Cookie Lyon Goes Off On Angelo About Jamal | Season 3 Ep. 2 | EMPIRE

You remember Angela? Mr. Dubois, I really
don’t appreciate you exploiting my
son’s situation for your political tricknology. Oh, no. So we going do
your little summit, and then you going stay the
hell out of our business. Is that clear? I’m hoping you feel a
little, a little differently once, once you get to know me. (CHUCKLING) I know,
I know you plenty. I know plenty of you. Yeah, with your
[inaudible] talking ass with your little summits
and town hall meetings when you ain’t doing nothing
but preaching to the choir. What are you really teaching
those kids– those victims like you keep calling them? I think I may misunderstand– Mr. Dubois, what
you don’t understand is those kids carry a
pain that people like you can’t even begin to imagine. See, you ain’t never had to
overcome nothing, have you? Now what do you think
happens to one of those kids if they get into some nonsense? You know, kids
get into nonsense. But unlike you, they don’t have
family connections to get them off a DUI scot-free. So who is going to give
them a second chance, huh? You? Your clean shaven,
slick talking ass. Acting all holier than thou. Could have killed somebody but
didn’t, got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving, ass. Get out of here. You a joke. Well, damn. Only other person I’ve ever seen
her go off on like that is you. Angelo, it’s alright. [inaudible] She’s something else.

100 thoughts on “Cookie Lyon Goes Off On Angelo About Jamal | Season 3 Ep. 2 | EMPIRE

  1. You see, this is why I love Cookie…that woman us fierce and she takes no shit from noooobody and I do mean noooobody while at the same time getting in that ass and telling a mf where to get off….you just gotta ? a tough woman who can hold her own.

  2. Lucious knows that fire she has because she had it with him. I think he knows Cookie is attracted to ol dude and he's jealous

  3. cookie give me life lhh ?? what's funny is Lucious face he's smiling because she's going in on him but then was funnier is his face when he realized after Jamal said only other person he ever saw her go off on like that is you his face is like oh fuck I got competition getting cookie back will not be so easy now

  4. angelo has that face you pull in an argument when you stay quiet while the other person talks bc you know they'll feel stupid once you start talking ??

  5. This is why i love cookie.. lucious told her about him getting off a DUI and she stored it up to use it to knock him down to size ?

  6. Does anyone know the name of the song and name of the remix/version before the flashback when cookie and lucious first met and after lucious came in when cookie and becky were talking? (S3EP02) INEEDIT

  7. " Coulda Killed somebody but didn't, gotta slap on the wrist for drunk driving ass Get outta here You a joke " I love cookie man ???

  8. Say what you want about Cookie, she always speaks the truth. She does not bite her tongue for anybody and that's what I love about her.

  9. I'll bet u she wouldn't talk to Frank Gathers like that. She still scared of him. She had to order a hit on him while he was in prison after she snitched on him in court.

  10. Lucious had this expression on his face after his son said that she only goes off like that on him like he knew Angelo was a threat

  11. You know kids get into nonsense. I love that part and "The only person I've ever seen her go off on like that is you" ???

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