah, thank you, Dorothy. Oh and thank you, sun and moon. SUN: No sweat. ELMO: Boy, Elmo loves the
sky and so does Dorothy. That’s why Dorothy wants
us to sing the sky song. MOON: Hey, Can we sing too? ELMO: Oh sure and you
can sing along with us. Here we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Do, do, do, hm, hm,
hm, hm, hm, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky,
sky, sky, sky, sky. Everybody. ALL: Sky, sky, sky, sky, sky,
sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky,
sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky,
sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky, sky. ELMO: Take a bow, Dorothy. Say goodbye, everybody. SUN: Good day. MOON: And goodnight. ELMO: Let’s dance. Do do dup do, boop,
boop, ba do, do do do. ALL: Do do do do do
do do, sky, sky, sky, sky, that’s Elmo’s World. ELMO: Hahaha, Oh, bye-bye. MOON: Bye. SUN: Good day. ELMO: Elmo loves you. MOON: Have a good night. ELMO: Bye. MOON: Bye. [BABY SQUEALS] SLIMEY: Read Trash. Read Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH: Hey,
Slimey, your baby sister’s– SLIMEY: Read Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Excited about Trash too. Aren’t you there,
little Sloppy, huh? SLIMEY: Read Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH: OK. SLIMEY: Read Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH: OK,
Slimey, hold your horses. SLIMEY: Read Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH: I’m reading. Here we go. Chapter 842 in The
Adventures of Trash Gordon. “Now, when we last left
our hero, Trash Gordon, he was trapped on the
planet of the shoes, going toe to toe with a
pair of wicked wing tips.” SHOES: Arr. Arr. Arr. Arr. Arr. Arr. Arr. OSCAR THE GROUCH: Just then
Trash had a sensible idea. SHOES: Ooh, ah, ah, ah [MUSIC PLAYING] SHOE: I love that song. SHOE: Me too, let’s dance. SHOE: Ooh, you have soul. SHOE: Watch your tongue. SHOE: Hahaha. SHOE: Two, three, four. [MUSIC PLAYING] OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Safe at last, our hero smiled heroically and stated– TRASH GORDON: Sesame Street
has been brought to you today by the letter T and
by the number two. [MUSIC PLAYING] SLIMEY: More Trash. More Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH: Hey,
shush, Slimey, shshsh. SLIMEY: More Trash. OSCAR THE GROUCH:
Slimey, Sloppy is asleep and it’s time for you
to go to sleep too. We’ll read another
chapter tomorrow. SLOPPY: [SNORING] SLIMEY: [SNORING] OSCAR THE GROUCH: Ha ha ha, he
just can’t get enough Trash. SLIMEY: Trash. [SNORING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  10. Beloved Hungarian born Sesame Street regular, who fled Budapest after the 1956 Soviet Invasion. He emmigrated to Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of Congo), and taught languages to the Luba tribe, including English.

    He was hired in 1967 to teach the letters of the alphabet on a PBS pilot "Sesame Street" and continued to commute between Sesame Street to his classroom in Zaire, when scheduling permitted. Houston Rocket Great Dikembe Mutombo was a former English student of his, and they often dine together in New York.

    With the overwhelming fame that came from the success of "Sesame Street", Monster drew attention to issues near and dear to himself. He demonstrated outside the Soviet Embassy following the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and was a constant presence on Television round table discussions during the Polish Solidarity movement of the early 80s He is also an outspoken advocate for Diabetes research (having been diagnosed in 1962).

    When the wall fell, the Cookie Monster was finally reunited with his wife Ildiko and his now grown two sons. His daughter died of mad cow disease in 1975, having never seen him again since his flight from Budapest. Hungarian television blocked access to public television, and denounced Cookie Monster as a traitor and a thief. Ildiko died in 1992 during a grease fire in her new home in Paris.

    He currently lives in Monaco with his new wife Prairie Dawn and their three children. He serves as a special ambassador to the UN Human Rights committee, and is also acting as special liaison in the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

    The Cookie Monster is subject to seizures and violent outbursts, which have taken a toll on his furry blue intestinal tract.

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