71 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake (Easy Recipe)【簡単!】シナモンロールもマグカップで出来る!!

  1. i LOOOOOOOVE cinnamon rolls! I used to make them so much last year, but this year the bottom-heat in my oven doesn't work and my landlord wont fix it so they never turn out very well.. They're so fun to make, and delicious! This mug version seems like a great quick and easy substitute 🙂

  2. this looks really good! yum Personally, I use DIY parchment paper piping bags for this kind of speed frosting. Have you ever tried those? Brilliant video and recipe as always. I love the fluffy coaster!

  3. So yummy! You guys have the coolest looking microwave. I love the placement used today too. Multicolored pom poms? AWESOME!!!

  4. Those look tasty! I used to make cinnamon rolls, and I thought it was fun to make them. It does take a little bit of time, but the end result is really nice. The other problem is that it makes a large batch, so it's good to make them when you can share with friends. Eat a few, and then take the rest to other people! They will be so excited! Freshly-baked cinnamon rolls are a real treat.

  5. i looooove cinammon rolls!!!!! 😍😍😍 but… i don't have a microwave oven… 😭
    i must try this recipes in a regular oven…

  6. Maybe I shouldn't have watched this right after exercising! Haha but really, it looks delicious! As do all of your mug desserts…

  7. Very futuristic looking microwave you guys have there!!! Will deff give this recipe a try!! Thank you for always coming up with new amazing recipes for fatties like me 😍😍

  8. Yumm! A chopped up apple would be nice in there too.
    Aww, I have everything but the cream cheese. But now I have a reason to buy some!

  9. +Sakura Spring ohhh now that's a great idea! Our castella recipe is quite easy and delicious already, but a mug version might be fun to make. I'm gonna ask Satoshi to experiment. Ha!

  10. I was stuck to what to make for dessert tomorrow when a friend comes over for dinner, I AM SO MAKING THESE! Will tweet you the results! thanks! 🙂

  11. What an amazing flavor for a mug cake, I get the craving for cinnamon rolls all of the time but they are NOT the easiest things to make and take a long time. How about a really tart Lemon flavor mug cake, maybe a Lemon Meringue flavor. thank you!

  12. guys, i tried this recipe in a conventional oven and it didn't work… 😩 i wonder what we could change to make it work…

  13. O.o that looks so great! I'm mexican and I don't understand you really good but I can….. Regards from Mexico! 😊

  14. Hi! I loved! 💜 I'm from Mexico and I don't understandy you really good but I can….. Regards from Mexico! Hope you answer

  15. Hmm I'll have to try this. I've attempted to make cinnamons rolls from scratch twice and the rolling part is always the hardest as I struggle to roll it tightly and they just don't come out right after that. But this skips all that! 🙂

  16. Made this! So light and fluffy like a cake, but tasted like a cinnamon roll?! WHO NEEDS APPLE SAUCE?! Great recipe. ❤️❤️❤️

  17. i tried it! it was really good, way better than i expected. i had tried another recipe but it didn’t taste as good. thanks!!

  18. Heyyy, I’ve recently commented on your Nutella mug cake recipe and I was just scrolling through your videos till I found this, I LOVE cinnamon rolls! I’m planning to make these but I have no access to brown sugar at the moment, can I use white sugar? If not, I’ll just get some the next time I go grocery shopping! Thanks <3

  19. I tried it. The frosting cake out Great but the roll was undercooked. And was to lazy to keep going so I left it like that.

  20. It isn’t the best, yes, but it’s good if you poke frosting on it
    It’s a bit chewy but it is almost like how all mug cakes are

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