Chocolate vs. Real Food Challenge

– Life is like a box of really gross food. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – And happy Valentine’s
Day, Mythical Beasts. And if you are hoping for chocolate, we have got you covered because GMM chocolate lover’s week continues. – Yes and today, we are
definitely hoping for chocolate because if we pick the alternative, it’s gonna be very gross. It’s time for Peeker Picker Poker Face– – Chocolate Edition. Okay we’ve played this
game before with gummy food versus the real counterpart and today we’re doing
it again with chocolate. We’ve got a Lazy Susan here
with two chocolate boxed cloches and under one of these we’ve
got a chocolate version of something and then under the other one, we have got the real life item
that the chocolate represents and I’m told that is very nasty. – Yes, each round will
have a peeker and a picker. The peeker peeks underneath the cloche and then the picker will
then read the peeker’s face to decide if they want to
keep what’s in front of them or switch it and then we
reveal and you have to eat what is under your cloche. – All right, I’m a little nervous. Let’s go ahead and determine
who’s gonna pick first by snapping this chocolate bar, whoever gets the longest piece. – Oh yeah just thumb and finger. – Three, two, one, here comes the picker. – Oh.
– Man that’s– – Yours a little bit longer. Okay.
– You can say that again. – You are the picker.
– Picker. – Which makes me the peeker. – Round one. – Rhett, you must peek first. (twinkling music) So you’ve got a po-po-poker face for your pee-pee-pee-peeking. – I gave you nothing, my friend. – Actually you gave me a little something in that left eyeball of yours. – Oh the left one? Yeah, that was intentional. – It started to water a little bit. – Uh-huh, I wanted you to be
watching that left eyeball. – I think you do not
want what’s under there. – So you just gave it
to yourself. (chuckles) – Good point. (Rhett, crew laughs) – Good one. – But then you were trying
to help my thought process by not keeping it. But I could tell in your
poker face that dang it, I’m confusing myself, did I go– (Rhett laughs) Now this is the one you had and this is the one you don’t want. And that’s the one you gon’ eat. – Okay. – You’re still trying
to hold down the shop. All right, let’s reveal. Three, two, one. (suspenseful music) Oh! You stinker! You stink-eyed me!
(Rhett laughs) – I think you did it–
– Oh my gosh. – All yourself, actually. Oh this is a chocolate snail. – This is– – Happy Valentine’s Day to me. – Look, I’m shaking, I can’t hold a snail. How do I eat a snail, guys? Well I don’t eat the shell. – Suck the meat out of the front. – Mm. (Link gags)
Mm-hmm. It’s a delicacy, man. People pay big money for this, man. Some restaurants are known
for how well they this. – It’s so chewy.
– Mm-hmm. – It is buttery, though. – Man that’s a lot of chocolate. This is tough to get down. (Josh, crew laughs) I mean I didn’t know I
could, it’s so thick, I mean, it’s so much chocolate. – It’s so big I can’t swallow it. – I’m still getting it down. (Link exhales) – I got it, ugh. – Round two. – You ready to watch me peek? – Yes. Now, just to clarify, I cannot see a reflection in your glasses. Last time people thought I was cheating. But you wanna be extra special about it, you could take your glasses off for this. I know you like to be special. (laughs) – Then I can’t see. – Mm, yes. (laughs) Exactly. – All right I’ll do that.
– Okay. (twinkling music) Hmm, you’re playing it cool too, huh? – So cool. – Your eyes crossed a little bit as if you were trying not to look at it and register what it might be. But that came a little bit late
after you thought about it. – I also couldn’t see
anything without my glasses. (Rhett laughs) Which was your idea, so–
– Yes it was. – You wanna do a little twirl? – Let me just see how it makes you feel. Oh you got a little happy
when I put that on your side. You know what, I feel pretty
good about what I’ve done and where I’m at right now. – All right, let’s go. – Three, two, one. – Oh! (laughing) I am happy! Me so happy! (Rhett groans) – What in the world is that? A kidney? – I think that this is a
stomach made out of chocolate so I think that’s probably a
stomach made out of stomach. Pick it up. What is that from?
