52 thoughts on “Chocolate + Water = Chocolate Mousse?! | Ask Barry #5

  1. Would I make this again? Yes. But you literally have a few minutes where the texture is just right! I've typed up instructions in my own words here send me pics if you do try it https://barrylewis.net/recipe/chocolate-water-chocolate-mousse/
    and for more Ask Barry videos, have a Barrathon & check out this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC3UBKM0C4o&list=PLfItiEY3o1msQ9Kg5HsA045jFgZlPP2Ns

  2. if you dry it again with milk or white chocolate i suggest less water and electric beater. i might try that myself actually

  3. Barry you should try the milk free chocolate mousse. 50% Dark chocolate and silken tofu. Melt chocolate in microwave or baymaree, then mix in the tofu till no lumps erc, let set in the fridge for 2hrs or over night. Yummy.

  4. You really shouldn't ingest water from the hot tap.
    Legionella bacteria can develop in the boiler and give you Legionnaires' disease (potentially fatal).

  5. Can someone talk all his videos and put them into one playlist so I can know how many videos I'm gonna have to watch to watch everyone of them

  6. There’s a muchhh easier way to do this!! You literally just put as much chocolate as you want and you microwave it until it’s melted and then you add the tiniest amount of water (legit the one I make has about a third of a block of chocolate in a bowl and then after it’s melted I add legit a drop of water in and then mix it) in it and it’s so good!

  7. This made me feel wrong, Water and chocolate! What! It looks so cool tho, I'd love to try it

  8. Chocolate and water is so wrong, give me milk with the chocolate any day. Also, White chocolate is not technically chocolate, since there’s no cocoa in it at all. Good try though.

  9. I think milk and white chocolate didnt work because u treat them like a dark one. What i mean by that. Maybe the water content has to be less or more due to the differend percentage in cocoa butter

  10. You kept blaming the thumbnail for the texture change…. but really that's just how it looked when you took it out the bowl.

  11. I tried making a quarter batch of this with a hand whisk (Well, hand mixer with whisk attachment) and it turned out great. Except I made the same mistake of mixing for too long, though not quite as long as you did. I love the texture, and I ate a bunch of it, even though I made it using this old 70% chocolate I don't like, that I got as a gift last christmas, so I wouldn't waste any good chocolate. (It was also super quick, like minutes to melt, minutes to cool/firm up)

  12. Running water freaked me out. We are in a country where water is really precious. So watching you just running it like that killed me. In 2017 – 2018 in Cape Town the total amount you could use a day was 50 liters per person. That is for everything. Sorry Just wanted to put it out there. Love your show buy the way.

  13. Barry how about taking tiny food and making it normal sized. Like iced gems the size of a digestive or hundreds and thousands 100 times larger? Martin and Sally!

  14. Use half the water amount in the milk chocolate and white chocolate and see if that works. Maybe? Less watery?

  15. 1:28 No! That does not work! Heating it up does not just reverse a ruined process! Just like putting a fried egg in the fridge won’t make it raw again!

  16. As Heston said: It’s easy to overdo it. You whipped it a bit too long. I agree that it is fine though.
    One trick: Freeze it! For some proper chocolate ice cream! 😀

  17. The whiter the chocolate, the lower the melting point. I did experiments. I think for white it’s only 28°C. And for 85% it’s 38 or even more.
    It’s because coca butter has a higher melting point than dairy fats.

  18. There’s clearly too much water for the milk/white versions. Better too little than too much. It only needs to melt the chocolate. Not more.
    Also, I did not see you actually whipping them. … No. That was not whipping! ^^

  19. If you want to unterstand how this works, read up on metallurgy of steel. Especially on creating different crystal structures through heating/cooling gradually, adding other stuff, and working it.

  20. I've found that using closer to a 1:1 ratio of chocolate to water works much better. You also really need to be careful when whisking over the ice. I only use the ice for brief time and do most of the whisking out of the ice bath and stop before it gets to soft peaks.

  21. Watching this with my 3 year old daughter, who LOVES Moana. When you said "SHINY" she looked at me and said "SHINY MUMMY" and whilst I'm typing this shes saying to me, "Mummy watch mix mix mix" (I paused the video to write this comment..)

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