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hi everyone and welcome to happy trails
hiking this is the healthy lifestyle show my name is Kay happy that you’re
here with me today let’s get started with foodie Friday so today on foodie
Friday we’re obviously back in my kitchen I
have a cookie exchange to go to tomorrow have you ever heard of one of those so I
get to take you along with me to the cookie exchange but first I have
to make some cookies to exchange I decided on a new recipe and they’re
called frosted pumpkin softies it’s a pumpkin cookie with cream cheese icing
let’s get started the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe
are butter packed brown sugar granulated sugar canned pumpkin one egg vanilla it’s either quick oats or old-fashioned
all-purpose flour pumpkin pie spice baking soda and salt recipe I have calls
for canned pumpkin well this isn’t canned pumpkin it’s pureed pumpkin
one of my friends takes her Halloween pumpkins and heals them purees them and
gave me some of the pumpkin puree this time so we have fresher pumpkin then
can’t come pumpkin very excited to use this so the first thing we have is our
one cup of butter into the bowl we need to add our sugars in one set so
I need 3/4 of a cup of brown sugar I don’t have a 3/4 cup cup is that
something that you all have so there is one quarter here’s the second one and
you’ll notice that it is a different color because brown sugar comes in light
brown sugar and dark brown sugar and I was finishing out the first bag 3/4 also
calls for 3/4 cup of granulated sugar so plain old table sugar – now we’re gonna
beat these together until they’re creamy next ingredients to go in our one cup of
pumpkin one egg a teaspoon of vanilla mix that I want you okay that’s it for our wet ingredients
so now we need to go with the dry ingredients so it would be the flour and
the oats and the seasonings our ingredient is two and a half cups of dry
Quaker Oats so these are old-fashioned oats
they’re uncooked and there’s a half cup so I need five of these next up one and
3/4 cup of all-purpose flour one teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice 1 teaspoon
of baking soda man 1/4 teaspoon of salt start on a low
setting or it’s gonna go everywhere made it it didn’t go everywhere that’s
good so this is your basic pumpkin cookie batter and Evans preheated to 350
we’re gonna get a batch into the oven okay so I have a cookie stone a baking
stone here I preheated it in the oven 350 so it’s really hot cheese
tablespoons falling batter onto the cookie sheet ma use water here to get
them off the spoon easier alright let’s see how this goes 350 for 11 minutes is up ready I want to give
you two more minutes somebody 13 minutes now they’re brown
around the edges there they are now they’re breasts for one minute and then
we get them off you want a cooling rack all right I need three dozen for the
party so round two for the cream cheese I seen you need
three ounces of cream cheese two and a half cups of powdered sugar teaspoon of
vanilla and a tablespoon of fat-free milk okay it’s almost party time the frosting
turned out pretty well I mean I’ve got three dozen of them ready to go I had to
try this one so frosted pumpkin softies they are
really soft see really soft and cakey and the oatmeal gives them just a little
bit of texture my taste pumpkin II it’s kind of like pumpkin bread with a cream
cheese frosting let’s head on to the party everybody this is Nikki and you’ve seen
her in V chat as an mer anyway this is Nikki’s cookie exchange party so Nikki
can you tell us what a cookie exchange is for those of you who might not know
but typically it’s women who get together several lunches and then we all
make certain number of cookies and then we exchange them so we all make three
dozen cookies today and we will get Chu and possibly three of each kind of so we
could we came with three dozen of one kind will leave with he doesn’t have
there you go and there’s a big group here and they’re
noisy because we’re women and that’s what we do we talk I’m gonna show you
all of the cookies and you’re gonna have to pick which ones you would get three
of instead of two all right good thing all right here we
go number one number two and number three number four number five
Number six number seven this is number eight number nine number ten this is
number ten that’s the same person made these and number ten be at number eleven number thirteen so which one would you
have picked I really want to thank Nikki and her mom Donna for inviting me to
come to the cookie exchange hope you enjoyed seeing all the cookies that we
exchanged and until next time go out and live a life you love today guys remember
you are not replaceable thanks for watching have a great day

8 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange Party – Foodie Friday – Healthy Lifestyle Show

  1. Love cookie exchange but sadly with the diabetes, I just can't risk it anymore. Great idea and grear share

  2. This was great. I like seeing how you made the cookies. Your pumpkin cookies great. The fresh pumpkin was evident! and delicious!! I did not care for how I looked :p

  3. Man I wish I had a group of people that would do a cookie exchange party 🙁 I am usually the only one who makes them

  4. Yum! Pumpkin cookies. I like the dark brown sugar better, more molasses. Use to have cookie exchange parties in PA but it doesn't seem to be a FL thing.

  5. I don't know how you managed to keep the kitchen clean when you made cookies. Mine always has flour flying all over despite my best intentions! The cookies looked great Kay! I'm going with 10b!

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