Cookie Clickers Spoon Cheat Android/iOs

In this video, i will show how to cheat without any Apps or additional software at Coockie Clickers and Tamago. it is required: a transparent sheet of plastic a pair of scissors a metallic object, like a spoon and some scotch tape first, cut a stripe from the transparent then, fold the stripe to a small packet, to get some layers on top of each other wrap some scotch tape around the plastic layers in the end, tape the foil at the spoon Done! put the spoon on the touchscreen depending on how sensitive your touchscreen and how big your metallic object is, you will need more or less foil between the spoon and the Touchscreen. i’ve put a role of Tape under the spoon handle, which holds the spoon in place and with some luck, it will work. this also works at other “Click-Applications” for example Tamago here it’s not so easy to let it work although it works now, you will ask: how does this work? and the answer is really simple: the spoon act like a finger and the foil serves as a spacer now, the touchscreen can’t decide, if the spoon is touching the sensors or not. and therefore, the sensors are changing between on and off and… yeah therefore… it continues counting such as if a finger would touch it or not this can be run through the night the next day you will see the result I hope you liked my little video have fun while rebuild comment, if it worked for you and yes, until the next video I’ve forgotten something: if you’re not at home, then you can clamp a pullover or another cloth between your fingers and then place it on the touchscreen it has exactly the same effect and you don’t need any object or so I am sorry for any english language mistakes.

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