100 thoughts on “Cold Open: A Garlic Bread Emergency – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

  1. Loved Jake's surprised reaction when Hitchcock stood up for himself and Scully and was even a little mean to him, which otherwise never happens. Hitchcock and Scully don't joke when it comes to lasagna (or any other food for that matter).

  2. One thing I learned on this show is never question Hitchcock and Scully's skills… When it comes to food and other related to it.

  3. Lmao I love how anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of cyber security knows that whatever he's saying is complete BS

  4. This isn't related, but is so very important and I have to say it…



  5. lul what? if that was how hacking works u could just pull the plug on that server to stop the data from being transferred and then do an intensive search for possible viruses

  6. Hi guys. I've never seen, or even heard, of Brooklyn nine nine, until recently. How badly should I watch this show?

  7. Sure I know hacker's gonna take over my computer in 19 minutes … I'll check Mama Maglione's recipes for 18 and then I'd pull the plug…You can't take over my computer if it's off 👩‍💻

  8. used and arp to connect to the dns and is trying to hack the server by connecting the osi model to the datalink? may as well have said abc is using def with the help of ghi to hack jkl .. a little more research please?!

  9. ‘Hacking’ on TV always drives me mad, I know this is a play on the cliche, but it still hurts.

    I’m no black hat but the answer is so infuriatingly simple; turn. off. the. server.

  10. They really need to put in a request for a 2nd microwave. Im sure the department would be fine with it all they have to do is just say "Hitchcock and Skully" on the request form.

  11. GAWWWWWDDDD. Rosa's makeup is ON POINT for my taste in this episode…just highlighting all her natural attributes. I'm so lucky my girl does the exact same thing.

  12. Sigh, they really need to start getting actual techs or engineers or even just the guy at the genius bar to write the lines in scenes like this.

  13. I am not sure if I am just blind, but you guys should include what episode these clips are from. This made me want to watch this episode lol. For those interested its Season 6, episode 14.

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