– Is it a stomach? Or a kidney?
– Rhett had it correct. – It’s a kidney.
– Oh yeah. That’s a kidney. – I could think of it like a big bean. (crew laughs) – I know, it’s like, I was
like is that a devil food cake? When I first looked at it. I was a bit confused. – Okay. – Oh my goodness, Rhett. That has to be great. What’s it taste like? – As you would imagine. – As you would, does it taste like a pee-pee organ? – What animal is it from? – Pig. A pig.
– Ape? – A pig. – I thought she said ape. (Rhett, crew chuckles) We got a ape kidney.
– It’s a ape kidney. Really pushing it this year. – All right. – It’s not good. It’s not good at all. There’s nothing about
it that makes me happy. – I’m very happy. – When you saw this, did you
know that it wasn’t chocolate? – No. (laughs) – You didn’t, did you?
– No. – Right that’s what I thought. So I actually think I played it right. And wrong all at the same time. – Round three. – Do the peeking honors. – I will. (twinkling music) (laughs) (crew laughs) (Link laughs) – Um, mm. That was a pre-meditated laughter. There was no genuine response in that. – You don’t think that was genuine? – It was pre-meditated laughter, man. – That was as genuine as my laughter gets. (laughing dramatically) – But then I think you
found it hard to fake laugh, like I think that you saw a nasty. In the middle of that laughter
you really put the pedal to the metal to try to compensate. You peeked at a gross. – Mm.
– And then you tried to just keep the laughter going and now, you must eat it. In three, two, one oh, yes! (laughs) Yeah, that’s right! I know how your, the laughter just went– (laughs excitedly) (laughs pitifully) – (laughs) Oh, it’s a chicken foot. – Oh look at that chicken foot. Made out of chocolate. – Okay, I guess you just
grab a finger and go for it. – Now you’ve eaten a lot of
chicken feet on this show. – You know–
– I’ve never– – That’s the way it’s gone.
– I don’t think I’ve, for every one chicken foot that I eat, you’ve probably eaten four. – That’s what I think
about your reasoning. – Blur that. – Round four. – Okay chicken foot breath,
since I have your word that you can’t see any
information or reflectation in my glasses, I’m gonna keep ’em on. – Okay.
– I’m ready to peek. (twinkling music) – Hmm. Okay, well this is difficult because– – Of course it is ’cause I’m playing hard. – You had a negative
reaction that became forced pretty early on. I would suspect the way
that you play this game is you’re like I’m not
gonna think about it until I see it and then I’m
just gonna respond to it and go with it, right? – Okay so you’re saying– – Don’t touch this. – I was just gesturing to it. – Don’t touch the frickin’ lazy heart. That was a great movie with
Jeff Bridges. (chuckles) He’s so talented. I think you saw something and
you authentically went with it to the point that you were
like, I’m just doing this. I’m just doing this right now. – I don’t know what any of that means. What is your choice? – What you mean that I wanna
keep it the way that it was. Yes, this is what I’m gonna do. – I agree. – Three. (chuckles) Three– (crew laughing) – You sure you don’t wanna?
– Two. – You sure you don’t wanna?
– One! (suspenseful music)
(Rhett laughs) – What is this? This is a freakin’ snake! – Ah, yep. Oh look it’s so cute. – Hey Link, please mind the bones. – Oh please mind the bones. – Don’t eat the bones ’cause
there’s bones in there so just be careful. – It stinks.
– Are there bones in mine? – No. They’re chocolate bones.
(Link gags) – This is so romantic. You know what I wanna do to you, snake? I just wanna– – I don’t wanna be here for this. – Mind the bones they say. – Oh gosh. (Link gags)
(Rhett laughs) Oh gosh, oh gosh. – Just smell of it. – Oh wow, so snakey. – Smells like one of those dry aquariums. What are those called? – Is this the snake that
has been in the weird fridge for a long time?
– Oh yeah. – This is months old snake. (chuckles) (Link grunts) Oh, oh, you got the spirit of the snake. (Link gags) Oh gosh. – I’ve eaten enough snake.
(Rhett laughs) – Happy Valentine’s Day. – Round five. – All right. Time to peek. (twinkling music) (whimpering softly) (crew laughs) – So silly, man.
