Classical Musicians React: RED VELVET ‘Ice Cream Cake’ vs ‘Automatic’

Shimon: Yeah
Umu: Oh you didn’t like the giant cat and all the- Naoki: Wait
Both: GIant Cat? Naoki: I’m-
Umu: SEE!
(Honestly how do you miss the giant cat in the dessert smh) Umu: ONE- YOU MISSED A GIANT ASS FUCKING CAT
Shimon: HAHAHAA we were watching
Naoki: We were actually watching that one! (Clearly not) Naoki: There wasn’t- (yes there was)
Umu: IN THE DESSERT Naoki: Prove it (Lol) Umu: OK Naoki: See look they have little fur coats- Oh there is
Shimon: OH MY GOD
Umu: THERE’S YOUR FUCKING GIANT CAT Naoki: No it’s actually just a normal size cat it’s just shot differently Because it’s CGI. You don’t believe me? Umu: No
Shimon: I just didn’t know what a cat was *Rossini’s Semiramide Overture plays* Umu: Alright Can you introduce yourselves *Awkward silence* Mark: Hi
Everyone: *laughs* Hi I’m Mark, I play the violin I’m a freshman Nozomi: I’m Nozomi, I also play violin Umu: This is a girl group Hugo: Yaay
Umu: This is RedVelvet
(ReVeluv fandom we got a name finally it’s liiiiittttt) Umu: They’re also a pretty strong vocal group and this song what’s cool about this group is they have 2 sides they have their Red side which is more poppy, more feminine, more girly
Gwen: And then their Velvet side Umu: And then their Velvet side is R&B and like matured woman-
Hugo: Wait you just said Red side twice Gwen: No she said Velvet
Umu: No I said Velvet Kevin: Do the 2 sides mix like Schumann At sometimes (No) Umu: And this is their 3rd song that they ever put out and this is their red side And it’s called Ice Cream Cake So this will make you hungry it’s called-
Mark: Hopefully it’s like- it’s like a food porn video with like just amazing graphics
Nozomi: I though you just ate Mark: There’s always room for dessert remember
Nozomi: Oh yeah Fiona: Pop lock and drop it 5 a 4 a 3 a 2 and a 1 Fiona: Oh my god gimme some of that cake OH MY GOD Those nails Peyton: Ah that actually looks delicious Mark: Wow never seen that topping Jarod: Oh I want a slice of that Kevin: That’s pretty p- Wooo Shimon: That’s creepy
Naoki: Ahah yeah Hugo: I am in a horror movie Gwen: Yeah immediately Shimon: And I think it was the melody, Na na na
Naoki: Yeah Naoki: Well it was like a mode Gwen: Not anymore but-
Hugo: No Gwen: They were just like.. Tritone chords Yunyi: celeste!?!?!… give it to me Fiona: They’re so cute
Henry: I dig this a lot Kevin: Man it’s like a minor tendency is da da da
Yunyi: Yeah Lindsey: Haha she’s wearing a University of Michigan s… crew neck Gwen: Their hair is so cute They’re pulling out like 90’s hairstyles Naoki: Oh my god this is definitely a motif now Kevin: Ooh mixture Nozomi: Oh that’s interesting Yunyi: It’s because they have the- the minor 3rd but then they go directly to the-
Kevin: Yeah Yunyi: to 1 Kevin: WHAT
Yunyi: WOAAH
(Damn right yall shook) Shimon: That was very different Kevin: It went.. up a- up a whole step
Yunyi: Keep it coming Davis: They always do that weird thing at the end of the phrases where it’s like major But it’s like, they don’t really prepare it so you’re ready for it, you’re just like oh wait what Gwen: I’m beginning to think that kpop groups started whipping before we started whipping
(They dabbed in Korea way before we did) Yunyi: I love that I looooovvee it
Kevin: I kinda like it Fiona: Dude I want all of the beverages they’re having Nozomi: Oh savage she was drinking at a place where it said no food or drink Henry: This is pretty f***ing dope actually
Fiona: Are they actually singing about desserts (No) Jarod: The aesthetic of just breaking water Gwen: Was that just a random papaya floating in the water Davis: And it sounds like a toy piano almost, that’s playing in the background Both: ~Lalalala! lalalalala~~ Peyton: Kinda like the beat too Yunyi: Like lowkey horror Peyton: Oh it’s so cool they do a major first then they do a minor Yunyi: Man
