Cookie Monster Grocery Shopping Sesame Street Cookie Monster Eats Cookies, Drives, Buys Cookies

Me want cookie, me need cookie, where’s my
cookies? Canned pumpkin, yuck! Cookies, there you are. Oreo cookies, that works. Oh feels
light, shake shake shake shake, oh feels empty. Oh no. This can’t be good. Gasp, oh no, no
more cookies! Ah, me must go to store right now and buy lots of cookies. Cookie borrow
the car. Um how does this thing work, um beeping sound, is that good? Uh, cookie just bang
head on steering wheel. Me walk, much better idea. Ah, finally here, but Cookie don’t want
broccoli. Cookie wants cookies. Ah sweet sweet cookies, must load up. Oh me need more cookies.
Oreo double stuf, me love it. Mmmm. Me can’t believe it, giant cookie! Lots and lots of
giant cookies, me in cookie giant heaven. One small step for cookie, one giant leap
for cookie kind. Ooo pumpkin! Must find more cookies. Dog food, no no no no. Well time
to check out. Ah time to go home. Num Num Yum Yum. Dinner over, now time for cookie
dessert. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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