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COOKIE! AwAhAHWHaWhaWHawHa! UmNUmnumnnum Ah Hi guys It’s Elle with and
we’re here with some very sweet and special guests! Hi guys, it’s Cookie Monster and Gonger! Hi Elle! How are you doing? Terrific Yeah? Yeah. So I hear you’ve been doing some
really exciting things I hear you’re touring and making and finding out where
food comes from? Yeah On me foodie truck Your foodie truck?
– Me got a foodie truck Do you love your foodie truck? We do
– It’s big and it’s orange and it’s got googly eyes on top! Yeah and we drive it around to
different places to see where food come from oh my gosh
– yeah Are you learning lots on your trip Yeah
– Me am. Yeah me learned where avocados come from? Where do avocados come from? A farm
– A farm yes Oh! and we learned where bananas come
from Where do bananas come from? A farm And cranberries Where do cranberries come from?
– A bug Eugh! You not expecting that!
– See! Oh you got me! See what me did there
– That was very clever thank you Now seeing as you’ve been going around
and learning all about these amazing foods We thought we’d introduce you
to some special foods as well Okay Now as we’re in England we have a lot of
very special biscuits You mean cookies? Lots yeah, but we call them biscuits in
England not cookies. This is a language barrier
– Yes But they pretty much cookies?
– Yes they’re pretty much cookies but we like
to call them biscuits it’s very special
– you say POtato we say poTAto You could call them surely is it me not
care yeah no it’s very important we like to dunk them in our tea did you guys do
you know got teak ice – well we have hot tea in England Council
so shall we meet our first biscuits we have can we learn about our first
biscuit yeah now the first biscuit we’re gonna
go for what you got is a classic shortbread
yeah watch your breath bear oh no no no no we have to wait and be patient me
watch or we will have a cookie at the end afterwards and we will yes keep
strong and we’ve got this we gotta you know we have self-control
issues we will do now working on this yes you’re doing a great job hopefully
now shortbreads are really interesting because they’re not short and they’re
not red I’m no rectangle they’re rectangle and they’re biscuits but then
of course we’re biscuits or rectangle biscuits not they’re shortbread okay do
you know where shortbread come from shut maybe I don’t know about the chef’s just
much more yours territory isn’t it I’m promising yeah there you go have you
ever made a shortbread no oh well maybe that’s something you can do I might try
they come from Scotland on the top of England in the Great Britain and do you
know anything else that comes from Scotland no haggis what oh you can have
a kill switch like a monster oh yeah yeah I think you guys would look great
in a kilt with you I think you look very special terrific now where is your
favorite place to travel for food not have a favorite me like got me like
London London yet good food here what’s your favorite London food do you have
one um boy oh I love a shepherd’s pie my mum loved best Shepherds really can be
come to her house and have some yeah she would love that where she lives
oh she lives in Shropshire so it’s very far away no we will go later we’ll go
later we learn about biscuits now so there’s good cookies
yeah we’re being patient remember we’re back on track now concentrate cookie
what does you got okay so next biscuit is a jammie Dodger okay me take one no
we put this away for now we’re just showing you what every now what else you
got uh uh we’re learning about Tommy torches
yo Charlie told uses something I used to see files no no you can remember you’re
not gonna remember you’re just lesson it’s a lot of information for monster we
can use our ears and listen yeah okay me listen okay we’re in the Haviland what
whatever you use to listen your your brain yeah now I used to eat a lot of
jammie Dodgers when I was a child it’s not cookies
what kind of biscuits did you eat as a child what special treats did you have
when you would ship is what does you got what had chocolate chippies what did you
eat on a curry when you were little and tiny spices massive Harry oh no did that
not was that what she spicy for yes very oh I bet that was I’m glad I wasn’t
there now the next biscuit we have is a
crusted cream let me pick that now this is special for dingdong King in team I
am I’m very very greedy but that’s all we have time for today but as you’ve
been so good he does empty hand we have a special treat for you cookie we got
nothing in the air we have a cookie for you Thank You Alva
cookie okay let’s go to your mom’s house for supper this place up okay I’ll get
the broom

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