Kevin: There’s actually no harmonic relation it just jumps Henry: They go from.. A to B Kevin: it’s great Henry: Gimme that (Ice cream) Flat seveeenn Nozomi: Woah woah Yunyi: Woaah
Kevin: Haha wa Nozomi: What was that
Mark: In the Midwest (It’s Cali lol) there’s something Gwen: They have a good ensemble Hugo: Yeah
Gwen: They blend well Kevin: Do you scream ever- Both: Hahha Kevin: Oh they repeat it Mark: I scream you scream Nozomi: Gimme gimme- gimme that gimme that ice cream Mark: So is it i’m screaming or ice cream or is it a play on words Jarod: Dude there’s just something hip about the Korean language Which is like- it just bounces man Mark: I just don’t understand the connections between ice cream and you scream Henry: It’s symbolic Fiona: It’s definitely symbolic of something Henry: It’s a innuendo
Fiona: of something special WHAT THE F******CCCKKKKK Peyton: Oh that’s a big cat (Yet Shimki missed it) Henry: THERE’S JUST A MASSIVE CAT IN THE DESSERT WOW Lindsey: Oh I see it
Davis: YEah Lindsey: They’re all wearing Thrasher Gwen: It modulates every- what is that dominant Kevin: OOhh different different
Yunyi: Yeah they didn’t go major that time Kevin: Oh no-
Yunyi: Oh now they did Kevin: Now it’s in major, yeah Yunyi: ~come and chase MEEEEEEE~ Hugo: I think they use the chromatic thing to go back down I think that’s how they do it
Gwen: YEah Both: I scream you OHHOHO Yunyi: OHOHOHO we got played Peyton: The beauty of chromaticism You can do whatever you want Gwen: It went back down Hugo: Yeah
Gwen: But it’s not lower than it was before Hugo: No yeah
Gwen: Just somehow get back up Hugo: I think they just go up a whole step then they go back down a whole step Jarod: I love those jackets though Peyton: I-
Jarod: Like the lights
(Oh he was talking about the fur ones) Peyton: I just love them Yunyi: He- *Looks at Kevin*
Kevin: I scream you scream gimme that gimme that ice cream (Lol extra) (Wtf was that noise XD) Hugo: Gimme that gimme that ice cream
Gwen: Yeah it’s the times where they say I scream you scream like there’s no vocal line so that’s when they start modulating Gwen: Yeah
Hugo: No I think they do it before then, I think they do it right… I think they do it preettyyyy soon I think once they hit the actual refrain they’re back in the original key
Gwen: Wait we gotta- we gotta listen- we gotta find it Fiona: Gimme that what Umu: Gimme that gimme that your lips Fiona: Ooh ok yeah definitely a huge innuendo it- for that cat (LOL) in the dessert Jarod: I love the beat and yeah what Peyton said how they did that cool minor major thing it was great but I was definitely entra- some beautiful human beings in that group Peyton: You’re gonna have to apologize I mean when we watch like 40 guy groups in a row
Jarod: Some beeaautiful and you’ve finally shown us a girl group
Jarod: And you’re just like BABFBAK (Definitely not a sexual innuendo) AND I SAW THE BREAK ROOM AND I WAS LIKE SHALALALA Jarod: Sorry
Umu: HHAhA Umu: Ok English lyrics then you’ll get what it’s about
Nozomi: Oh Umu: Please gimme that sweet taste, ice cream cake or the flavor that fits this special day that ice cream that’s on my mouth makes your heart pound and you’ll come to me It’s so tasty so come and chase me I can’t hold it in I scream you scream, gimme that gimme that ice cream Umu: Hah mark’s getting it Mark: So many, I can’t believe it, what Nozomi: I’m still–
Mark: Maybe it’s one of those videos where it’s better not to know the lyrics Just a Assume it’s one of those innocent happy songs Umu: Exactly
