51 thoughts on “Cookie Discusses Kingsley With Her Sisters | Season 5 Ep. 10 | EMPIRE

  1. Smh jesse in the first/2nd scene of the New season wow tho.! Woooow wow wow guess the plan on the people cant be more suttle.

  2. Look we don't know what truly happened to Jesse but he is a great actor, musician and a family member on the show. Until anybody knows all of the facts why don't they let him stay put and continue on with the show as a member of the Lyon family.
    Innocent until proven guilty. Did everyone forget that?

  3. Empire was great jus fine Kingsley should have been in it more why cookie and them talking bout kingsley mom like that

  4. They was discussing Tracy…..Cookie, please dont be getting soft.
    I prefer soft cookies, but not on Empire; SNAP OUT OF IT!

  5. Excuse me? Am I the only one thinking that Kingsley is the real victim in this whole situation. I did not not grow up with a father and that scared me for life. I don't know what I would do if my father turned out to be the reason that my mom got high again. I would also destroy him and everything he loves! I love Cookie, but she is not the one who is hurt the most in this situation.

  6. I love seeing them in scenes together they bring so much talent & beauty to the scenes ♥️♥️♥️????

  7. I missed something last time i watch this show. They showed them standing over a coffin. Can someone tell me who was in the coffin?

  8. Now I'm kind of believing it is white Tracy in the casket! With Lucious apologizing (at the casket) and Cookie, seemly, nowhere in sight!!!

  9. I love Empire and watching it doesnt make me feej some kinda of way. Jamal is not nor does not make Empire!. Cookie makes empire my gurl and I will continue to watch regardless of who does what. I love Andre Jamal and my boi Hakeem. Jussie did something stupid but havent we all I mean like seriously! Iam living my best life I do not have time to judge and convict others if Im going to live mine. Yasss baby yassss hugs and blessings people the world needs a hug.

  10. This season is turning out to be the best tbh all the cast has a good storyline and its so emotional. Its just a shame all this mess that happened with jussie it’s taking the attention away from the show that is honestly one of the best on tv rn.

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