Christmas Tree Cupcakes

So this is the deal I´m doing a DIY Christmas gift series every day for the next 6 days I´ll be posting a new DIY Christmas gift idea To
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the next video in this series has been posted Watch out for the 6th day
because I’ll be sharing a link for an additional 7th video on how to fold Christmas tree serviettes that will add that
special touch the next know about to show you guys is how to make a Christmas tree cupcake and what we´re going to do is we´re going to use an ice cream cone for that and I´m going to show you guys how easy it is and how beautiful the result so the first thing you want to do is cover the top of your cupcake with white frosting Then dip your cupcake into
shredded coconut then you´re going to put your ice cream come on top of that and fill a piping bag that has been fitted with a small open star nozzle with the same frosting you used to cover
your cupcake Then you´re going to pipe small stars starting
from the bottom of your cone until the top of your cone and you´re going to do
this all around until your cupcake has been completed Then I added some silver edible
balls to that I dusted it with some icing sugar to resemble snow and not last but
not least I added a star and to make your star silver cardboard paper you need to cut out your star from that and to the back of the star you´re going to secure a toothpick with some tape and you´re going to put your star on top of your Christmas tree the full details of today’s DIY will
be available on my blog you can click on the link in the
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