Coffee Table – Oak Cookie Slab – DIY

Creating an oak cookie slab coffee table This is an oak cookie slab You get a cookie slab (or end grain slab) when you cut the three across the growth rings This type of cut exposes the character of the wood rings and graining Lets make a coffee table with it! I ran the slab through the router Then many times through the planer Try to remove very little wood with each pass Then I removed the bark with a chisel Then I sanded the edges Then I taped the bottom side with water resistant tape Then I removed the dust with mineral spirit Then I flooded the slab with epoxy resin Removing the tape was fiddly Then I ran the workpiece through the planer (wear breathing protection) Then I sanded both sides with 80 grit paper Unfortunately, a lot of epoxy ran over the edges and had to be sanded… Then I sanded both sides with
120, 180 and 240 grit paper Then I sanded the edges by hand I cleaned the workpiece to prepare for the coating Applying Rubio Monocoat (pure) Thats it!
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6 thoughts on “Coffee Table – Oak Cookie Slab – DIY

  1. Un trabajo muy bonito…….una manera de introducir decadas y decadas de crecimiento para que cobren vida nuevamente en un Hogar……….Felicitaciones Maquina. Ein sehr netter Job ……. ein Weg, Jahrzehnte und Jahrzehnte des Wachstums in einem Heim wieder zum Leben zu erwecken ………. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

  2. You cheated !
    Most home games don't have a plainer that big, I would love to have one in stead of always having to use a router with a home made jig.
    Great video and nice table. 😊

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