Hi Everyone!!! I am Vivian from Vivi’s World and this is my mom! Hi Everyone!!!! And today we are doing the Real food vs Chocolate Challenge!!! hummmmm!!! This is the video # 2 . The video #1 will be in the cards This video will be a bit different from the first video because we will be using surprise eggs This video is awesome!! So go ahead and give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel And click on the notificaction bell and be the first one to watch our videos, And the video will start now Welcome to vivi’s world So everyone The challenge rules will be: As you can see on each egg there is a number And so we will draw the numbers and each person will pick six eggs The numbers you draw, will be the egg number you will get Yes, it will the eggs you will open There are 6 good eggs and 6 bad eggs total However we cant tell weather will be getting good or bad eggs, because it will be a lucky draw. when a person opens the egg. She can chooses To eat or not. However If she doesn’t eat it. she doesn’t get the point so let’s get started I will choose first watch this video until the end and comment below which food you like the least. We will do like this: Vivi will pick her 6 eggs first no each one pick an egg and will keep taking turns Hold on, let me see what I got I got number 4 where is it? Number 4 is this one We will keep doing that until each person get 6 eggs número 12 Is that one? Twelve? so I got this pink one seven eight
right there So far only pink I got yellow and green I got number 11 Where is 11? Thats pink Now I have all three colors Nine Nine is yellow I got six Did you find it? I got number one … Number one Number one… I found It!!! I got number three… and i got number five Five is here Number 10 and I got number two Here mommy I got more yellows And I got more greens So lets get started Each person will open an egg

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