Ciabatta Bread Recipe|77%hydration|10%olive oil

Put water in the bowl. Put the instant yeast. After 1 minute, mix evenly the instant yeast. After adding salt, dissolve in water. Add olive oil and mix well. After adding flour,
Mix evenly until no flour is visible
(dough temperature 22.5℃). After 30 minutes of Rest(autolyze),
the first fold (folding) After 30 minutes of Rest,
the second fold (folding) After 30 minutes of Rest,
the third fold (folding) After 30 minutes of Rest,
the fourth fold (folding) After the fourth fold,
During 2hours room temperature fermentation
sprinkle flour on the canvas cloth. After fermentation,
Hold the dough shape in square shape. Divide the dough into a rectangular shape (about 400g) After sprinkling flour on the canvas cloth, Put the dough Second fermentation completion:
20 minutes fermentation at room temperature The second fermented dough is panned on the preheated lodge 10-inch combo cooker floor Cover the lodge 10-inch combo cooker lid.
Put it in the oven After 15 minutes baking, remove the lodge cover and continue baking for 15 minutes Remove the bread from the oven and cool Tasting after completion of bread

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  2. Не, ну мне нравится 40,2 грамма, температура 22,5. Кто придерживается, тот сумасшедший

  3. That was just mean. Listening to you crunch through that amazing piece of bread just reminded me that you did the work, so you get the bread. I got nothing.

  4. чиабатт получился шикарны но вот не понятно тесто через какое время нужно сложить и сколько времени в духовке под крышкой

  5. да,безупречно!но наша украинская мука не подходит т.к белки в нашей муке 10,3,а надо 13,поэтому как не старайся ,но таких дырочек не будет.

  6. Thank you for the video! The bread made according to your video steps is very successful, you are really amazing! I hope you can always see your share here, ps: I have read all the ads in your video, haha

  7. Félicitations car c’est une réussite, le pain a une mie très alvéolée même si la technique employée pourrait être un peu simplifiée . Bravo quand même et un grand merci 😊

  8. This must be one of the most seductive, enticing, sensual, and visual depictions of the joy of baking bread and eating it that I have ever seen. My mission is to duplicate it all in my own kitchen. Many thanks.

  9. Hi! I tried your recipe several times. Taste was perfect but the bread never had so many bubbles inside. Do you have any idea to improve this aspect? Thanks!

  10. Друзья, смотрите видео "Домашний хлеб получил ОСКАР" на моем канале

  11. Думаю в тексте ошибка в самом начале- вода не прохладная а теплая градусов 25, иначе откуда в 6 пункте-температура теста 22,5 ℃

  12. Перебор! А куда дел остатки теста?! В войну бы тебя в росход пустили!))))

  13. Miért nem hagyják nyugodtan végignézni a videot !
    Nem a hirdetésért nézzük !nem érdekel a hirdetés !
    Ha érdekelne ,asztnéznénk !

  14. 버터를 쓰지 않고 굳이 올리브 오일 쓰는 이유가 있는지 궁금합니다. 맛은 버터 넣는게 더 좋을텐데요. 발효가 잘되는건지 다른 이유가 있는건지.

  15. You really had to make ruler measured cuts, done in a straight line, and then let it rise again to lose its shape? 😂

  16. I've tried the recipe today and unfortunately mine didn't rise as much. It could be because I'm living at 1600 m in the mountains. Do you have any recommendations how I should adapt the recipe for the bread to rise as it does in your video?

  17. 정성 가득 레시피 정말 감사합니다 ~ 감자치아바타를 만들고 싶은데 여기에 감자를 추가하고 싶다면 배합이 달라져야하나요?

  18. thank you for this great video again! but i have a question! if we don't have a lodge cooker, how should we cook the bread? is this recipe suitable for cooking in a oven without lodge?

  19. Dead easy. 500gms white flour (bread strong) 359gms water. 10gms yeast. Desert spoon of olive oil. Mix and leave overnight in fridge. Cannot go wrong.

  20. Называется догадайся что положил и сколько, что сложно было рассказать

  21. I love the simplicity
    I love the willing to share
    It shows a lot
    Good work!!
    And I really love your sourdough breads !!!
    Keep up the good work
    And thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  22. I love the simplicity,
    I love the willing to share
    It shows a lot
    And I love your sourdough breads.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    And thank you from the bottom of my heart. !!!!!

  23. assurez-vous de vous en tenir à la recette en grammes et en millilitres, ne peut-elle pas être arrondie? Je vous remercie.

  24. Hello you have taught us some secret about breadmaking like folding which i would never have known otherwise .thanks .i would also like to know if i can add herbs to the dough or garlic and cheese ..

  25. чтобы твои руки отсохли.что за издевательство над тестом.куда выкинул остатки?

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