Nozomi: I still don’t get it Umu: I’ll tell you after the video Gwen: OOOOOHHHHH Gwen: What is that, applied dominant Hugo: No it’s a chromatic.. modulation There we go that’s where it is And then they go back to the refrain the re- (I just started dancing the chorus lol) They make that- they make the modulated key an applied chord of the original key They modulate high enough that they make that chord the dominant of the original key and then they go back down to the original
Umu: That;s so cooooll Davis: What I like about the music is.. I really like you know they’re telling you about this whole chase me thing
(Go watch Dreamcatcher Chase Me) As they were singing that, in the background they had this like jigidajigidajigidajigida I mean like it- it created a sense of urgency
Lindsey: It’s like the uh Lindsey: Erlkönig davis: Den Erlenkönig
(dddddddudududududuudududud) schubert. have you guys- did you have that in theory yet? Davis: It’s supposed to create like a chase- like through the music I thought they did some of that with their music here where they sort of like things sort of reflected what they were singing singing in the music not saying, singing Lindsey: I just liked it cuz it was catchy and fun (Lol) Yunyi: Anyways.. I’ll trust that The lyrics was probably a conscious choice
Kevin: Well it says chase me, you know there’s like a- Kevin: There’s like a nuh uh
(Kevin would make a great sassy girl) There’s like an unh unh type of feeling which is always good Yunyi: I was gonna talk about Something musically- OH there was lowkey kazoo action in the background did you hear that There was some phewweeew like some kazoo Umu: So you liked the chromatic melodies in that
Henry: Yeah, I dug the modulation between
Fiona: I enjoyed all of it, it was hilarious It was in B then it was also in A sometimes and also in B other times
FIona: Red Velvet, more like Scarlet, like they deserve a better.. better Red- Crimson Umu: ANYWAYS We’re moving on to their Velvet side, this is Automatic
(Make sure you’re using my subs not Automatic subs hehe) Mark: I have a feeling it’s gonna have lament bass in it Nozomi: They usually- yeah Yunyi: Very different topic than Ice Cream Cake Umu: Yes Yunyi: Automatic ice cream cake Like Automatic Riffles Automatic ice cream cake (Yunyi wtf) Umu: Whaat Kevin: Automatic riffles that shoot ice cream cake Jarod: We about to take you on a nice velvetty journey
(Ok you need to show them girl groups more often) Enjoy (I feel uncomfortable) *Click* *Creepy wink* (Omg stop him pls) Kevin: OOh there’s some what Peyton: unhunh Ooh (I’m dancing to this part too lol) Fiona: Ooh Dude they’re so versatile Shimon: Spaghetti
(BUT DOESN’T NOTICE A GIANT CAT) Naoki: Mussles Shimon: Brown Couch Naoki: Red Velvetty Shimon: Fish Tight, tight Naoki: Ok Lindsey: Oh it’s like- it’s like a mom’s club Gwen: Well this is beautiful *Hugo ruins it* Hugo: Also-
Gwen: Their voices are so much better suited to this style Naoki: Yeah their voice types are different now Hugo: I mean we’ve only heard one but yeah Naoki: it’s because they’re conveying different characters, this one’s like silkier As opposed to upbeat and like youthful
Shimon: Darker Richer Naoki: It’s velvetier (These 2 I swear) Gwen: But this is like ideal R&B tone Hugo: Yeah
GWen: Where it’s like breathy and sultry and stuff Hugo: But not too breathy Fiona: It is very R&B it kinda reminds me of 2000’s R&B Gwen: Also their diction is like I don’t know it cuz it’s Korean but it’s good Shimon: This is a really huge stylistic difference though between the 2 videos
Naoki: Oh yeah Jarod: I’m just gonna straight up say, this beat This melody Is bangin Kevin: I’m surprised I like their poppy side more This hits all the R&B beats.. R&Beats Gwen: Ooh did you hear that descant?