(Rhett laughs) This is a serious show, okay? – Uh-huh. – I didn’t get much from that rouse. – I was upset about what I saw. – Pouty face. Are you crying a little bit? – Yeah. – I was looking– – Beyond the facade– – I was looking beyond the pouty facade and I was noticing some
sort of the darting of the eyes, there was
some left to right darting. – Darting, you saw darting. – It was like an analyzation. Like you were having a
deep dialogue with yourself to try to figure out what it actually was. – Mm, mm. Mm. – But you could have been
doing that with chocolate. – Mm. – What does chocolate? What does chocolate?
– What does chocolate? That’s really the question
we’re all asking this year. – Okay, you know what–
– What does chocolate? – You gave me nothing. – You’re going rando? Oh, boldness. The boldness. They got great ball
bearings in these things. They could last a long time. – So there you have it. Judging by the orientation of
the heart, I have switched. Fate has chosen this one for me. You know what I think
about fate. (chuckles) (crew laughs) Three, two, one. Boom, daddy! You got a heart! You darted on the heart! You were darting back
and forth on that heart. Bite it like an apple. Just like here I’ll show you how to do it. Good gosh, look at that. That is anatomically correct. – Don’t break your teeth.
– Ow. – That is solid chocolate. – Where do you bite a heart?
– Gosh, man. Is this a heart from what? Former intern? – Okay.
– Lamb. – Oh good. (chuckles) – Yes, Rhett, you’ve done it! It’s like Temple of Doo, Doom. – You having tough time with
that chocolate over there? – Yeah. It’s real hard to eat chocolate when watching someone eat a lamb heart. – (groans) You know, there’s just something
very romantic about this. – Wanna hold hands?
– Nope. (laughs) (grunting melodically) – Here I’ll help you out here. Eat a little of that, it’ll help you. It’ll help you. It’ll help you eat it. Can you do it? Can he do it? Trying to make fire with his forearms. It’s always a good sign, yes! Happy Valentine’s Day, Rhett! – Woo!
– You’ve eaten a lamb heart! – You want a bite? There’s a lot more where that came from. – No. Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Ooh dodged a bullet. – Hey Rhett and Link, I’m Shawn. – And I’m Stephanie. – And we just got married. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Congratulations! – They’re in like their bedroom. (Rhett chuckles) – What happens now? Why’d you cut the tape? (crew laughs) Click the top link to match the crew, to watch us match the crew to their Valentine’s Day exploits. – You can match it too.
– In Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the wheel’s gonna land. – Sick stickers, brah. Where’d you get ’em? –, brah. – So sick, brah. – Totally, brah, I just put
’em all over my board, brah. – So sick, brah.
– Yah.

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  1. link: fate has chosen for me

    me: link nooo… you were so close..

    link: and you know what i think about fate


  2. I've had snail before. It was really good actually, it was similar to chicken in taste. I've also had rattle snake sausage which was great but mine was probably prepared a little bit better than links

  3. Oh geez link snail isn’t that bad eden though I was bribed to eat it was wasn’t as chewy as alligator or calamari and it just tasted like garlic butter

  4. That smell that snake gave off was it's defense mechanism snakes will give off a putrid smell to scare off predators or something it thinks is gonna hurt it i would know… I've picked up and regretted picking up enough snakes to know by the way it also stains clothes. Because its a semi damp and disgusting liquid.

  5. I remember when I was about 7,8 or 9 and I used to watch your videos every day.I just remembered that you guys still made videos so now I am kinda binge watching the videos.

  6. They should mix up the chocolate and real foods. So for example, link had got it what he thought was right, the outside would be chocolate and the inside would be something disgusting.

    And if rhett bit his thing, it's have a disgusting outside but the inside would be like chocolate or something.

  7. Link: “I will let fate device.”
    Fate:….. 🙂
    Link: “and you know how I about fate.”
    Fate:….. >:(
    Rhett: suffers

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