*Hugo blows nose* Henry: Ungh that chord Umu: What’s descant? Gwen: It’s like a So you know how the highest line is usually the melody Sometimes there’s a higher line, that’s not the melody And if it’s like- it’s basically cou- like a counterpoint to the melody But it’s not a harmony Umu: Are you enjoying Henry: Yes I mean Not so much the lyrics and the singing, but The chord progression If there were- if- if If there was someone rapping over this I’d be like BRUH
(Not him too) Fiona: Dude that’s actually really true Nozomi: I mean this chromaticism ma-
Mark: Very R&B sounding Hugo: Oh damn girl, sh*t get it Fiona: They’re such good dancers In sync Hugo: Also dancing in heels, props
Gwen: Also.. yeah Davis: This is definitely very R&B, this chords are so, there’s just a lot of major 7th and like
Lindsey: Mhm Jarod: Late night at the coffee shop peyton: yeah man Yunyi: Woah English This is such easy listening
Kevin: Yeah I agree Yunyi: It’s cuz everything is kinda like At the same dynamic level and the instrumentation is very consistent through But the vocals are really interesting but they’re not overbearing Henry: Bridge Peyton: Woooohhhh Fiona: AHHH Henry: Ooh it’s good Peyton: I love the chords Henry: OOhhh Chords OOhhh Lindsey: you know like they gotta slow it down a little you know Henry: OOOHHH Mark: I like the- the beat, it’s like the vibe of the song, it’ pretty nice (It’s moments like these that make me happy, less work XD) Jarod: Like- Ooh I dig this Kevin: Man their dancing looks so classy Mark: I like the way the water is filmed backwards too there Herny: The chor- uh The chorus is just like But like, the bridge was like EEEHHE Mark: I don’t know I always thought Korean wasn’t really a vocal language but this kind of just like it sounded natural It wasn’t- I thought it sounds usually consonant
nozomi: *sings* sooo natural marK: what Nozomi: No- they.. they.. the lyrics Jarod: Like- nice like that cinematic they-
Peyton: ~Automatic~ Jarod: Ending where it began Henry: Yeah, wow I definitely like this one better Fiona: WOW there’s such a contrast between the two sides
Henry: Yeah honestly good for them for being able to do both of those really well Jarod: Yeah this music.. very sexy Booty-ful I might say *Peyton is so embarrassed* Lindsey: I feel like I just don’t have very much to say about this song it’s just very straightforward, just like Like it’s definitely … kinda… just chill Jarod: This is the kinda music that I’d put on, when I love someone neomu neomu neomu much And I would express how much I love them With this music And then we’d engage in tickle fights Lindsey: I wish I had more to say about it but I just don’t really
Davis: Yeah I just- I love- I loved it Lindsey: Yeah yeah no I-
Davis: I love the music like you can hear the chimes in the back and the synth Umu: What musically makes it sound like R&B from the early 2000’s Davis: There’s a lot of like- whenever anytime it’s like I just say teh early 2000’s cuz that’s a lot of the R&B that I listen to But like You hear a lot of those major 7th and suspended chords that are going on in the synthesizer And also they like to do all the transition between ideas like they used that chime in the background so it’s like
Lindsey: Yeah And the bass- the bass is almost always like- it’s like a specific groove buum badoom doom babooboom It’s very steady- it’s always you can just feel how it just lays back on the beat It just makes it- it just gives it that chill effect Mark: This one sounded more like What I’m used to hearing On radio stations from R&B groups so.. I didn’t think that Kpop could sound like this so I feel like I had one type of music in mind when I When people say what kpop is
(BigBang Fantastic Baby, that’s what it was for me lol) So this is definitely broadening my sphere Umu: Let’s just talk about their voices and that song
Gwen: Oh Beeaautiful
Hugo: Amazing Gwen: Beautiful Very well suited Umu: Do you want me to show you some live performances from them Gwen: Yes.. of the velvet side
Hugo: Yeah
Umu: Ok I’l probably show the Umu: Of the velvet side, not on like immortal- I have immortal songs too Hugo: Both are fine
Gwen: Do that yeah Umu: Was there anything like musically interesting about the chords in this one or… Kevin: I mean it def- it sounds pretty generic for R&B but the bridge did have- there were some moments but because the chords were too crunchy I actually can’t tell you Like what they did It feels like a different language (weeeelll) R&B and like it’s not a language that I’ve mastered Yunyi: I was gonna say I actually thought the vocals or harmony were the.. only.. real.. dynamic thing about this song we just listened to Cuz like everything- like the beat was the same, the instrumentation was mostly the same there was no rise and fall of like.. stuff cuz lik you know like usually when other groups umm get like a chord change or just when other musicians get a chord change Like they’ll make a big deal out of it most of the time Cuz usually at a sectional break but these- they just kinda went back and forth you know, modulated places Peyton: See that is what we would call for yall not aware of my culture that’s what we’d call a slow jam now you can experience that in your own- in your own time but
(JAROD WHAT ARE YOU DOING) Slow jam is a beautiful style with a lot of Nice ?? going usually major 7 on to minor 11 like they just sequence them down Just sit down at a piano and figure it out you’re like take you about 20 mins if you know some theory then you’ll AUTOMATICally be a neo soul R&B person I mean
(Jarod is so extra nvm don’t show him gg’s) Major 7’s and minor 11’s (Omg Jarod) Go to town, but Very beautiful song, good groove beautiful women to match Gwen: They’re going for the sound and they’re getting it you know what I mean like it’s not bad technique Like they’re not doing anything that screeches ??
Hugo: I thought their technique was pretty good I thought like Gwen: I mean it’s- it’s hard to be a- have good technique in that style, you know what I mean Hugo: Yeah no but I think there is a way and I think they’re definitely closest out of all the vocal groups we’ve seen I think they actually did a really good job of keeping the breath support because being that breathy x2
Gwen: ~It just comes automatic~ Hugo: And singing that you need a lot of breath support
Gwen: ~It just comes automatic~ Gwen: Yeah I can’t Hugo: You can’t straight tone it Umu: Ok so which side did you like better *Pointing to nothing* *points up* Yunyi: First one (Oh jk it was a 1) Kevin: Yeah first one
Umu: So Ice Cream Cake Umu: Velvet side or Red side Naoki: The fun side Shimon: Ok see I think I like the music from the first one better Umu: Oh but then-
Shimon: But I didn’t like the video because It was a little too extra (Said the one who didn’t see the giant cat) Umu: Ok.. Ok so which one did you like Gwen: It’s- this one x3 Hugo: Yeah same
Gwen: This one Fiona: I’m a fan I can’t pick which one
Henry: I dig Fiona: Umm I kinda feel like I wanna go with the first one that I like more Fiona: It was like.. blatantly like I”M A GIRL
Hnery: I definitely like the 2nd one Deal with it Nozomi: Well because I didn’t really understand what the lyrics meant I like the feel of the song for Ice Cream Cake better, it’s I guess I don’t really know R&B like I don’t know much of it so it’s just a new experience for me Umu: Then which one did you like better, their red side-
Lindsey: I like the first one Umu: Red side or Automatic or.. Velvet Umu: Ok so I’m guessing are you guys liking the Velvet side better than the Red side Jarod: Oh you bet
Peyton: Yes Jarod: You know it Peyton: Yes Jarod: You know it Peyton: YEs Jarod: Don’t lie to yourself Peyton: YESSS
Jarod: This is the best thing you’ve heard all day Both: Yes

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